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    The 3.X Martial Arcanist Database

    I love to play melee-minded arcane spellcasters. This thread is a database for 3.X classes, feats, etc. that (hopefully) will help people design whatever flavor of 2-fisted arcanists they care to.

    Obviously, this will take a bit of time, and I'm not perfect- if you see something I missed or messed up, let me know!

    Base Classes with built-in Armored Arcane Spellcasting:

    Battle Sorcerer
    Beguiler (PHB2, p.6)
    Deathmaster (DCv1 p29)
    Duskblade (PHB2, p.19)
    Hexblade (CompWar, p.5)
    Mage Blade (AU/AE)
    Savage Bard
    Warlock (CompArc, p.5)
    Warmage (CompArc, p.10)

    Alternative Class Features:

    Fighter: Armored Mage (CompMage, p.32)
    Sorcerer: Stalwart Sorcerer (CompMage, p.36)
    Swashbuckler: Arcane Stunt (CompMage, p.32)
    Wizard: Domain Granted Power (CompCha p52)


    Mark of Sentinel (EbCS p66)

    PrCls for Martial Arcanists ( = has built-in Armored spellcasting):

    Abjurant Champion (CompMage, p.50)
    Arcane Archer
    Argent Savant (CompArc p24)
    Blood Magus (CompArc p26)
    Daggerspell Mage (CompAdv, p.31)
    Dragon Devotee (RoD, p84)
    Dragon Disciple
    Drow Paragon
    Eldritch Knight
    Elf Paragon
    Enlightened Fist (CompArc, p.34)
    Fleet Runner of Ehlonna (DCv1 p74)
    Flux Adept (DCv1 p76)
    Fochlucan Lyrist (CompAdv p47)
    Geomancer (CompArc, p.39)
    Green Star Adept (CompArc p41)
    Half-Elf Paragon
    Havoc Mage (MH p20)
    Holy Scourge (CompMage p64)
    Human Paragon
    Knight of the Weave
    Master Trasmogrifist (CompArc p51)
    Ordained Champion
    Osteomancer (DCv1 p82)
    Rage Mage (CompWar, p.72)
    Raumathari Battlemage
    Runesmith (RoS, p118)
    Shaper of Form (DCv1 p85)
    Spellfire Channeler
    Spellsword (CompWar, p.79)
    Suel Archanomach
    Warforged Juggernaught (EbCS p84)

    Useful Feats:

    Adamantine Body (EbCS p50)
    Air Devotion (CompCha p54)
    Arcane Disciple (CompDiv p79)
    Arcane Strike (CompWar, p.96)
    Arcane Toughness (PHB2 p75)
    Armor Proficiency (any)
    Ascetic Mage (CompAdv, p.105)
    Battle Caster (CompArc, p.75)
    Battlecaster Defense (CompMage, p.39)
    Battlecaster Offense (CompMage, p.40)
    Blade of Force (CompMage, p.40)
    Celestial Sorcerer Heritage (PHB2, p.90)
    --Celestial Sorcerer Lance (PHB2, p.92)
    Chaos Devotion (CompCha p56)
    Combat Casting
    Combat Expertise
    Combat Familiar (PHB2 p76)
    Craft Magic Arms and Armor
    --Attune Magic Weapon (EbCS p50)
    Death Devotion (CompCha p57)
    Destruction Devotion (CompCha p57)
    Devoted Performer (CompAdv p107)
    Draconic Heritage (CompArc, p.77)
    --Draconic Breath (CompArc, p.77)
    Evil Devotion (CompCha p58)
    Fire Devotion (CompCha p58)
    Good Devotion (CompCha p58)
    Grenadier (PHB2 p79)
    --Mad Alchemist (PHB2 p94)
    Improved Familiar (see also CompArc p)
    Haunting Melody (EbCS p54)
    Heroic Spirit (EbCS p55)
    Holy Warrior (CompCha p60)
    Improved Damage Reduction (EbCS p55)
    Improved Familiar (DMG p200, CompWar p100, CompWar p118)
    Improved Fortification (EbCS p55)
    Infernal Sorcerer Heritage (PHB2, p.91)
    --Infernal Sorcerer Howl (PHB2, p.92)
    Invisible Needle (PHB2 p44)
    Ironskin Chant (CompAdv p113)
    Knight Training (EbCS p56)
    Lurking Familiar (PHB2 p75)
    Law Devotion (CompCha p61)
    Magic Devotion (CompCha p61)
    Mithral Body (EbCS p57)
    --Mithral Fluidity (EbCS p57)
    Monastic Training (EbCS p57)
    Music of Growth (EbCS p57)
    Point Blank Shot
    --Precise Shot
    Precise Swing (EbCS p58)
    Protection Devotion (CompCha p61)
    Protective Ward (CompCha p61)
    Razing Strike (CompAdv p112)
    Skill Focus (Concentration)
    Smiting Spell (PHB2, p.92)
    Somatic Weaponry (CompMage, p.47)
    Still Spell
    Strength Devotion (CompCha p62)
    Stunning Fist
    --Ring the Golden Bell (DCv1 p105)
    Sun Devotion (CompCha p62)
    Touch Spell Specialization
    War Devotion (CompCha p63)
    Wand Bonding
    Weapon Focus
    Weapon Finesse
    Weapon Proficiency (any)

