4E CG's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)(4e)
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    CG's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)(4e)

    Through various personal connections and coincidences, you have all heard rumors of a death cult operating near the town of winterhaven. You are traveling from the west along King's Road.
    Some material has indicated they may be Vecna-worshippers, but there are some conflcting evidence,
    The wind is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. You notice footprints leading up and down the road, many of which were made by small, clawed feet.
    Please describe on round of non combat actions. Your suspicions are raised by how little you can see by the boulders and foliage.
    Features of the Area
    Illumination: Bright light.

    Road and Grass: The road is made of dirt, crushed rock, and occasional loose bits of ancient cobblestone from the original roadbed. Squares that contain road or grass do
    not hamper movement or affect visibility.

    Boulders: Scattered boulders sit along the side of the road. They provide concealment and possible cover for creatures hiding behind them. They also serve as obstacles to movement; a creature cant move directly into a square
    that contains boulders. The boulders are 5 feet high. Climbing onto the boulders
    requires a DC 15 Athletics check and costs 4 squares of movement. A character atop the boulders can move onto other boulder squares; treat them as difficult terrain.

    Foliage: Thick foliage grows near the road in several places. These areas are lightly obscured and provide normal cover for those attacking from or into the area.
    Areas covered by foliage also count as difficult terrain.

    Rock Outcropping: The sheer rock outcroppings bordered by a heavy black line are 50 feet tall and require a DC 20 Athletics check and a total of 200 squares of movement
    to climb.

    Gravestones: These stones provide cover to anyone standing in their spaces.
    ooc velmont
    I made tokens for everyone to fit the squares. If you want to keep using you token, just delete mine, otherwise delete yours.

    kotS on Virtual Battlemat

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    Block Vertexx69

    Adamar HP 30/30, AC: 19, Fort: 16 Reflex: 12 Will: 13

    The blue Dragonborn's scale armor matches his own scales very well, and hisses softly as he moves. "Be on the ready lads, this looks like a fine place for an ambush." He moves forward 5 squares to have a better look around the bushes and 1st rock outcropping, with his flail and shield at the ready. If he finds nothing he will move forward another 5 squares.

    OOC - I moved my token forward the first 5 on the mat. And I think I'll be sketching out a token for myself sometime today.
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    Block drothgery

    "Lads?" Autumn says. But she follows the dragonborn warrior anyway, scanning the clumps of folliage and the rocks for signs of trouble.

    (Perception +10; passive perception 20)

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    Block Velmont


    Alear: HP 28/28, AC 19, Fort 13, Refl 15, Will 15

    Alear decide to go off the road and sneak behind the bushes, drawing his sword.

    Stealth: 1d20+6=10

    Ok, everyone is looking at me, and it is hard to hide from what you aren't aware yet.

    I'll keep my token. I'm used to it.
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    Block Redclaw

    Alain moves cautiously forward, happy to let the dragonborn lead the way. He works his way behind the nearest rock, hoping to avoid notice if anyone emerges to face the others, and at the very least hoping to stay out of the fire zone if they get attacked.
    Move 6 spaces forward, and draw scimitar.

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    Block DEFCON 1

    "I'm right behind you, gentleman and lady," the tiefling says to Autumn and Adamar. He takes a second to consider the fact that all four of his compatriots have the same initial letter of 'A' in their names... and he wonders if perhaps he should take on a new nom-de-plume to maintain the symetry?

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    Small creatures hiding behind the rocks spring into view and begin to move toward you. With a shriek, the small humanoids attack. Scaled and rust-colored, they have reptilian heads and tails.

    Autumn and Stratagem are the first to react.

    Initiative rolls
    Adamar, Alain, Autumn, Alear, Stratagem, Badguys
    Adamar, Alain, Autumn, Alear, Stratagem, Badguys (1d20+2=7, 1d20+2=3, 1d20+5=21, 1d20+3=6, 1d20+2=16, 1d20+3=13)

    Adamar HP 30/30[15], HS 11/11[7] SW; D(19|16,12,13), AP 1;
    Alain HP 30/30[15], HS 11/11[7] SW; D(16|14,13,15), AP 1;
    Autumn HP 20/20[10], HS 6/6[5] SW; D(16:11,14,16), AP 1;
    Alear HP 28/28[14], HS 9/9[7] SW; D(19|13,15,15), AP 1;
    Stratagem HP 22/22[11], HS 7/7[5] SW; D(17|14,13,13), AP 1;

    K1 Kobold Minions HP 1; D(15|11,13,11);
    K2 Kobold Minions HP 1; D(15|11,13,11);
    K3 Kobold Minions HP 1; D(15|11,13,11);
    K4 Kobold Minions HP 1; D(15|11,13,11);
    K5 Kobold Minions HP 1; D(15|11,13,11);
    KS Kobold Slinger HP 24/24[12]; D(13|12,14,12);
    DS1 Kobold Minions HP 36/36[18]; D(18|14,13,13);
    DS2 Kobold Minions HP 36/36[18]; D(18|14,13,13);

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