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    The Long Arm of Lauto:Broken Wards (DM:Ukingsken)

    The Long Arm of Lauto: Broken Wards

    A blasphemous underpriest of the church of Lauto has betrayed his brothers. An artifact normally used to renew the wards in Daunton’s Mausoleum is being turned to a nefarious purpose. The church, in an effort to keep this from spreading among the clergy has hired outsiders to complete the task. They will travel into the Mausoleum, find the undercroft, and retrieve the artifact. Whether or not the offending priest survives to face justice or not is inconsequential.

    Things We Probably All Know But I’ll Say Anyway

    • I’d like to see a post from each player 1 a day in an ideal world. That being said I am very conscious of real life often interfering with that, so don’t worry about it unless you’ll have a prolonged Hiatus (more then 2 days).
    • If you are going to disappear for a few days just let me know and I’ll NPC your character.
    • I am not perfect (Shocking I know!!). I often do my posting without access to my books so if I ever make a rules related slip up, smack me in the proverbial face and tell me so. Although in my own defense I am getting better and do it much less often.
    • All rolls should be done on invisible castle. If for some reason its unavailable for a short time we can just wait. In the case of a prolonged unavailability there are other options.
    • Try and stick to one color for your characters voice. This seems to have already happened without conflict so it shouldn’t be a problem.
    • Have fun! It’s a game, and I assume we all play because we love it, so lets enjoy this and hopefully you get some phat lootz and I get to smash some PC’s (not to death of course...just close ).


    Grakk Barbarian 1
    Vrrsk’t Paladin 1
    Morvannon Rinael Warlock 1
    Vixo Rogue 2
    Kamotz Cleric 1
    Magnus Madiron Wizard 1

    Any judges? Anyone interested?
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