4E [Adventure] The Race of the Five Horns (DM: stonegod, Judge: THB) - Page 55
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    OOC: full post later today: did that attack bloody Scar? If there is no reply I'll post as if he isn't and then we can apply CA later

    First attack assumes there is cover (-2 to attack), I forgot about it while writing next attack so if there IS cover, reduce rolls to hit for shared agony by two.

    Crush grabs the edge of the platform and pulls himself up and races toward struggling Rikka.
    Bellegon's voice catches up with him, calculated drow calling on his sense of honor:
    "Hold on for a second, I need you for a moment. It'll help the unit, commander. You'll still get to Rikka in time."

    OOC: sorry, I'm using Crush in little meta-gaming way. This could be pulled on the table between two players, not sure how would we synchronize it in PbP. Hopefuly, pacdidj won't mind.

    Crush pauses, looking back at the drow who shimmers and appears next to him already looking up.
    "Hold on Rikka, we're coming!" he booms out his voice invigorating her to hold on!"

    Bellegon focuses on the mage, his hand on Crush shoulder. From the warforged small mote of gold-brown light travels over Bellegon's shoulders becoming an angry red and then darkening as it travels over his rod. It flies into the mage, making shadows flicker over him for barest of moments. Bellegon then focuses his will toward the mage and there is fierce battle of wills before both break the contact, mage somewhat worse off then the warlock.

    As soon as Bellegon lowers his hand, Crush barrels into House Scion cutting him deeply.


    Move: climb up (4 squares) to B4 and move to C5 (1 square)
    Standard: ready action to charge Orien as soon as Bellegon finishes

    Immediate Reaction: Ally drops to 0 hp: Fearless Rescue
    If Rikka is bloodied on Orien's turn, he'll use Vengeful weapon to gain bonus to hit and damage.

    free: use token to recover Ethereal Stride
    Move: use Ethereal Stride (B5)
    Minor: Curse Scar
    Standard: Your Glorious Sacrifice vs Scar's Fort; damage; Curse (1d20+7+2-2=11, 3d8+5=13, 1d6=2) - I guess miss: 6 damage, no ongoing damage
    Crush takes 4 damage
    -- if this meager damage bloodies Scar, add +2 to hit and +2 to damage to following rolls:
    AP: Shared Agony vs Scar's will; damage; curse (1d20+7=18, 2d12+5=16, 1d6=5)
    assume miss, re-roll: Shared Agony re-roll (1d20+7=24) - assume hit, Bellegon looses 7hp, but regains 6 from Crush.
    TOTAL: 6 necrotic; 16 psychic; 5 curse = 27 damage; if bloodied aura +1

    save (1d20=1) - this is getting weird...

    Crush: Charge Orien (1d20+10+1=25, 1d8+5=13) - end up in E9

    Bellegon Stats

    STATUS: slowed
    CURSED: W1, W2, Scar
    AURA: 2

    Initiative +5; Senses Passive Insight 12, Passive Perception 12, Darkvision
    HP 31/40 Bloodied 20, Surge Value 10, Surges 5/7
    AC 17; Fortitude 14, Reflex 17, Will 18
    0/1 AP
    Saving Throws:
    Speed 6

    Eldritch Strike
    Spiteful Glamor

    Cloud of Darkness
    Second Wind
    Ethereal Stride
    Shared Agony

    Your Glorious Sacrifice

    Talon amulet - minor: melee attacker suffers 1d6 damage 'till the end of the encounter

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    I doubt it; 24 would barely bloody a kobold skirmisher.

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    It's mage we're talking about. He needs to be fairly high level to have any meaningful hit poins (and yes, I know, he's monster controller, but still)

    Actions posted above. It may be little confusing with several conditionals and my forgetfullness, sorry

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    OOC: Neither of your current foes are bloodied. Scar is at -51, Orien at -70.

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    OOC: Rikka & Vok up.

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    Vok calls on his divine aid and finally shakes off the slowing effects of the mage. The half-elf leaps up and hauls the heavy armor up to the second platform with tremendous effort and moves under the middle highest platform.

    "Come down Orien, let's put on a show" he calls out to the scion on the far platform.


