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    I think lay on hands is a minor action so I can still attack/challenge and heals but I have to be adjacent which shouldn't be a problem unless the wizard starts taking major damage. The Dragonborn Paladin in our table top game usually has no problem laying down the beats while laying on hands.

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    A) No background needed. But there will be roleplaying and at least one skill challenge. I like people to show their character backgrounds and personality in their posts. That seems more 'organic'.

    B) Errated 'Stealth' rules.

    I will start an IC, OOC and RG thread.

    IC is for the actual game.

    OOC is for out of game speak after we finished characters (don't post there, yrt)

    RG (Rogue's Gallery) is for your character sheets. Post them there now, please.
    Everyone only one post.

    B'n'B Against the Orcs Recruiting RG IC OCC

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    *sigh* thanks for all the pick-ups Lord S.... I must be more tired than I thought making those silly errors..

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    So, just so I know before I try something like this in-game, say I'm hidden from an enemy at the start of my turn, and within 2 squares of them, but there is no cover or concealment between my position and them. Could I use Deft Strike to move the 2 squares up to them and still attack with combat advantage? The parts of the skill I'm looking at is this:
    Quote Originally Posted by DDI Compendium: Stealth
    Keep Out of Sight: If you no longer have any cover or concealment against an enemy, you donĺt remain hidden from that enemy. You donĺt need superior cover, total concealment, or to stay outside line of sight, but you do need some degree of cover or concealment to remain hidden. You canĺt use another creature as cover to remain hidden.

    Donĺt Attack: If you attack, you donĺt remain hidden.

    Not Remaining Hidden: If you take an action that causes you not to remain hidden, you retain the benefits of being hidden until you resolve the action. You canĺt become hidden again as part of that same action.
    Would you count the movement as part of the action of attacking with Deft Strike? I guess that's what this comes down to.

    I'm fine with either way you rule it. I can find other ways to work my magic, and there are 3 other melee PCs around for me to flank with, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just wondering.

    On a different topic ... should we be moving this kind of conversation to the OOC thread? While this is technically my second PbP, the first hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet (*cough*ren*cough*), so I'm not sure.

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    Your statet attack should work. If it causes much problems I may have to reconsider.

    You are right. We can leave this thread and give it to our alts. But don't start posting in the IC thred.

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    Before we close this down:
    I finally got my PHB back, so without further ado my "final version":


    Male Eladrin Wizard
    Level 5

    Strength 10(+0)
    Constitution 14 (+2)
    Dexterity 12 (+1)
    Intelligence 20 (+5)
    Charisma 12 (+1)
    Wisdom 12 (+1)

    Maximum Hit Points: 40
    Bloodied: 20
    Surge Value: 10
    Surges / Day: 8 [includes constitution modifier]

    1d20 +7
    Base Strength Attack:
    1d20 +2
    Base Dexterity Attack:
    1d20 +3
    Base Constitution Attack:
    1d20 +4
    Base Intelligence Attack:
    1d20 +7
    Base Wisdom Attack:
    1d20 +3
    Base Charisma Attack:
    1d20 +3

    Armor Class:
    Fortitude Defense:
    Reflex Defense:
    Will Defense:

    Armour: Deathcut Leather Armour +1

    Shield: None
    Unarmed Melee: 2 vs AC; damage 1d4

    Daggers (x2): +5 vs AC; damage 1d4 range 5/10
    Thrown: +6 vs AC; damage 1d4+1

    Staff +2: +6 vs AC ; damage 1d8 +2

    Longsword: +5 vs AC damage 1d8 4 lb

    Magic Missile +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Scorching Burst +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Force Orb +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Acid Arrow +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Sleep +7i [intelligence] vs will
    Icy Rays +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Fireball +7i [intelligence] vs reflex
    Stinking Cloud +7i [intelligence] vs fortitude

    Base Saving Throw: d20 vs 10

    Common; Draconic; Dwarven; Elven; Giant;

    Rituals Known:
    Comprehend Language [Level 1]
    Make Whole [Level 1]
    Tenser's Floating Disk [Level 1]
    Eye of Alarm [Level 2]
    Knock [Level 4]

    Armor Proficiency -- Leather

    Improved Initiative

    Linguist x1


    Ghost Sound [Wizard]
    Light [Wizard][minor action]
    Mage Hand [Wizard][minor action]
    Prestidigitation [Wizard]
    Magic Missile [Level 1]
    Scorching Burst [Level 1]
    Encounter Powers:

    Fey Step [Eladrin][move action]
    Use Implement [free action]
    Force Orb [Level 1]
    Icy Rays [Level 3]
    Daily Powers:
    Acid Arrow [Level 1]
    Sleep [Level 1]
    Expeditious Retreat [Level 2 Utility][move action]
    Feather Fall [Level 2 Utility][free action]
    Fireball [Level 5]
    Stinking Cloud [Level 5]

    • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence (already included)
    • +2 Arcana, +2 History
    • Eladrin Education (already included)
    • Eladrin Will (+1 on will defense, +5 vs charms)
    • Fey Origin
    • Trance
    • Fey Step
    • This wizard prefers using a staff.
    • Cantrips
    • Ritual Casting [bonus feat, not listed above]
    • Spellbook

    Flint and steel
    Pouch (belt) x1
    Rations (1 day) x10
    Rope (50', hempen) x1
    Sunrods x2
    Ritual book
    2 Daggers
    Deathcut Armour (Leather) +1
    Staff +2
    Belt of Vigour
    Amulett of Health +1

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    Just post your newest version into the RG thread (link in the first post and my sig).
    If you have to further change him, just edit your post ('edit' button).

