Attempt to rebuild conversion library: please upload conversions to 3.5 here

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    Attempt to rebuild conversion library: please upload conversions to 3.5 here

    This is an attempt to re-collect the conversions previously in the conversion library that seems to be permanently broken.
    If you, at some time in the past, downloaded a conversion, and you still have it, please check if someone has already attached it, or otherwise post a reply with the conversion as attachment.

    To keep a little bit of order, i suggest posting conversions to 3.5 here.
    Since I don't have much interest in other systems, if you have a conversion to another system, please start a thread for those yourself (after, of course, checking whether someone else maybe beat you to it...)

    In advance, I would like to thank anyone who originally wrote those conversions, and anyone now willing to upload them again.
    Let's hope we can get this little jewel up again!


    When posting a conversion, please mention the system and module/book specifiers of the original material it was converted from.
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