Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

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    Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

    New for EN World Subscribers

    [imager]http://www.enworld.org/newsimages/ca14.jpg[/imager]EN World subscribers will now recieve issues of Emerald Press' bi-monthly 4E e-magazine, Combat Advantage! These will appear in the subscriber download area as they are released. We will also be adding the back-catalogue (issues 1-13) gradually between now and Christmas, so keep an eye on the subscriber download area! If you haven't yet got your EN World subscription, you can get it right here for only $3 per month!

    The nights are getting longer and a chill seeps through the window. Winter looms in the sky, instilling a sense of dread in your heart. Dark times call for dark characters and Combat Advantage delivers.

    CA14 brings you the darker side of 4E. Try your hand as a merc and work for the highest bidder (but leave your morals at the door), tap into your inner beast with the Beast Warrior multiclass barbarian/druid paragon path, and take on the fortitude of Blades, a Goblin Warlord with a penchant for spilling blood... your blood.

    COMBAT ADVANTAGE is a bi-monthly supplement for the 4th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game produced by Emerald Press.

    D&D 3.5/OGL/Pathfinder News
    • King of the Monsters Contest The arena is open! Kobold Quarterly is holding a monster design contest.
    • Tiny Drake Monday isn't Monday without a tiny bit of monster love from the Kobolds. And in this case, it's literally tiny.
    • Pathfinder Drake The second Pathfinder Drake by Mike Welham is now available for free at KQ.com.

    Other News
    • Reign of Discordia for the Traveller Game system Reign of Discordia is the core setting book in line of the same name by the celebrated game designer Darrin Drader and Reality Deviant Publications. RoD gives you what you need to know about the galactic civilization following the fall of the Stellar Imperium. Future sourcebooks and adventures will further add to the dynamic space opera setting presented in this core setting book.
    • Plan Change for Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Blackmoor licensing is looking like it's going to end as Wizards of the Coast does not appear inclined to renew the license come the beginning of the year.
    • Ingredients for a perfect horror gaming session The RPG Examiner reviews the perfect action horror game session to determine what went right.
    • The Power Source #7 Skill ... Guidelines. Podcast.
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