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    Myoko shuffled her feet to get in a better position, then lashed out with her spear at the remaining ankheg. While her strike found its mark, the poison seemed to sap her strength, and she fought unsuccessfully against the progression of pain and dizziness...

    >Move: Shift to D6 (assuming ankheg is still in E4, otherwise to a space within longspear reach, but not adjacent)
    >Standard: Attack Ankheg with Furious Smash, +6 vs. Fort= 17 (Hit), deals 4 damage, halved for weakness = 2 damage, and Vardaal gets a +2 on his next attack and damage roll against that target (bonus is lost if not used before the end of his next turn) ; roll Roll Lookup
    >Save vs. effects: 1d20= 4 (fail); roll Roll Lookup

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    Vardaal Torqqua and Frost. Myoko also, if you kill AH3

    The hulking Goliath is no quick enough as to escape the jaws of death from the tunnel. He moves back from it, leaving his flank exposed. The predator jumps at the opportunity with blood in its multi faceted eyes. The wound is deep and the blood loss is severe. Kavac crumbles to the sand, convulsing. After the initial shock, he sees to get better.

    Initiatives and Status

    Init.   Name       (Damage and conditions)
    +19  Torqua                                 (17/27, weakened, save ends)
    +18  Frost                                   (9/34)
    -18  Desert Ankheg larvae swarm 2 (Dead)
    -15  Desert Ankheg 3                    (1/65)
    -12  Desert Ankheg 2                    (Dead)
    -10  Myoko                                  (15/26, 5 ongoing damage, weakened)
    -9   Desert Ankheg larvae swarm 3  (Dead)
    -9   Desert Ankheg 1                     (35/65)
    -8   Kavac                                   (-34, dying)
    -8   Desert Ankheg larvae swarm 1 (Dead)
    +7   Vardaal                                 (+7, -4 AC)
    +Next in initiative order
    -Already acted or waiting turn.

    Unlocked Monster's Info

    Desert Ankheg larvae swarm:
    Centipede Swarm Level 2 Brute
    Medium natural beast (swarm) XP 125
    Initiative +4 Senses Perception +1; darkvision
    Swarm Attack aura 1; each enemy that starts its turn within the
    aura takes 3 damage plus 2 extra damage per centipede swarm
    adjacent to the enemy.
    HP 44; Bloodied 22
    AC 14; Fortitude 14, Reflex 15. Will 10
    Resist half damage from melee and ranged attacks; Vulnerable 10
    against close and area attacks
    Speed 6, climb 6 (spider climb)
    i ) Swarm of Mandibles (standard; at-will) ē Poison
    +4 vs. Reflex; 1d6 damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save
    ends); a creature already taking ongoing poison damage is also
    weakened (save ends). The centipede swarm's attack deals 1
    extra damage for each centipede swarm adjacent to it.
    Survival Instinct (immediate reaction, when hit by an area or
    close attack; at-will)
    The centipede swarm shifts 3 squares.

    Desert Ankheg Level 4 Lurker
    Vermin large XP: 175
    Initiative +2 Senses: passive Perception +16
    HP 65; Bloodied 33
    AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 17, Will 14
    Speed (land) 6
    Speed (tunnel) 4
    Low-Light vision
    Resist 5 Fire and 5 acid
    Bite (melee basic) (standard; at-will)
    +9 vs. AC; 1d6 + 4 damage plus 1d4 acid damage.
    Acid spit (Ranged) (standard; encounter)
    +7 vs. Relfex; 3d8 acid damage. Hit: target weakened (save ends)
    One such attack depletes the ankhegís acid supply for the rest of the
    encounter. Once used, the ankheg canít deal additional acid damage. An
    ankheg does not use this ability unless it is desperate or frustrated.
    It most often spits acid when bloodied or worse
    Capture (melee basic) (standard; at-will)
    +9 vs. AC; 1d6 damage. Hit: Target is grappled.
    If the ankheg is damaged after grabbing its prey, it retreats backward
    down its tunnel at its land speed (not its burrow speed), dragging the
    victim with it. An ankhegís burrow is completely dark, and the
    character wonít be able to stand from prone due to the tunnelís
    dimensions. The ankheg will try to kill itís prey biting it
    repeatedly, which will cause an ongoing 5 dmgs while the prey is in
    the burrow. It takes three successful athletics rolls (dc:20) to scape
    from an ankheg burrow.
    Alignment Neutral
    Str 21, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 1, Wis 13, Cha 6

    Actions, Map and Rolls

    AH1 attacks Kavac: HitRoll Lookup
    AH1: Hits Kavac for 9 Roll Lookup
    Kavac death save: success Roll Lookup

    Map remade! You can edit it with your positions in case I made mistakes.

