Book of Distant Stars - a monster manual by Mesh Hong

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    Book of Distant Stars - a monster manual by Mesh Hong

    Following on from my last Monster Manual (Book of the Dead) I have created the next in my series:

    Book of Distant Stars – part 1 heroic tier
    A monster manual from the Far Realms by Mesh Hong

    The 80 page book contains 64 new aberrant creatures ranging from levels 2 to 12 and is split into 2 sections; general and themed. All the creatures have their own full stat block and a short description.

    I have also included a section introducing mechanics for adding psychological conditions and mental disorders to your game and provided examples.

    List of general creatures:
    Bep’nar Mite
    Brutal Tusk Hound
    Bulbous Lasher
    Burning Ice Horror
    Crimson Haze
    Cryo Glider
    Dreamtree Psychic
    Dustworn Nomad
    Far Touched Vermin
    Feeding Fingers
    Fire Polyp
    Floating Shrieker
    Graknik Brain Eater
    Green Mist Spider
    Highplane Thrasher
    Infected Squatter
    Jibber Jab
    Kelfirn Pelter
    Kelfirm Stonehammer
    Kelfirn Stonewalker
    Lightning Polyp
    Metallic Ooze
    Nrel’gorn Savage
    Shat’mar Crytalline
    Silvertail Infinpede
    Star Swarm
    Swarm of Lies
    Temporal Polyp
    Wasteland Absolutionist
    Whip Tongue

    List of themed creatures:
    Arri-Vastril Drone
    Arri-Vastril Drone (experienced)
    Arri-Vastril Drone (veteran)
    Arri-Vastril Defender
    Arri-Vastril Radiant Arc
    Arri-Vastril Juggernaught
    Arri-Vastril Prophet
    Arri-Vastril Saviour
    Mudman Sludge Fighter
    Mudman Sludge Thrower
    Mudman Earthshaker
    Mudman Crystal Caster
    Pugee Warrior
    Pugee Chanter
    Pugee Darkshell
    Pugee Hardshell
    Pugee Frostback
    Pugee Cragback
    Pugee Doom Wrecker
    Sorn Scum
    Wretched Sorn
    Blood Soaked Sorn
    Sorn Crossbow Abomination
    Winged Sorn
    Sorn Overlord Abomination
    Warp Fragment
    Warp Swarm
    Warp Guardian
    Warp Cultist
    Warp Cult Fanatic
    Warp Feeder
    Warp Elemental
    Warp Master
    Warpblade Cult Leader

    Like usual I would welcome any feedback.

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