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    Heh, time to go already! Alexander says, shaking his head and standing up a bit unsteadily, following his comrades out of the Hanged man.

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    The large hobgoblin, Beyrk, follows the others out as well, eager to be back on the open sea.
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    *I do enjoy seeing another caster confused...* Veruzak chuckles to himself drinking the mundanely procured beer. Dropping a few coins on the bar top to ensure his continued patronage didn't become unwanted, the wizard looked at the deva. Yes, yes, I've heard that now, you told the entire bar, my question was more to do with the pretty feathers and shiny wings... Matlal do excuse my picking on your fellow countrymen, I can't help but confound other wise men. Veruzak faces Montroya and turns his head when addressing Matlal, as a result, the shadows have pooled into a very dark orb at the center of Veruzak's back now, not wanting to venture too near a possible sudden flash of brilliance, as the servants of Apoli have been known for.
    Matlal looks up from eying the rather mobile shadows curiously when he realized he was being spoken to. "Don' worry 'bout it. If ja really wanna make up fo' it, tell I which a'dem tattoos ja mos' proud for? Also, wha's wit' ja shadow? It's movin' aroun' on ja." He eyes the Eladrin, curious what the rather magenta caster could have done to earn the markings.

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    "Oh of course," the deva replies. "I didn't see you in here earlier," the deva looks nervously to the dark shadowy corners of the room. What else lurks in the shadows of the building. What shadows lurk in my soul? The deva glances back to the pork he had ordered, it was cold, but red juices lined the plate. Sticking a finger in the liquid, he licked it off. Blood...No, not blood...

    "The feathers and wings? I procured this suit of griffon hide armor from some halflings. The wings represent my tie to my deity. In my past lives I fought along side him against the primordials. Or so history says."

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    OOC: Since this thread has grown to prodigious length (and is larger than the mods like threads to get), there is a new tavern thread. Please move on over there, and feel free to carry on as usual
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