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    "Seems to . . . be . . . stuck!"

    Fabhal throws his shoulder against the door, but though he's big for a Gnome he's still too small to budge the solid wood of the portal.

    Die Rolls/Actions

    Stat Block
       HP: 22/22     AC: 20*  AC(T): 13*  AC(FF): 18*
     Init: +02    ST(F):+02   ST(R):+05    ST(W):+03
       *+4 vs. Giant Type
      BAB: 02       CMB:+02     CMD: 14
    Weapon                  Attack    Damage      Critical     Special
    Hooked Hammer (MW)      +2*       1d6+1          20/x3     Double, Trip
                            +2*       1d4+1          20/x4     Double, Trip
    Longbow (Comp; 14 STR)  +1        1d6+1          20/x3
                            *w/ Two-Weapon Attack (+4 used Either/Or)

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    Fabhal's attempt isn't nearly enough to open the door. On the bright side, it wasn't really loud either.

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    "If ya need a door opened, the blessings of the Artificer of souls can help with that methinks" Feldar says as he walks up and places his hand on the door.

    Artificers Touch, ignores 2 points of hardness for 6 damage to the door
    I can do this multiple rounds if needs be...

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    With expertise, you weaken the struck parts of the door. A light kick is now anything left to swing it wide open.

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    ooc Actions? Or should I assume you go right in, without precautions?

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    "OK, let's try this again . . ." He turns to his companions momentarily. "Opening the door . . . ready to cover?"

    After making sure the team is ready (bows covering the doorway or ready to move in as they prefer) Fabhal once again hits the door with a shoulder, executing a neat shoulder roll into the room to clear the doorway.

    Acrobatics Check (1d20+2=10)
    (Not good enough to avoid an AoO, but he likely didn't land on his face at least!)

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    Veril would gesture towards the doorway in a signal to Rudan to follow the gnome inside the room and investigate the immediate surroundings to ensure Veril would not walk into an ambush, while he brandished his club and readied his shield for any combat that might erupt.


    WD, do you want me to select my readied spells at this point?


    Spells (CL: 2, DC: 12+spell level)
    4/Day Level 0: Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic
    3/Day Level 1: Produce Flame, Shillelagh, Cure Light Wounds.
    2/Day Level 2: Summon Swarm, Heat Metal

    AC: 17, Touch: 11, Flat Footed: 16
    Fort: +4
    Refl: +2
    Will: +4
    Move: 30'
    Init: +1
    Perception: +7
    Last edited by Theroc; Tuesday, 27th October, 2009 at 01:02 PM. Reason: Adding an Sblock for mini-combat block&readied spells

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theroc View Post


    WD, do you want me to select my readied spells at this point?

    Yes, include them in your posts. Also AC and saves, please.

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    ooc: Can the others post at least a 'ready'? I will move this forward faster the next time...

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    With a small grin for Fabhal's attempt at entering "gracefully" Brawar looks into the room from the hall.


    FORT:+1 REF:+3 WILL:+3
    Perception: +2
    Hand of the Apprentice: 6/6

    0- Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation
    1- Sleep, True Strike, Enlarge Person

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