Tuesday, 22 December, 2009
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    Tuesday, 22 December, 2009

    [imager]http://www.jonnynexus.com/gamenight/pressimages/cover/frontcover-tiny.jpg[/imager]Game Night Chapter 6

    Jonny Nexus has posted the sixth chapter of his hilarious ENnie-nominated novel. At the end of last week's instalment, an encounter with the inhabitants with the Far Lands had - via an unfortunately misidentification of a temple as a tavern - resulted in an unfortunate incident in which a number of people ended up on fire and were, as a result, somewhat upset. Hill escaped. The fate of his companions is yet to be seen.

    New for Subscribers

    It's nearly Christmas, so we have two new downloads for EN World subscribers today!
    • METAMORPHOSIS Book II: The Tides of Chaos The second novel in the METAMORPHOSIS trilogy by Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel. Now a powerful demon in his own right, the former archmage Hazergal Redfist has become immersed in the brutal politics of the Abyss. With each fiendish transformation wrought upon his body, he gains more power, yet loses another vital piece of his humanity. Allied with the rogue devil Gemnez and an infamous abyssal ruler, Hazergal continues to unlock the mystery of his destiny and harness the awesome power slumbering within him. As the threat of a plane-spanning war looms, a specter from Hazergal’s past appears, and he must choose between his thirst for vengeance and the familiar trappings of the life he left behind.
    • COMBAT ADVANTAGE #7: Sidekicks Sidekicks are a special role in that they are minions designed to aid the PCs. Typically beginning as NPC guides, packmules, and sources of comedy relief, a sidekick can become a precious member of the party over time and can learn to take on the rigors of a class to fight side-by-side with the rest of the party... possibly even becoming a player character themselves. This special edition of Combat Advantage provides complete rules for creating sidekicks in your campaign, along with three examples and rules for expanding sidekicks into class-based NPCs. COMBAT ADVANTAGE is a supplement for the 4E D&D kindly donated to EN World by Emerald Press.

    D&D 4th Edition News
    • New Blackdirge Releases Blackdirge Publishing has released the latest two products in their bargain PDFs lines for 4E: Blackdirge’s Bargain Templates: Venomous and Azagar’s Artifacts: Sabre of the Horselords.
    • Alluria Publishing Sale In celebration of the winter holidays, The Compendium of Unsual PC Races (for both 4th edition and Pathfinder) is on sale for only $9.95 (more than 50% off), from now until the new year.
    • Review: Heroic Encounters -Combat Mayhem by Black Death Publishing Despite considerable effort, Heroic Encounters-Combat Mayhem fails to deliver the goods. But there are a couple good tidbits to be found if you’re willing to dig for them.
    Pathfinder News
    • Paladins Prevail Paladins Prevail, volume 2 of the class options line from Gun Metal Games for the Pathfinder RPG is out. This supplement allows a player to customize a paladin based on how he imagines his character's faith manifests as abilities and powers.
    • Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii Eleven new base classes compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
    D&D 3.5/OGL News
    Other News
    • Introducing Yog Radio YogSogoth.com, the site for Call of Cthulhu and Lovecraftian games, has just launched a live streaming audio channel which continuously plays a selection of material from the Yoggie archives as well as third party content and is also host to their live audio broadcasts.
    • The Power Source #11 Podcast "A belated episode of The Power Source is out! After a few days of internet trouble, "#11 The Power Source - This Is My Cave" is skulking about in the darkness ... for your enjoyment!"
    • Finalists announced for King of the Monsters Contest Judging is complete for King of the Monsters! KQ has announced the top 10 and will post them soon for everyone to check out.
    • WotC's Rodney Thompson reviews WFRP3 "I give it a solid B+, and I would play in a campaign of this (and maybe even run one, depending on how easy to run their full-length adventures turn out to be). I think anyone who's a modern RPG designer needs to play this game, familiarize themselves with its strengths and weaknesses, and figure out WHY it does what it does."
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