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    I buy Knockspell and Fight On! in print.
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    Knockspell and Fight On! There is no reason not to. Period. Issue #2 of Knockspell is on par with the Golden Age of Dragon.
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    KQ and Fight On! are both really good, IMO.

    I haven't tried Knockspell yet, but I may soon...
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    Got the first issue of level up at my FLGS. I like it and plan to keep buying it. I've flipped through KQ, but haven't bothered to pick any issues up. The others i've never even heard of.

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    Can you say Kncockspell on ENWorld?!

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    I have all four issues of Fight On! in print.

    In intend to get caught up on Knockspell very soon.

    People who like these should make sure they go download the free fanzines at Dragonsfoot. Richard Tongue's OD&Dities was one of the great early rallying points for the fan-originated part of the "old school renaissance." Evey one of its issues are archived in the Classic D&D resources section at DF.

    And of course, DF's own Footprints magazine is now up to about 15 issues and is of very high quality.
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    Fight On! and Knockspell are both fantastic. The other options are unfamiliar to me, but that can be quickly remedied.

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    ummm... none of the above?
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    None of the above. I'd -like- to, but my gaming budget for the last 9 months has been $0.
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