I just completed the survival horror game Dead Space on the Playstation 3 and thought it had an awesome and terrifying atmosphere. You're an engineer sent to repair a huge spaceship that has gone silent and something has killed all the crew and turned them into vicious undead creatures. You fight these monsters with mostly industrial mining tools while trying to figure out what caused all the trouble and put a stop to it. Then I started wondering if such a scenario would even be possible in 4th edition with all the at-will and encounter powers as only dailies (and healing surges, of course) are really and truly expended?

I know that a whole lot of it has to do with the atmosphere that the DM makes, but is it possible to emulate the tension of that and other survival horror games in 4th edition? The scenario is certainly easily re-created (something kills people and turns them into undead monstrosities), but the scenario itself doesn't really bring the tension as the Fighter will just go plow through these undead like all the others he has slain before. But I can easily see the scenario before me and how it will play, but I just wonder whether it's possible in game mechanical ways to make the players feel tense and get them in a "survival horror mood"?