[4e] IG's Herald of Discord [RG]
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    [4e] IG's Herald of Discord [RG]

    This is the Rogue's Gallery for IG's Herald of Discord.

    Please post your characters in an SBLOCK to cut down on the scrolling. Any posts other than your character sheet should go in the OOC or IC thread.

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    Block Nac Mac Feegle

    Selenia, Half-Elven Cleric of Sehanine.

    Character Sheet


    Female Half-Elf
    Battle Cleric
    AP: 1

    Str 16 +3 (Base 16)
    Con 14 +2 (Base 12, +2 racial)
    Dex 10 +0 (Base 10)
    Int 8 -1 (Base 8)
    Wis 16 +3 (Base 16)
    Cha 14 +2 (Base 12, +2 racial)

    Speed: 5 (in armor)

    Initiative: +0
    Hit Points: 31
    Bloodied: 15
    Surge Value: 7
    Healing Surges: 9

    Armor Class: 19
    Fortitude: 15
    Reflex: 12
    Will: 17

    Racial Features
    Low-Light Vision
    +2 Diplomacy, +2 Insight
    Dilettante (Hit and Run)
    Dual Heritage
    Group Diplomacy

    Class Features
    Channel Divinity
    Healer's Lore
    healing word
    Ritual Casting


    Diplomacy: +10
    Heal: +9
    Insight: +11
    Religion: +5

    Passive Perception: 14
    Passive Insight: 21

    Scale Armor Proficiency
    Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword

    At-will Exploits
    Melee Basic Attack (Bastard Sword +8 vs AC, 1d10+5)
    Priest's Shield (Bastard Sword +8 vs AC, 1d10+5, one adjacent ally and I gain +1 to AC until the end of my next turn)
    Righteous Brand (Bastard Sword +8 vs AC, 1d10+5, one ally within 5 squares gains +3 to melee attacks vs the target until the end of my next turn)

    Encounter Exploits
    Hit and Run (Bastard Sword +8 vs AC, 1d10+5, first move after attack does not provoke OA)
    Healing Word (Burst 5, ally spends a healing surge, gains +1d6+3 hp, twice per encounter)
    Healing Strike (Bastard Sword +8 vs AC, 2d10+5, target is marked, one ally within 5 squares or I may spend a healing surge)

    Daily Exploits
    Beacon of Hope (Burst 3, +4 vs Will, enemies are weakened, allies are healed 5hp, all healing powers heal for +5hp for the rest of the encounter)

    Utility Exploits
    Bless (Standard Action, burst 20, allies gain +1 power bonus to attack rolls for encounter, daily)

    +1 Frost Bastard Sword (level 3)
    +1 Dwarven Scale (level 2)
    +1 Amulet of Protection (level 1)
    Adventurer's Kit

    Description + History forthcoming
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    Jarl Frostbiter

    Jarl Frostbiter

    Dwarf Warlock 2

    Alignment: Unaligned

    Size: Medium
    Speed: 5

    Str: 16 (+3) [+4]
    Dex: 10 (+0) [+1]
    Con: 18 (+4) [+5]
    Int: 12 (+1) [+2]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [+3]
    Chr: 8 (-1) [+0]

    Init: +1

    AC: 10+1+7=18
    Fort: 10+1+4=16
    Ref: 10+1+1+1=13
    Will: 10+1+2+1=14

    HP: 40/40 Bloodied: 20
    HS: 10/10 Surge Value: 10


    Infernal Pact
    Prime Shot
    Shadow Walk
    Warlock's Curse
    +2 Dungeoneering and +2 Endurance
    Cast-Iron Stomach: +5 racial bonus to saving throws vs. poison.
    Dwarven Resilience: Second wind is a minor action.
    Encumbered Speed: May move normal speed if it would otherwise be reduced by weight or a heavy load.
    Stand Your Ground: Any Pull, Push, or Slide against you can be reduced by 1, and any attack that would knock you prone allows a saving throw to negate.
    Low-light Vision

    Armour Proficiency: Chainmail

    Acrobatics (Dex): +1-1=+0
    *Arcana (Int): +1+1+5=+7
    Athletics (Str): +1+3-1=+3
    Bluff (Chr): +1-1=+0
    Diplomacy (Chr): +1-1=+0
    Dungeoneering (Wis): +1+2+2=+5
    Endurance (Con): +1+4+2+1-1=+7
    Heal (Wis): +1+2=+3
    History (Int): +1+1=+2
    *Insight (Wis): 1+2+5=+8
    *Intimidate (Cha): +1-1+5=+5
    Nature (Wis): +1+2=+3
    Perception (Wis): +1+2=+3
    Religion (Int): +1+1=+2
    Stealth (Dex): +1-1=+0
    Streetwise (Cha): +1-1=+0
    *Thievery (Dex): +1+5-1=+5


