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    Suddenly, Cade feels really ill and starts to shake a bit, the veins around his wound turning purple.


    Poison (1d6=6)

    Sorry, save DC was 16. At last, it is 'only' HP damage.

    BTW: Good work with the ogre and great roleplay

    All get 200 xp. (and the things in the chest )

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    Seeing Cade's sudden wound from some trap Feldar rushes over to check on him and inspect the wound.

    "Ye'll be alright lad, there doesn't appear to be any lasting harm from this trap, no poisons and such that I can see." Calling to those outside of the room in a slightly louder voice, "Why don't ye all come in and I will sooth some more wounds while others deal with the chest and the ogre's corpse."

    When all have once again entered the room, Feldar channels the energy of his god to wash away some pain.

    As almost an after thought, Feldar says, "And can someone gather me rope from that dead thing?"

    Heal Check on Cade=17!; Channel energy Roll = 6 HP!
    Bout time Invis Castle started rolling really well!

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    So, how much HP does Veran have now? I got sorta confused.

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    That's 12 HP returned from two channellings, if Salthorae meant to do it twice . . .

    Stat Block
       HP: 18/20     AC: 20*  AC(T): 13*  AC(FF): 18*
     Init: +02    ST(F):+02   ST(R):+05    ST(W):+03
       *+4 vs. Giant Type
      BAB: 02       CMB:+02     CMD: 14
    Weapon                  Attack    Damage      Critical     Special
    Hooked Hammer (MW)      +3*       1d6+1          20/x3     Double, Trip
                            +3*       1d4+1          20/x4     Double, Trip
    Longbow (Comp; 14 STR)  +3        1d6+1          20/x3
                            *w/ Two-Weapon Attack (+5 used Either/Or)

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    Yes indeed 12 HP back for all w/n 30' of Feldar... there was some serious damage dished out in this fight...

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    Cade groans and sits down for a few moments, though the dwarf's healing magic patches up his wound.

    "My thanks, dwarf," he mutters. Then, after he's rested a few moments, Cade goes to open the infernal box of pain and take his share of the treasure therein.

    So was Cade caught in the initial healing effect?

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    OOC: The first healing was before the trap damage...

    In the closed chest (Cade manages to open the lock by taking some time), you find:

    1 potion
    1 scroll case

    all marked with dwarven runes, marking them as possession of the residents of this hall.

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    Veran groaned slightly as he finally regained some of his vigor.

    "My apologies I was not of much help, fortunately, Rudan helped cover for my failure..." The Druid apologized, his body still aching a bit from the blow he'd sustained.

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    Standing in the doorway, Brawar keeps lookout while Cade sets to opening the chest. Only a short time later the rogue successful pulls open the lid and pulls forth a few items that look to be magical. Giving the outside hall one last quick glance he steps into the room and asks.

    "May I see all those?"

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    "Gimmie a read on those markings...it might say who they belong to in some way." Feldar says when he has finished tending to peoples wounds.

    "That stuff belongs to someone who lives here, so we're just holding it until we find them... dead or alive" Feldar adds as he waits to look at the markings on the items.
    So, is everyone healed or do you guys need some more juice?

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