This is the thread for Dauntons Dead Shadows, a continuation of my short vignette The Long Arm of Lauto 2: Broken Wards.

Dauntons Dead Shadow

In the dead of night people have been disappearing from their beds, with no trace left but a strange runic symbol. A sage studying at the temple of Lauto has linked it to a minor demon/deity who was directly involved in the original conflict that shattered the Jade Empire of old. The priests, fearing another attack on the Mausoleum or one of the large private crypts maintained by many wealthy nobles in the city, have sent their agents to investigate these disappearances. That was 3 weeks ago, and with the recent events involving Slardazial fresh in the Clergy's mind action must be taken. The last message suggested the investigators had found a lead at the latest victims home, but did not say what the lead was. Your mission will be to find this clue, trace the murders to their source, and ascertain whether or not the original investigators are alive.


Grakk - Barbarian
Vrrskt - Paladin
Morvannon Rinael - Warlock
Vixo - Rogue
Kamotz - Cleric
Magnus Madiron - Wizard


If everyone could post once confirming they're here and following the halfling clerk I'll get the ball rolling tomorrow. Sorry for delays but as usual real life demands attention despite my love for this one often exceeding my reality. If we don't hear from Vixo in the next few days in this thread we'll proceed without him.