    Arcane Spells without somatic components (Note: Spells that appear more than once on the list have different casting levels for different classes; Ω = denotes a spell that has the same name as another, completely different spell from another sourcebook):

    Level 0:

    Level 1:
    Benign Transposition (SpComp p27), Blades of Fire (SpComp p31), Breath Flare (SpComp p38), Critical Strike (SpComp p56, CompAdv p145), Deep Breath (SpComp p61), Deflect (Lesser) (PHB2 p109), Expeditious Retreat (Swift) (SpComp p85), Ectoplasmic Armor (SpComp p77), Feather Fall, Focusing Chant (SpComp p96, CompAdv p149), Golem Strike (SpComp p106, CompAdv p149), Guided Shot (SpComp p108, CompAdv p150), Insightful Feint (SpComp p124, CompAdv p153), Invisibility (Swift) (SpComp p125), Lightfoot (SpComp p132), Low-Light Vision (SpComp p134), Master's Touch Ω (SpComp p139, CompAdv p154), Secret Signs (CompArc p121), Slide (SpComp p191), Stay the Hand (PHB2 p126), True Strike, Undersong (SpComp p227)

    Level 2:
    Baleful Transposition (SpComp p23), Blades of Fire (CompArc p99), Bladeweave (SpComp p31, CompAdv p144), Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Celerity (Lesser) (PHB2 p105), Daggerspell Stance (SpComp p57, CompAdv p145), Deflect (PHB2 p109), Delusions of Grandeur (SpComp p63), Dimension Hop (PHB2 p110), Dimension Shuffle (PHB2 p110), Energy Surge (Lesser) (PHB2 p112), Extend Tentacles (SpComp p86), Fearsome Grapple (SpComp p90), Fly (Swift) (SpComp p96, CompAdv p149), Grace (SpComp p107), Invisibility (Swift) (SpComp p125, CompAdv p153), Knock, Master's Touch Ω (PHB2 p119), Scintillating Scales (SpComp p181), Razorfangs (SpComp p168), Slide (Greater) (SpComp p192), Sonic Weapon (SpComp p195, CompAdv p157), Stay the Hand (PHB2 p126), Stretch Weapon (PHB2 p126), Sure Strike (PHB2 p126), Wings of Air (SpComp p240)

    Level 3:
    Alter Fortune (PHB2 p101), Avoid Planar Effects (SpComp p19), Displacement, Energy Aegis (PHB2 p111), Energy Surge (PHB2 p112), Find the Gap (SpComp p91), Geas (Lesser), Halt (PHB2 p114), Love's Lament (SpComp p134), Prismatic Mist (PHB2 p121), Suppress Breath Weapon (SpComp p216)

    Level 4:
    Baleful Blink (PHB2 p108), Blinding Breath (SpComp p31), Breath Weapon Substitution (SpComp p39), Celerity (PHB2 p105), Condemnation (PHB2 p107), Cursed Blade (SpComp p57, CompWar p117), Dimension Door, Entangling Staff (CompAdv p147), Geas (Lesser), Mystic Surge (PHB2 p120), Raise from the Deep (SpComp p165), Ruin Delver's Fortune (SpComp p178), Shout, Spell Enhancer (SpComp p198), Translocation Trick (SpComp p222), Stifle Spell (PHB2 p126), Wings of Air (Greater) (SpComp p240)

