4E Recruiting! In the Service of Cyre [4ed Eberron]
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    Recruiting! In the Service of Cyre [4ed Eberron]

    I have decided to try my hand at running a 4ed PbP.

    The Premise: The War of Usurpers has been raging on for years. In Cyre, her majesty the Queen employs every tool she can lay hands on to defend her realm and reclaim the Throne of Galifar to which she has the rightful claim: the Warforged of House Cannith, various Magebred creations from House Vadalis, the church of the Sovereign Host, mercenaries from abroad, and the heroes of her own country. One of the youngest of these heroes is her own son, Prince Oargev. He leads a brave band of adventurers loyal to him and to Cyre, doing what he can to help in the war effort.

    You, the PCs, will be playing as Prince Oargev and his sworn companions. The first adventure will start when the Prince is barely 17 years old, sent on important, but supposedly safe, affairs of state.

    Note on the Mourning: I am not afraid to change Eberron’s history to tell this story. The PCs all should believe in the success of Cyre, or at least the Prince—even when you, the players, know what approaches for Cyre.

    The Characters

    4-6 PCs.

    This is not an anything goes, hodge-podge Eberron game, but most character ideas should work. I have identified a number of Archetypal Characters I want as my PCs, and list them below, along with how many I am willing to take into a party.

    Prince Oargev
    I need 1 of him.
    Race: Human or Half-Elf
    Class: Warlord, Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Fighter or Invoker
    Religion: Sovereign Host

    Hook: You are heir to the throne of Cyre. You lead a band of sworn companions, trusted advisors, and loyal servants on missions of state, aiding your country in the War of Usurpers. Your ultimate goal is to restore the Kingdom of Galifar under its true and rightful monarch: your mother.

    Cyran Nobility
    I will take between 0-4 Cyran Nobles
    Race: Human, Half-Elf (most common); Elf, Halfling, Changeling, Gnome, Dwarf, or Half-Orc (less common)
    Class: Any Martial, Arcane, Shadow, or Divine class
    Religion: Sovereign Host (most common); Dark Six, Blood of Vol, Silver Flame, or Spirits of the Past (less common)

    Hook: You are a member of one of Cyre’s noble families, perhaps even a distant relative of the royal family. You have been raised alongside the crown prince, chosen at a young age to be his life-long companion. Your family owns land, employs servants, and has a tradition of service to the crown.

    Cyran Patriot
    I will take between 0-3 Cyran Patriots
    Race: Human, Halfling, Half-Elf, Elf, Changeling, Gnome, Dwarf, Half-Orc, or Shifter
    Class: Any Martial, Arcane, Divine, or Shadow class
    Religion: Sovereign Host (most common); Dark Six, Silver Flame, Spirits of the Past, Blood of Vol (less common)

    Hook: You are a citizen of Cyre and have distinguished yourself through exemplary training, skill, and/or service. You have been chosen to serve and advise Crown Prince Oargev, accompanying him on missions of state.

    Dragonmarked Scion
    I will take between 0-2 Dragonmarked Scions
    Race: Human, Half-Elf, Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Half-Orc (house appropriate)
    Class: Any
    Religion: Sovereign Host, Dark Six (most common); Silver Flame (less common)

    Hook: You are a member of a Dragonmarked house that has been assigned to work with Prince Oargev. Your family is among the economic elite, exercising great power and influence over certain sectors of the war-time economy. Alternately, your high position in life may have put you in position to become a friend and companion to Oargev growing up.

    Foreign National
    I will take between 0-2 Foreign Nationals
    Race: Elf, Halfling, Drow, Dragonborn, Human, Tiefling, Hobgoblin, Goblin, Bugbear, Eladrin, Minotaur, Gnoll, or Kalashtar
    Class: Any
    Religion: Spirits of the Past, Deathless Ancestors, Sovereign Host/Dark Six (Dragon variant, Nature variant), Scorpion King, Silver Flame (Demon Waste variant), atheist, Path of Light

    Hook: You are from a foreign culture, working with Cyre either independently or with your government’s sanction. You may be a representative from Aerenal, Valinar, the Talenta Plains, Xen’Drick, Argonessen, the Demon Wastes, the Rhuukan Draal, The Feyspires, Droaam, Adar, Q’barra, or Riedra. Your strange ways bring an interesting point of view to court politics, which has ingratiated you to Prince Oargev.

    Sovereign Priest
    I will take between 0-1 Sovereign Priests
    Race: Human, Halfling, Half-Elf, Elf, Changeling, Gnome, Dwarf, Half-Orc, Shifter
    Class: Any Divine
    Religion: Sovereign Host

    Hook: You serve the predominant religion of Cyre, the Sovereign Host. You are either a priest of the entire pantheon or of a single deity, and you have been assigned to Prince Oargev to provide religious and moral guidance.

    Warforged Servant
    I will take between 0-1 Warforged Servants
    Race: Warforged
    Class: Any Arcane or Martial
    Religion: None in particular

    Hook: You have been given to Prince Oargev by House Cannith to serve him in some specific capacity. You are an early-model warforged trained in battle and/or arcane practices.

    Druidic Initiate
    I will take between 0-1 Druidic initiates
    Race: Human, Half-Orc, Shifter, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Changeling
    Class: Any Primal
    Religion: Wardens of the Wood, Gatekeepers, Greensingers (common), Ashbound, Children of Winter (less common)

    Hook: You are an initiate in one of the druidic sects of Khorvaire. You have befriended the Cyran crown and work as an advisor on matters of nature and sealed-away ancient evils.

    Character Submission
    Sources: Any WotC 4ed source. No 3rd party sources. Follow your archetype.

    1st level; 100 gp. While many characters will technically be richer than this, 100 gp represents what you have carrying around with you.

    I need:
    1. Which Archetype do you match?
    2. 1 paragraph (3-8 sentences) backstory about how you met Prince Oargev and entered his service.
    3. 1 paragraph (3-8 sentences) description (both physical and personality).
    4. Character Sheet. Please either attach a Builder sheet or use the Summary format from character builder.
    5. Magic items (level 2-10) you would be interested in seeing your PC obtain at some point. This locks you into nothing.
    6. Which Paragon Path you’d maybe be interested in pursuing if the game makes it that far. This locks you in to nothing.

    You will be competing against other people in your Archetype and other people in your Role. Also, I would like a fairly steady post rate (3-4 times a week maybe?) that picks up a bit in combat. We'll work out details beyond this when a list is posted.

    Recruiting is closed.
    Final selection will be made sometime Friday.

    I want a Prince Oargev and 3-5 interesting companions for him. I want a well-rounded party. I want to provide a fun gaming experience for any and all involved.

    Submissions so far:
    DistractingFlare- Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn, Human Warlord
    renau1g- Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn, Half-Elf Bard
    pathfinderq1- Maeve, Human Bard

    Dekana- Kraken, Warforged Fighter
    BarrelRider- Trystan d'Lyrandar, Half-Elf Swordmage
    pathfinderq1- Revekka d'Deneith, Human Swordmage

    yzard- Thom Trannith, Human Wizard

    Shayuri- Dev, Changeling Assassin
    Walking Dad- Varis d'Lyrandar, Half-Elf Sorcerer
    hero4hire- Arisaem Dracunculus, Dragonborn Sorcerer
    BarrelRider- Lord Cyrick ir'Garrn, Half-Elf Rogue
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