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Thread: Thank You

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    As a voice of WoTC, you've been really appreciated here. They'll be lesser without you. Best wishes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wik View Post
    Also, any of the so-called "rouseketeers" are mental patients. It's quite obvious.

    All hail to the Rouse


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    Really sorry to hear it, Scott. But welcome to the exclusive club of ex-D&D Brand Managers!

    Given your nearly 4 years in office, you have a privileged place in our ranks: (by my count, at least) you were the longest-serving D&D Brand Manager (or equivalent) of the WotC era. I don't know, maybe ever?

    Congrats on a good run, and best of luck going forward!
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    Best of luck, Scott, and keep in touch.
    Ed Healy | i am the gamerati

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    Sorry to hear you leave WotC. Thank you and best of luck!

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    Btw, the last update for the Adventure Tools lists Liz Schuh as D&D Brand Director in the credits section.

    For added confusion, compare the credits sections of the Character Builder and the Adventure Tools; both were updated October 6th, and the Brand Teams are quite different.

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    Best wishes, Scott, it's been great to have you around. For me, personally, you've made the difference on a couple of issues.

    I am, however, sad that we'll have to disband the Rouseketeers.

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    Scott, you were always a class act. AFAICT, you were also always the person to go to for a straight answer. You will be missed at WotC (but hopefully will still remain here at EN World for as long as you game).

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    Scott, you've shown courage and patience and fan devotion when few or no one else has. Thank you for your willingness to answer hard questions, even when I and others asked them in not-so-nice ways.

    Here's hoping you're leaving of your own choice. If not, any WotC exec foolish enough to lay you off should be fired next.

    Best of luck, and I hope to see you in the future as a representative of another gaming company!

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