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    We need a 5th player! Details in the first post of this thread!


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    Hi there. I'd like to play a Elven Ranger if you wouldn't mind. I figure he would be a scout of types, probably keen on the senses....

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    Hi WD! I'd have a character ready that I'd like to play, it's a tough, greedy Dwarf Infernal Warlock. Think he'd fit the game?
    Mechanically speaking, the only thing not from the PHB is the Sacrifice to Caiphon feat.

    Thormir Brassbeard, Dwarf Infernal Warlock 5

    Thormir was once simply the young first son of a rich and influent dwarven merchant family. His father, richest of his clan, had many investments in mines, caravans, all kinds of markets. And Thormir learned well the things he needed to to earn money. He was clever, and smart, quite a good talker for a dwarf, and most important of all, appropriately greedy.
    But one day, his future, already drawn before his eyes, changed. His clan had to hire a group of adventurers to get rid of a bunch of particularly persistent orc marauders which were harassing the business in the area. The job went smoothly, as the adventurers easily got rid of the threat and gloriously entered the high walls of the dwarven city. But the point is, they were rich. Not just "rich", they were awfully Rich!
    They were luxuriously clothed, even going to battle. They spent and gave away gold pieces like it was nothing. They nonchalantly wielded spectacular and incredibly rare magic items... in brief, Thormir choice was swiftly made. Raiding catacombs, fighting orc warlords, adventuring in other wordls... apparently, they were not only an exotic way to kill time, but a veritable business, and a highly profitable one, at that!
    Problem was, Thormir was too slow and not strong enough to be a good warrior. He tried the magicks, but dwarves aren't particularly talented arcanists, and Thormir couldn't even learn the simplest tricks. His faith appropriately resided in Moradin, like it should be for a good dwarf, but it was not that overwhelming.
    The solution came to him when he remebered the sorcerous mercenary he had badly beaten in a drinking contest declare that what was needed to use powers like his own, was "toughness". "For Moradin's beard", thought Thormir,"the guy was lying half-uncounscious on my stone floor and I was all right, or I'll be damn'd!!"
    Thormir spent years, and most of his small personal fortune to pursue knowldge on that suitable power, and in the end, he was able to bind infernal powers by contract.
    Now, a more mature dwarf, about 50 years old, Thormir is still experimenting his new... possibilities, departing from home, promising to return greatly enriched and glorified...

    Thormir Brassbeard, Dwarf Infernal Warlock 5

    Str 10
    Dex 8
    Con 21 (+2 race,+1 lvl)
    Int 14 (+1 lvl)
    Wis 12 (+2 race)
    Cha 13

    Senses:Low-light vision, Perception 13, Insight 18

    AC: 19
    For: 18
    Ref: 16

    HP: 58
    Healing surge: 14
    Surges/day: 11

    Saves:+5 against poison

    Skills (*trained; ░armor penalty):
    Acrobatics░ +1
    Arcana* +9
    Athletics░ +2
    Bluff* +8
    Diplomacy* +8
    Dungeoneering +5
    Endurance░ +9
    Heal +3
    History +4
    Insight* +8
    Intimidate* +8
    Nature +2
    Perception +3
    Religion +4
    Stealth░ +1
    Streetwise +3
    Thievery░ +1

    Languages: Common, Dwarven
    Alignment: Unaligned

    Racial Features:
    +2 Dungeoneering and Endurance
    Cast-iron stomach
    Dwarven resilience
    Dwarven weapon proficiency
    Encumbered speed
    Stand your ground

    Class features:
    Eldritch Pact (infernal)
    Prime Shot
    Shadow Walk
    Warlock's Curse (1d6)

    Feats (*bonus):
    Sacrifice to Caiphon
    Skill Training: Diplomacy

    Basic attack: Ranged: Eldritch blast +9 vs Ref, 1d10+7 dmg, rng 10

    Eldritch Blast
    Hellish Rebuke

    Diabolic grasp
    Fiery Bolt

    Flames of Phlegetos
    Hunger of Hadar

    Beguiling Tongue*

    6th-Rod +2
    4th-Bloodcut Armor +1
    3rd-Bracers of the perfect Shot
    Amulet of protection +1 (360)
    Adventurer's kit 15gps
    Dagger 1gp
    2 Potions of Healing (100)
    534 gps
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