Yesterday I received my download link for Wolfgang Baur's Wrath of the River King, a 4e adventure for 4th-6th level PCs set in a village that is having some trouble with some creatures from the Feywild.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate beyond my patron donation, so I didn't get to watch the adventure unfold during development, so my first read-through will be with clean eyes.

Interestingly, he has altered the general 4e suggestion that milestones are achieved every other encounter, instead determining that milestones are what they sound like. As you progress into different chapters of the adventure, you reach a milestone and get your AP.

(I would assume that daily item power uses are still regained every other encounter though not with the same item daily.)

So far, reading through it, it sounds really nice. The maps are attractive, the art is a fine mix of color pieces with chapter separations done in a style reminiscent of old school B&W line art, historic looking, very Alice In Wonderland like.

After I read through it, if I get some time, I will write a review. This looks a nice adventure to run in a campaign with a larger Feywild theme.