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    Frost's fancy footwork continues as the shifter continues to keep the ankheg surrounded by himself and Vardaal. With an accurate stab, Frost punctures another hole in the beast's tough hide and twists his blade as he pulls it out. The ankheg finally dies.

    "Vardaal! One left for you to smash, he's all that stands between you and all the ratberry pie you can eat!" the shifter says to the bugbear, hoping to inspire him


    *Vardaal - please delay after me, I'll try and set up a flank.

    Voda - I updated the battlemap with the last rounds movement and my own this round.

    Move: Shift to D5
    Standard: Footwork Lure on A3 - vs ac; dmg (1d20 10=28, 1d6 6=7) hits for 7, kills it
    Minor: n/a

    Frost's Stats

    L4W:PC:Frost(RickRoll - ENWiki) - Shifter Fighter 1
    Passive Perception 18, Passive Insight 13
    AC 17, Fort 16, Reflex 13, Will 13
    HP 18/34, Bloodied 17, Surge Value 8, Surges 3/11
    Speed 5, Initiative +3
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Footwork Lure, Dual Strike
    Encounter Powers: Funneling Fury , Longtooth Shifting
    Daily Powers: Villian's Menace

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    After Frost kills the enemy in front of him, Vardaal hears the mention of ratberry pie and moves forward towards the fallen goliath. "You no worry shifty man, Vardaal save the dead Mr. Big Guy from the ants. RAWR!" the bugbear roars as he charges forward, spurred on by dreams of ratberry pies, all that he could eat no less.

    The blade falls hard on the ankheg, but the creature is still standing.


    *Delay until after Frost
    Move: to E5
    Standard: Howling Strike on A1 (charge!) - va ac; dmg (howling) (1d20+9=26, 2d4+5+1d6=13) hits for 13 so 22 hp left

    Vardaal Male Bugbear Barbarian 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16, Senses: Low-light
    AC:18, Fort:17, Reflex:15, Will:12
    HP:31/31+7thp, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:4/11
    Action Points: 0
    Howling Strike
    Pressing Strike
    Predatory Eye
    Swift Charge

    Avalanche Strike
    Swift Panther Rage

    Important Stuff:
    Feral Might: When Vardaal drops an enemy he gains 3 THP and can use Swift Charge power (1/encounter)


    Full sheet: http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Vardaal(Farce)

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    "Alright, fellows, it's time to bring down the house." Torqua states, cracking her knuckles. The room seems to fill with far-off thunder as the glowing mark of the storm appears of Torqua's king-sized belly. Then with an almighty boom, the Fat Sorceress slams her fist into the ground, sending a shockwave straight at the bug. The last monster is thrown back against the wall and falls to the ground, quite dead.

    OOC: Using Thunder Slam against the last monster.


    Crit! 27 damage! The Bug is dead!

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    "Ha! Nice shot Torqua" Frost calls

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    Warping up post coming tomorrow.

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    "I feel like we'll be able to get you those ratberry pies soon Vardaal" Frost announces as he wipes his blades off.

    Go Go XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickRoll View Post
    "Ha! Nice shot Torqua" Frost calls
    "What can I say?" Torqua says smuggly, brushing the dust off her bulky stomach. "I'm fantastic."

