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    Power cards downloads

    This thread is for downloading power cards. Siberys and myself have spent a long time getting this started. the decks will be updated constantly as new powers are released so check back a lot. first of all, you need to download the MSE2 base program at this location.

    Download | Magic Set Editor

    Then make sure you download the template below to read the cards. and to install the template for those who don't know how just follow the steps below:

    1) unzip the files
    2) cut the files in the file
    3) open you're C:drive
    4) open the programs file
    5) open the magic set editor 2 file
    6) open the data file
    7) paste

    After that all you have to do is get any deck you want and enjoy. When you print the cards, for those who don't know, it prints up 8 cards on one sheet and will fit into any standard card sleeve.

    There is 3 sections to download:
    Chapter 1: Race and Class Powers downloads
    Chapter 2: Magic Items Downloads
    Chapter 3: Monsters and all other decks and Downloads

    Chapter 1:
    Race and Class Powers downloads:

    Here is a preview of the power cards:

    Update Notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a new and final template!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Download first.
    There will be no more powers added to the decks until mid march when the players handbook is released because there is no more major rules books released until then. That's when I will add the inserts from the dragon magazines issues 370, 371, 372, 373 as well. I will be concentrating on the monsters and magic items until then.
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