    Attack Bonus for Powers:
    Con: +1+4+1=+6
    Str: +1+3+1+2=+7

    At Will:
    Eldritch Blast
    Hellish Rebuke
    Basic Attack (1d10+6)

    Vampiric Embrace

    Armor of Agathys
    Dwarven Armour

    Ethereal Stride (encounter)

    Dwarven Chainmail+1
    Bracers of Mighty Striking +2
    Rod +1
    Flint and Steel
    10x Trail Rations
    Silk Rope, 50ft
    Water skin
    Belt Pouch
    2x Sunrods
    Thieves' Tools


    Height: 4'6"
    Weight: 193lb

    Jarl is a dwarf of medium height and stocky build. His skin is pale and his eyes dark. He keeps his head shaved and has squared off black beard of medium length. His face tends to rest in a perpetual scowl. A light coloured fur cap drapes over his chainmail. Shoved through his belt is a sturdy warhammer and black rod carved with sinister shapes.


    Deep beneath the snow covered mountains of the north, deep beneath even the holdings of the Frostbiter clan, strode the dwarf Jarl Frostbiter. An island of guttering torch light in the inky black depths he made his way purposely forward. Soon he came once more to the hidden place he had only stumbled on before by chance. It had been sealed away for who knows how long, but some shift in the earth had opened the way once more. Jarl ducked and entered the secret chamber. It was no natural occurence this, this place had been cut into the heart of the mountain an unknowable time ago by dwarven hands. The chamber was more than a chamber, it was a journal of the one who had come before him, every wall was covered in a very old style of dwarven runes. Jarl was fascinated by the story that was contained in the chiseled surfaces.

    Jarl came back to that chamber many times, slowly deciphering the antiquated tongue. He kept this place a secret from the rest of his clan, he enjoyed hoarding the secret like the finest gem. As he read more and more of the unusual journal he came to understand that it was more than that, it was a detailed manual to unlocking strange and forbidden powers. His mentor, removed through untold time, spoke to him in words of stone of how he wrested power from dark and hellish entities. Jarl heard those words through the veil of time and his lust for secrets overtook him and he began to plumb the depths of this stange power.

    For more than a year Jarl slowly worked his way through the stone tome. He had only managed to decipher about half of it, but had learned so much. He delighted in having a power his brothers could not know. All things though, come with a price and now the balance was due. He had been careless, another had found the secret chamber and not only that but had found Jarl's notes. He had been found out. When it was seen by the elders of the clan what he had been so carefully taking notes on it was all over. For delving into forbidden knowledge Jarl was banned from his clan and forced to leave their mountain home with only what he could carry. As he stood outside in the swirling snow of the north looking up at his former home all he had left of his precious chamber was the few small items he had found there.

    Jarl had traveled to south til he had come to more civilized lands. Despite all he had suffered for it his lust for secrets had not abated. He had heard a strange rumor about a tome that contained....something. This rumor had caused him to fall into the company of a strange group of individuals. They had overcome many trials and tribulations to find that book. Even as he stood watching the tiefling pull it down from the shelf with agonizing slowness it occurred to him that he never found out how the story of his mentor ended.

    And then there was blackness.

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    Block garyh


    Khemnos Darksong

    Khemnos Darksong - Tiefling Paladin of the Raven Queen

    Background and Personality
    Khemnos had always watched out for his younger sister, Oriah. Even when she went out of her way to get into trouble, he was right beside her to help get her back out. And really, what was the harm in a little stealing here or there? It wasn't like the Raven Queen was going to let the fools take their gold with them when she called them. Khemnos always knew it came down to the Raven Queen, and whether her whim would call you now, or later.

    So, now that his goddess has apparently called Oriah - so early! - Khemnos feels lost. The sister he'd been so close to all his life is gone, taken by the goddess he'd served so faithfully. How is he supposed to make sense of this? He didn't even get a chance to bury Oriah - just gone in a flash, and now he and their companions are adrift.

    So, Khemnos and the rest of the group now must search for a way back, somehow, and hopefully Khemnos will find out what happened to his sister, what the Herald of Discord is, and - just maybe - find a way to convince his Queen to return his dear sister.