    Level 5:
    Contact Other Plane, Dimension Door (Greater) (SpComp p64), Dragon Ally (Lesser) (SpComp p72), Ethereal Breath (SpComp p84), Incite Riot (PHB2 p115), Teleport, Wail of Doom (SpComp p233, CompAdv p158),

    Level 6:
    Aura of Terror (SpComp p18), Brilliant Blade (CompArc p100), Charm Monster (Mass), Energy Surge (Greater) (PHB2 p1), Geas, Otto's Irresistible Dance,

    Level 7:
    Dragon Ally (SpComp p72), Hiss of Sleep (SpComp p114), Phase Door, Power Word Blind, Solipsism (SpComp p194), Teleport (Greater), Teleport Object,

    Level 8:
    Celerity (Greater) (PHB2 p105),Charm Monster (Mass), Maddening Whispers (SpComp p135), Otto's Irresistible Dance, Power Word Stun,

    Level 9:
    Breath Weapon Admixture (SpComp p39), Dragon Ally (Greater) (SpComp p73), Enervating Breath (SpComp p182), Mordenkainen's Disjunction, Power Word Kill, Prismatic Sphere, Time Stop, Undermaster (SpComp p227), Wail of the Banshee,

    Key Arcane Spells with somatic components (Note: Spells that appear more than once on the list have different casting levels for different classes); Ω = denotes a spell that has the same name as another, completely different spell from another sourcebook):

    Level 0:

    Level 1:
    Arrow Mind (SpComp p15), Blood Wind (SpComp p33), Corrosive Grasp (SpComp p53), Cutting Hand (SpComp p57), Fist of Stone (SpComp p94), Persistent Blade (SpComp p154),

    Level 2:
    Balor Nimbus (SpComp p24), Body of the Sun (SpComp p35), Bristle (SpComp p40), Claws of Darkness (SpComp p47), Combust (SpComp p50), Fortify Metal or Stone (SoS p 127), Heroics (SpComp p113), Mindless Rage (SpComp), Whirling Blade [I](CompArc p129) p , and SpComp p238), Wings of Cover (RotD), Wracking Touch (SpComp p243), Wraithstrike (SpComp p243),

    Level 3:
    Arcane Maul (SoS p 126), Bite of the Wererat (SpComp p28), Blade of Pain and Fear (SpComp p30), Snake's Swiftness, Mass (SpComp p193), Spectral Weapon (SpComp p197), Steeldance (SpComp p2064), Weapon of Energy (SpComp p236), Wraithstrike (SpComp p243),

    Level 4:
    Bite of the Werewolf (SpComp p28), Raptor Cloud (SoS p 126),

    Level 5:
    Bite of the Wereboar (SpComp p28), Xorn Movement (SpComp p244),

    Level 6:
    Bite of the Weretiger (SpComp p28),

    Level 7:
    Bite of the Werebear (SpComp p28),

    Level 8:

    Level 9:

    ENWorld Threads relevant to Martial Arcanists:

    Melee Wizards!

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    half-orc wizard suggestions

    The iconic elven warrior/mage

    Duskblade using Battlecaster Offense


    Mage-Brute build help

    help me build a bard

    Forked Thread: Mage-Brute (revisited)

    Whats a good 3.5E Archer (Level 10+) build?

    Other Online Resources & Threads:


    Abbreviations Key:
    AU/AE = Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved
    DCv1 = Dragon Compendium v. 1
    CompAdv = Complete Adventurer
    CompArc = Complete Arcane
    CompCha = Complete Champion
    CompDiv = Complete Divine
    CompMage = Complete Mage
    CompWar = Complete Warrior
    EbCS = Eberron Campaign Setting
    MH = Miniatures Handbook
    PHB2 = Player's Handbook 2
    RotD = Races of the Dragon
    SoS = Secrets of Sarlona
    SpComp = Spell Compendium
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