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Well, if it's mostly a cleric, I probably wouldn't even have Martial Artistry or Training, maybe just Imp. Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. But I could see giving it Martial Artistry with the powers of a quite low-level monk if you'd prefer, not that there's much difference. Does that work for you?
If it were a normal character I'd agree with you, but all the Seven Swords are weapon masters with multiple special martial abilities - even the one that's a wizard! - although at least in that one's case it could be its weapon.

Anyhow, in this case I'd go for:

Martial Training (Ex): The Paper Warrior was a master martial artist in life, and retains the martial skills it once possessed. The Paper Warrior possesses the base attack bonus of a cleric of a level equal to its Hit Dice, and qualifies for fighter feats as if had fighter levels equal to its BAB. It gains an dodge bonus to AC equal to its Intelligence bonus.

Do you think we should also change "The Shadow Walker was a masterful fighter in life" to "The Shadow Walker was a master martial artist in life" for the sake of consistency?