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    DAMNIT Enworld has eaten 2 posts of mine now....

    Yimayngurr sneaks forward and peers around the corner and suddenly realizes unlike the encounter with the necromancer there is no source of light in this room. He gets the sudden feeling that if there is something in this room the light may have just alerted it to your presence.

    The room is an open space with a large pit in the middled spanned by a aged wooden bridge.

    From behind the wall Yimayngurr crotches behind you hear a low gurgling noise.


    Light area is what is lit by Grigo's Sunrod, shaded is in view of Jade's darkvision, and Black is totally blocked from view.

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    Eithal leans in toward Jade and whispers, "Jadey, honey? Hayow long's thayat breyidge? Ah cayan't see it mah sayelf."
    OK. This is when the balrog, and about a thousand screaming orcs show up behind us. Right?

    "You...shall...not...pass!" -JRRT LOTR TFOTR.

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    Jade peers into the darkness to see what Eithal is talking about. "Thirty feet maybe."Jade moves to the corner to get a better look into the room.

    Stealth roll = 19 (LOL crit stealth check )
    Perception roll = 15

    enworld's been doing funky stuff. Don't know why I got 2 OCC sblock's
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    Grigo moves to D6 to better illuminate the room. From there, he casts Light on the end of the bridge, I-11 (bright light within 4 squares of I-11).

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    OOC: nevermind
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    Limitations of MapTool means I can't have you step just to the edge and see anything without stepping out. This speeds up the action anyways.

    EDIT!!! I missed Grigo's action so everyone just look at Jade's map for now.

    Jade steps to the corner and sees something,


    Before you hanging loosely in the air you see a ball of tenticles and flesh that is arranged without order, it appears to be both there and not there at the same time. As you look around the room you see several more of these 'creatures?' Some have eyes at the end of tentacles or mouths, some have loads of eyes. The one before you has no eyes, but still seems to be looking toward the direction of grigo's light.


    Init peoples...


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    On edge, Psais mutters all but a word of an invocation, ready to be released upon any creature that may attack the deva's allies from the shadows as they itch forward.

    OOC: Readied action: Avenging Light vs. any creature that enters combat with Grigo, Jade or Yimayngurr .
    Initiative: 1d20+0=15
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    Intitative: 5

    for Grigo, who is actually in square D6 right behind Jade

    Watch out, it's a ______________ ! They can __________, so ____________! Arcana 30 (GM fill in appropriate information or advice.) I saw a dead one once; it's even uglier alive. Hurts my brain to look at it.
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    Made your arcana a Dungeoneering, but kept the roll for 25, still get to read all of this.

    Watch out, it's a Fell Taint ! They can drive you mad, and attack pass through them with little harm! I saw a dead one once; it's even uglier alive. Hurts my brain to look at it.

    Dungeoneering DC10

    Fell taints are strange, aberrant predators that kill by inflictng madness, feeding on the thoughts and emotions they steal from their foes.

    The alien fell taints are only partially real . Although some aspect of them exists in the world, the rest is formed by the
    minds of those who view them. Fell taints can live indefinitely without eating. They simply go dormant until a prospective meal comes near.
    Fel l taints come in a variety of types. Lashers must close to attack. Pulsars LURK in the shadows of high places, unleashing a flurry of mind-wrecking light rays from their eyes when prey is near. Thought eaters freeze their victims, consuming them at their

    Fel l taints originate in the alien Far Realm. There they are relatively weak predators, comparable to foxes in the world. They
    slip through weak points in the planar boundaries, seemingly finding them through instinct . When they come to the world or to other planes, they act as beacons for more deadly beings from their dread home. Their presence alone thins the barriers between planes.

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