Hi all,

It's me again, making another proposal for a Dragon Magazine; this time for issue 374. I decided not to be lazy this time. Issue 374 covers the following:

* Character Concepts: Arcane Characters (Doesn't really need to be voted on since it's only a couple of pregenerated characters)

* Playtest: Players Handbook 3 Hybrid Characters (The first rendition of their rules for Hybrid Characters; got a ton of bad reception on the WOTC boards. I suggest we disallow these rules)

* White Lotus Accademy (A nice description of a random magic accademy and includes the following:



Paragon Paths:

* Get Familiar (Extra familiars, familiar feats, and another Paragon Path: Familiar Keeper)

* Creature Incarnations: Orcs (A few more monsters write-ups featuring orcs)

* Ecology of the Deva (Lots of good fluff, and the following crunch):


* Court of Stars: Prince of Frost (A couple of feats and a paragon path for Fey pact Warlocks)

* Playtest: Players Handbook 3: The Wilden (New Race: The Wilden)

* Ampersand, Design and Development, Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard, and RPGA Report: (Ongoing featured articles, all fluff/description, no crunch; nothing to vote on)