Adventure: Just Before Nightfall (DM:johnmeier1, Judge:Ozymandias79)
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    Adventure: Just Before Nightfall (DM:johnmeier1, Judge:Ozymandias79)

    An adventure for a level 3 party.

    Help rescue a young girl from her fiendish captor.

    Players: Tonk (KenHood) striker, Murphy Tang (renau1g) striker, Dextyr (DMDanW) leader, Shorrin (OnlytheStrong) defender, Janus (charger) controller
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    The couple leads you out of the Hanged Man Tavern into the street. As you are walking they explain their plight in more detail. As we were saying, our daughter started to act oddly, walking around in a daze and shirking her chores. Our neighbors said they saw her often with a strange young man, who kept away from everyone else, dressed in finery, and was pale as if he had never worked a day in his life. We thought perhaps as a noble he would court her, and we asked her to introduce him to us. She refused and saying we wouldn't understand. She became irrational so we forbade her from seeing him. Last night while we asleep and all the house doors and windows were locked our daughter vanished. We are sure he has taken her but has not gone very far. Our village is near the forest outside the city.

    This is a good time to ask more questions and introduce your character to the rest of the group, though that seemed to happen in the Tavern and some of your characters are already aquainted.

    If you could establish a marching order among the 5 of you, 1st in front, etc, it would help in setting up encounters ahead of time. The first will be a skill challenge when you reach the village though.

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    Shorrin walks beside and slightly in front of the couple that asked for their help. "We will find your daughter, and find whoever has taken her.

    His rust colored golden scales shone as his mind burned with questions. The dragonborn's plate armor nearly matched his scales, indeed it seems as if it were a natural part of his body. Shield and warhammer in hand, Shorrin made for a rather imposing figure although his gentle nature seemed to offset his fierce eyes.

    "When did your neighbors see the young "noble"... and where?"

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    The couple gladly answers Shorrin's questions. One of the reasons we believe she was taken against her will is that she was dressed for bed and nothing was taken from her room save the necklace she wears to sleep. The wife answers his second question. They say he met her at the edge of the forest and they were never seen in town together. What a dark and forboding place that it, with a touch of the Shadow still.

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    Larinza hurries up to the rest of the group, coming up in step with Shorrin and Murphy,

    "Gods just walk out and leave a girl while she's in the privy"

    Larinza looks around to anyone she's not yet met,

    "Hello, I'm Larinza, as someone who has lost her parents I understand the plight your little girl is in and pledge my glaive to help get her back"

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    Looks like we are full now. Congrats party

    Could you specify your spellbook choices for the day? If it is in a ministat block or signature that is okay, but just once for my reference is good too

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    "Oi, sounds like a mystery indeed, Janus you ain't heard o' any fancy magicks that'd be the cause of such an exit do ya?" Murphy asks his arcanist ally.

    When Larinza comes running up "Ah, we'd knew ya'd be catching up, it was just gettin' a bit crowded in there fer our hosts" he replies.

    "By the by, fer those that ain't heard o' me. Name's Murphy Tang, swashbuckler, scout, scallywag, and friend ta those that be needin' my help" the gregarious man says. He wears simple leather armour, carrying a large sword at his hip and wears a dragon's claw necklace around his neck. The man moves with cat-like grace as he steps fall nearly silently even as he walks down the street.

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    Dextyr makes his way from the tavern and catches up to the group in time to hear the question and answer period.

    "Hmm, it is odd that this young "noble" would always meet your, er, what did you say your daughters name was again? Also I didn't catch your names either. Anyway, I find it odd that this nobele would never come into town with your daughter. So was this fellow always alone? Did he come on horseback, or in a fine carraige, or was he just on foot? As well did anyone ever see where they went when they entered the forest?" Dextyr lets his questions stop there, giving them a chance to answer.

    As the human warrior woman approaches and introduces herself, Dextyr smiles at her and completes the introductions.

    "Greetings Larinza, I am Dextyr M'rgan. I breifly saw you in the tavern I belive, but never managed the chance to get more acquantied. And this is my ceremonial brother Tonk", he indicates to the half-orc at his side.

    "We have seen our share of danger recently and I assure you all that we can handle whatever resistance there may be in getting your daughter back from this young fellow", he anounces to the couple as well as their new comrades.

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    "Nice to meet you Dextyr, Tonk, good thing you said ceremonial you seem to not look like brothers I'd say"

    Larinza looks over the parents.

    "So how long had your daughter been meeting this man? Does anyone know him?"

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    The couple listen attentively and take turns answering, thinking hard before answering each question slowly. My name is Charles and this is my wife NeNe. Our daughter's name is Isabelle. We heard that he only ever met her alone, he was never seen with anyone or any transportation. They seem to frown as if never noticing this was odd before. Perhaps that is why he was not seen often or anywhere other than the edge of the forest. Though he must not spend much time outdoors being so notably pale. They never went into the forest, for that is dangerous. He was never known until two weeks ago when they were first seen together. At this their faces turn sad and fearful, their worries brought to the fore. He could be anyone from any land!

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