4E [Closed!] 4e Game; B'n'B Against the Orcs
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    [Closed!] 4e Game; B'n'B Against the Orcs

    Recruiting closed again!!


    Hi everybody, I want to run a Beer-and-Bretzel D&D 4e.

    It will be a conversion (with some changes) of the Savage World adventure Against the Orcs.

    I search for some brave adventurers to stop the orc meneance. A long-time RL friend and first time PbPer will play an Eladrin Wizard. Who wants to join him?

    5 players
    one of each role and a joker.
    Ability generation method 1 or 2 (22points).
    Only PHB Races and Classes.
    Powers, rituals and items from dragon on case-by-case.
    Starting level: 5
    Standard wealth.

    Players so far:

    Padreigh - Eladrin Wizard (Controller)
    Niehaus - Halfling Paladin (Defender) - MIA, played currently by onlythestrong
    Lord Sessadore - Elf Rogue (Striker)
    Insight - Dragonborn Warlord (Leader)
    renau1g - Dragonborn Fighter (Defender) - MIA; played in current combat by garyh

    Alt: Atanatotatos


    The Eastern Marches of Aspiria are a land of high, rolling hills littered with dense copses. As one progresses east, the hills form the foothills of the mighty Granite Mountains. Decades ago the land was inhabited by fierce tribes of orcs. A crusade led by the then-king of Aspiria, Halgroth IV, drove the orcs from the Marches.
    Slowly at first, but with gathering speed, new villages sprang up on the many hills once held by the orcs. For the most part the villages grew and prospered, and within a few years the memory of the orcs was all but forgotten.
    For the first time in centuries, the land was peaceful. All that changed several months ago, when trappers and hunters spotted large parties of orcs roaming the borders of the Marches. Shortly afterward, the orcs began
    attacking remote villages and farms, slaughtering all who stood in their path. After almost half a human lifetime, the orcs had returned.
    Halgroth V, the current king, lacks his fathers ambition and foresight. He would rather hunt than plan a military campaign, dance with ladies of the court than soil his blade in war, and hide among his books than admit the orcs are returning.
    Even the recent tide of refugees streaming in from the Eastern Marches has done nothing to stir his hand. The Eastern lands are awash with human blood and echo to the war cries of the savage orcs. Though loyal to the crown, Baron Kyle Loxlyn, a powerful noble with lands in the Eastern Marches, has decided to take action. While Loxlyn musters his troops for war, he plans to send hired adventurers to evacuate a village lying in the path of the advancing orcs.
    Enter the heroes.

    B'n'B Against the Orcs Recruiting RG IC OCC
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