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    Adv: A Simple Dungeon Crawl (DM: DarwinofMind Judge:renau1g)

    You meet on the docks at a grand 3 masted sailing ship well suited to the rough travel across the shifting seas.

    "Welcome, All aboard. The captain tells me the sails are set and we are ready to set sail as soon as your aboard. There is berthing set aside for you below deck. Hurry up now"

    Quote Originally Posted by Game Rules

    Psias 		Deva Invoker/Shaman 1	Fragsie		
    Yimayngurr	Half-Orc Ranger 1	pacdidj		
    Eithal		Goliath Warden 1	H.M.Gimlord	
    Jade		Duergar Druid 1		elecgraystone	
    Grigo		Gnome Wizard 1		On Puget Sound	
    One who Waits	Deva Shaman 1		Mewness

    Welcome to the game.

    First off, recognizing the impending holidays the game will begin with the ships passage and no combat or skill challenges will occur before Jan. 4th 2010, please feel free to roleplay with each other during this time.

    Please include a statblock in every post during Combat, this is very important to me. I will be tracking status but it's important for you to keep track as well. Neither of us are perfect.

    My status listings will appear as so.

    Round 3
    17: Bob		16/24		Slowed(Save ends)
    14: Monster 1	12 damage	Dazed (till r3i8)
    9:  Sally	21/21
    This way you know that Monster 1 will be dazed till the end of Sally's turn, and allows me to keep detailed track of timekeeping.

    If we are in combat, I ask that you post at least every 48 hours, if you can't post on weekends please post on Friday AND Monday. If you can't post I will take your action for you using your at-will powers.

    Please use Invisible Castle for your rolls, if it is down you may use Diceroom or the CoCo roller. If you get 3 1's in a row I'll allow you to use another roller.

    I think that takes care of all the rules, except the most important, Have fun.
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