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    Veran would next simply ready his club and shield and hope he had no need to use them. Rudan would once again attack the rat closest to reaching Veran.


    Draw club
    Ready action to attack if any rat comes within Veran's reach.
    Rudan: Full attack rat 4 1d20+4=12, 1d6+1=5, 1d20+4=8, 1d6+1=3, 1d20+4=17, 1d4+1=5

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    Round 2

    Fabhal moves methodically on to the next rat in his reach, swiping at it with the hammer end. When that end misses, he lets the weight of the maul swing the weapon around and takes a tremendous swipe with the pickaxe end. The hook catches the rat under the jaw, and the stout Gnome swings the beast around and flings it into the wall behind him!

    The other rats, watching this display are now interested more in protecting their tails than fighting and flee toward the filth, seemingly disappearing into the floor.


    Fight is effectively over. Radan and Fabhal can roll AoOs, if they want.

    Good work! Re-start roleplaying... now!


    23 Brawar (+3)
    20 Fabhal (+3)
    16 Veran (& Rudan) (+1)
    9 Dire Rats
    8 Cade (+2)
    8 Feldar (+0)

    HP and Conditions

    Not - (fully) updated

    Cade 10/15
    Fabhal 8/22
    Brawar 15/15
    Veran 12/16
    Rudan 27/27
    Feldar 7/19

    R1 -5 down
    R2 - 20 down
    R3 panic
    R4 panic

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    Thy wounds are healed! SILVER SUBSCRIBER
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    Hearing the clash of battle abate, Brawar pops his head into the doorway. "Hmm... surprised that everyone is still standing," he says in mock serenity. "Thought those rats would have gotten the upper hand."

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    Would Rudan use his claw or bite for an AoO? Or is it my choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theroc View Post

    Would Rudan use his claw or bite for an AoO? Or is it my choice?

    Your choice, I think / rule.

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    "Is there a doctor in the house? That ogre seems to have taken a bit more out of me than I originally thought . . ."

    Fabhal slumps, propping himself on his hammer and clutching his aching ribs as he tries to catch his breath.

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    ooc: At least our cleric knows the healing well next door...

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    Rudan attempts a powerful swipe at the rat, but in his pursuit of power forsook his aim. 1d20+4=6, 1d6+1=7

    Veran steps over, patting the creature on the head before looking to the others, and to Fabhal. "I could heal you, but it would be the last healing I could provide us all for the day. Shall I heal your current injuries?"


    Spells (CL: 2, DC: 12+spell level)
    4/Day Level 0: Flare, Detect Magic, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic
    3/Day Level 1: Produce Flame, Shillelagh, Cure Light Wounds.

    HP: 12/16
    AC: 17, Touch: 11, Flat Footed: 16
    Fort: +4
    Refl: +2
    Will: +4
    Move: 30'
    Init: +1
    Perception: +7
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    "Well, it's hard to say. One more solid hit and I'll be out. If we don't run up on any more Ogres or their ilk I'll likely be OK."

    He's at 8 HP - I don't have his max HP with me as I'm not on my home computer right now.

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    "Aww, have a li'l trouble wit' the rats? Let's go find somethin' more t' yer likin', then," Cade remarks. He waits for the others to stop putzing around in the rat-room, then heads out wherever the others decide to go next. He gestures vaguely away from the rat-room, clearly indifferent about which way they go next.

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