    Height - 5'9"
    Weight - 175 lbs.
    Hair - Dark purple
    Eyes - Coal black
    Skin - Brick red
    Horns - Slate gray
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Erin Sisper
    Name: Erin Sisper
    Class: Wizard 2
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Race: Human
    Deity: Ioun
    Size: Medium
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Eyes: Stormy Grey
    Hair: Black Ponytail
    Exp: 1000

    Str: 8 [-1], Dex: 10 [+0], Wis: 15 [+2]
    Con: 13 [+1], Int: 19 [+4], Cha: 10 [+0]

    Hit Points: 27 Bloodied: 13
    Healing Surges: 7/day Healing Surge hp gained :6 HP per level: 4
    Action Points: 1
    Speed: 6 squares

    Armour Class: 16
    Fortitude Defence: 14
    Reflex Defence: 17
    Will Defence: 17
    Initiative: +1

    Arcana +10
    Dungeoneering +8
    Insight +8
    History +10
    Nature +8

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant

    1 Human Perseverance (+1 to saving throws)
    1 Alchemy
    2 Linguist (fluent in 3 more languages)

    Race Traits:
    +2 Intelligence
    Bonus At Will
    Bonus Feat
    Bonus Trained Skill
    Human Defense Bonus

    Class Abilities:
    Implement Mastery: Orb of Imposition
    Cantrips: Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation
    Ritual Casting
    - Daily Spells: Flaming Sphere, Sleep
    - Utility Spells: Feather Fall, Shield
    - Rituals: Comprehend Languages, Make Whole, Tenser's Floating Disc, Endure Elements

    Cloud of Daggers
    Magic Missile

    Force Orb

    Flaming Sphere


    2 belt pouches, 2gp, 1lb
    Ritual Dagger, 1gp, 1lb

    Orb of Inevitable Continuance, 680gp, 1lb
    Magic Fine Clothes +1, 390gp, 6lbs
    Cloak of Resistance +1, 520gp, 1lb

    Ritual Components:
    Arcane Reageants, 100gp
    Alchemical Components, 50gp

    Rituals Purchased:
    Endure Elements, 100gp

    Alchemical Formulae:
    Alchemist's Fire, 70gp

    Money: 7gp

    Normal load 50lbs/140lbs

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    Midnight Star
    Midnight Star
    Female Eladrin Warlock (Star Pact)
    Level 2, Unaligned

    Str: 8 -1
    Con: 14 +2
    Dex: 14 +2
    Int: 16 +3
    Wis: 11 +0
    Cha: 16 +3

    AC: 14
    Fort: 13
    Ref: 15
    Will: 16 (21/Charms)
    Init: +6
    Spd: 6

    Hit Points: 31 Bloodied: 15
    Healing Surge: 6 Per Day: 8

    Basic Attacks
    Blast +4 vs. AC, 1d10+3 + 1D6+1, R:10
    Longsword +3 vs. AC, 1d8-1

    Race and Class Features
    Low-light Vision
    Eladrin Education
    Eladrin Weapon Proficiency
    Eladrin Will
    Fey Origin
    Fey Step
    Eldritch Blast
    Star Pact/Fate of the Void
    Prime Shot
    Shadow Walk
    Warlock's Curse

    Passive Insight: 16
    Passive Perception: 11
    Arcana 9
    Endurance 8
    Stealth 8
    Insight 6
    Intimidate 9
    Thievery 8

    Improved Initiative
    Skill Taining (Stealth)

    Eldritch Blast (At Will)

    Dire Radiance (At Will)
    - +2 vs. Fort, 1d6+2 (radiant) (+1d6+2 if the target moves closer to you)

    Dreadful Word (Encounter)
    - +3 vs. Will, 2d8+3 (psychic) & -4 to Will until the end of your next turn.

    Dread Star (Daily)
    - +3 vs. Will, 3d6+3 (radiant) & immobilized until the end of your next turn.
    - Miss, -2 To Will (Save ends)

    Shadow Veil (Utility)
    - +5 to Stealth check until end of next turn

    Adventurer's Kit (15)
    Climbers Kit (2)
    Everburning Torch (50)
    Journey Bread x2 (100)
    Longsword (15)
    Rope, Silk 50' (10)
    Spellbook (50)
    Tent (10)
    Wand (back-ups) x4 (28)
    Ink & Quill (??)

    Magic Gear
    Cloak of Resistance (Lvl 2 Item)
    - Daily: Minor Action: Gain resist 5 to all damage until start of next round
    Magic Leather Armor +1 (Lvl 1 Item)
    Magic Wand +1 (Lvl 3 Item)

    80 gp

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