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    The adventurers finish off the last remaining vermin, the only one standing at the defense of their crouches of eggs. Their problems with water had come to an endÖ Or so they thought. Even as Torqua dusted herself out, Myoko regain her cold composture, Vardaal cleaned the sand from his falchion, and Frost sheathed his swords, the cave began to tremble. A tunnel opened, and five large Ankheg emerged from the huge entrance. A deep bass tremble followed the creatures, as if their galleries had weakened the structure of the cave. Urged by this, the group ran through the narrow passage of earth towards the entrance of the cave.
    Behind them, the ceiling began to fall apart. Large chunks of rock and sand fall over the piles of eggs and the adult ankhegs, smashing them, cracking their shells; the creatures shrieked as they were buried alive.
    Adrenaline fueled everyone, even Kavac who was almost unconscious ran for his life, Torqua as well, never thought she could move so fast! The chunks of rocks fall on the water deposits, columns of sand poured from the holes the rocks madeÖ The scene was chaotic, and the odds, grim.
    But the mercenaries moved with haste, and reached the tunnel Torqua, Vardaal and Kavac had seen when they were in the lower chamber. The tunnel seemed unaffected, and although it smelled like ankheg wastes, they didnít worry for that.
    After climbing up for about ten minutes, hearing the cave system crumble and fearing for their lives, the group reaches the surface! Ah, fresh scorching air, at last.
    The entrance of this tunnel was on the margin of the dry oasis. As the group took a moment to regain their breath, another quake shakes the soil beneath their feet.
    As if was sorcery, the water began to rise from the puddle of mud in the bottom of the oasis. It flowed from the ankheg tunnels, and soon it filled the basin. Floating in the turbid water, several pieces of the vermin could be seen before they sank to the bottom. Apparently all the water was pressed up by the collapsing of the cave, and found an easy way up in the tunnels dig by the ankhegs.
    Having finished their task with a big plus, the party took a moment to patch them up, drink some muddy water, and prepare to return to the city.
    The journey was rather easy, the day was pretty clouded and the night was humid and thus not so chilling. After two days of walking, the mercenaries were back at Losadarís city.
    The man was standing at the walls, dressed in his most sumptuous tunic, rising a bottle of muddy water as he sees you. Behind him, the people was screaming and cheering up, all of them obviously happy.
    ďMy friends! What an awesome accomplishment. Your exploits are to be known all around the Blazing Desert! You will tell me all the details once we are in the palace.Ē With that, he turned to the populace, and waved his hand, smiling. The crow exploded in applauses and cheers.
    As you walked your way to the palace, the people thanked you and tried to get to you, but the city watch kept them at some distance.
    Inside the palace you tell Lodasar all about your adventure in the oasis, inside the oasis, under the oasis, and about the ankheg and all the little details he wants to know. He seems worried about the menace of the desert ankhegs; he fears that the vermin would try to make nest under the oasis again.
    Losadar orders his servants to serve all kind of food and drink, and after dinner is done, he leads you to his treasury. From there he takes a bag of gold and leaves it at his feet. He opens a door, to a rather large and ornate room, full of armors and robes, and begins passing from one set to another, picking one and giving it to each of you. He gives Frost shiny mithral chain armor, Myoko a white shiny plate, Torqua a fine Arabic robe that shimmers mysteriously, and to Vardaal, he gives a hide armor, made of some strange beast he had never saw, the leather is orange and the hide is yellowish with black spots.
    XP!!! And treasure. Need Judge approval

    First skill challenge:
    Level 2, Complexity 3, that's 375x2=750
    Thats 150 xp for each
    First combat Challenge:
    2 Ankheg adults: 175 each: 350x2: 700
    Thatís 140 each
    4 Ankheg larvae: 31 each: 124x2: 248
    Thatís 49,6 each

    Second skill challenge:
    Level 2, Complexity 2, that's 250x2=500
    Thatís 100 each.
    Separate Cave battles:
    1 Ah: 175x2: 350
    5 Ah larva: 31 each: 155 x2: 310
    Swarm: 125 x2: 250
    Total 910, thatís 182 each
    Final battle:
    3 Ah 175x3x2 + 3 swarms 125x3x2: 1800
    Thatís 360 each
    Time XP:
    Each has 415
    Each has 1397
    If Kavac was no in the group, each would gain additional 196 xp which I presume would be in order since the player disappeared without warning.
    That would rise each to 1593 xp

    Time: 315gp each

    Treasure ---------------
    Magical Spear +1
    Magical scimitar +1
    Magical Falichon +1
    Treasure given by Losadar:
    Whiteflame armor place +1: Level 3 armor
    Mithral armor +1: level 4 chain armor
    Shimmering armor +1: Level 4 robe
    Bestial hide armor: Level 3 hide armor.

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