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    a few levels in Bard may help too. High Charisma to help pull of a scam, good skills, and Bardic Knowledge can help you know if there are any criminals out there you need to send in. Rogue levels can be helpful too.


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    I play such a PC in a campaign right now. Me and the DM worked up an "urban ranger" named the City Hunter. It gave up spellcasting ability for a +2 bonus in Spot and Sense Motive. Since I am taking mostly rogue levels for Sneak Attack, this works well, though a PC taking mostly City Hunter class levels should probably receive higher Spot and Sense Motive bonuses at higher levels, to balance out with the complete loss of spell ability.

    Basically, a ranger in the city would be good at spotting people out of a crowd and telling when people were on the up-and-up, but wouldn't really have any woodsy spells.

    "Urban Lore" swapped for Wilderness Lore, and Track usable to follow a lead through the city, locate a gang's hideout, etc, using Urban Lore (as regular Track uses WL.)
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