    *Any damage that may finish the W1 will be non-lethal
    Minor: Divine Mettle on self - save (1d20+5=14) no longer slowed
    Move: Attempt to jump to second platform - athletics (1d20-2=18) should make it...nice crit
    Move to D7 if possible
    Standard: Divine Challenge Orien

    stat block

    Vok VaerhirmanaŚMale Half-Elf Paladin 4 (Sovereign Host)
    Initiative: +2, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 24*, Fort: 18, Reflex: 16, Will: 19 Ś Speed: 5 (in armor)
    *+1 due to milestone reached
    HP: 34/51, Bloodied: 25, Surge: 12, Surges left: 8/14
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind: Not Used
    *Group Diplomacy: You grant allies within 10 squares of you a +1 racial bonus to Diplomacy checks.
    >Skills: Diplomacy +14, Insight +7, Intimidate +12, Perception +8, Religion +6
    Powers -
    Valourous Strike (at will)
    Enfeebling Strike (at will)
    Divine Challange (at-will)
    Lay on Hands (at-will) (1/day)
    [s]Valorous Smite (encounter 1)
    [s]Invigorating Smite (encounter 3)
    Guiding Strike (encounter)
    Divine Mettle or Strength (encounter)
    Majestic Halo (daily 1)
    Bless Weapon (utility 2/daily)

    LEB:PC:Vok Vaerhirmana (renau1g- ENWiki)

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    With two of her more heavily-armored teammates now focusing their attention on the troublesome Orien, Rikka felt a bit more confidence. Her form blurred again as she shifted back into leopard form. Once again, she lashed out with one paw, cutting open one leg and prompting the scion to stumble a bit...


    >Minor: Wild shape into beast form
    >Standard: Attack Orien with Savage Rend (vs. REF), 1d20+9= 20 (should barely hit- deals 11 damage and attempt to slide sideways off ramp to F11); roll Roll Lookup
    >Move: Shift back to C8

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    Final Stage: Platform Battle! Round 5

    With a mighty leap, Ryk leaps up and pulls himself onto the platform, pulling Spring up a moment after. The lizard lashes out at the scarred mage, distracting him enough for the ranger to cut a small gash down his side. The jovial look becomes a sneer.

    Crush pulls himself up while Bellegon calls upon his arts to appear beside him. The drow pours dark energy and his and his companion's lifeforce into the spell, annoying the caster. The warforged then barrels into the scion with a powerful crunch.

    [Bellegon's first attack misses; second attack misses then hits. Crush hits]

    Vok feels the presence of Dol Arrah's guidance and shakes off the mage's spell, and pulls himself onto the platform. He moves implacably towards the warrior, a threat of holy power on his lips.

    [Your success allows you to jump the 2 squares up. So that's one square to move to C3 on Level 1, 2 squares via your jump & reach to pull up to D4, 2 more to D6. I don't think you can Challenge it (see sblock)]
    Divine Challenge
    While you are within range, you have failed to engage the Scion by the end of your turn (you are not adjacent nor have you attacked). Thus, the Challenge would fail and you couldn't use it next round. This the way I run it RL and seems common from a quick search.
    Rikka flows into her bestial form and rips at the scion. She expects to hit, but the lingering spatial distortion from his teleport causes her to be off just enough for the Orien to escape her claws. She jumps back.

    [The Scion's defenses are improved for the round after teleporting (by +2). Attack misses]

    As Rikka retreats, the Scion focuses on the suddenly appeared warforged. Crush's plating easily absorbs the blow. Yelling in frustration, he steps back into thin air, acrobatically landing on his feet on the lower platform.

    [Orien attacks Crush and misses. Shifts back one square; makes Acrobatics check to land on feet. Now on lower platform]

    The mage slashes the air with his implement, and appears on the other platform. He then jabs it at Ryk, flinging him like a puppeteer. The halfling attempts to dodge aside, but fails, and is thrown off the platform. The nimble ranger manages to avoid the worst of the fall, but blood seeps from his reopened wounds.

    [Mage teleports then uses teleporting power on Ryk: Hits. Second Chance reroll also hits; 16 hp, bloodied, and teleported off platform. Save fails and Ryk is flung into space. No damage from fall, but prone.]

    The crowd roars at the teleporting & acrobatics!

    Final Stage: Platform Battle! Round 6

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    There are three levels above the ground. Each platform is actually made of a see-through substance, so you have line of sight (but not line of effect) through them. Every level is 10' above the next (and Level 1 is 10' above the ground). There are no railings anywhere. On the map, a red border indicates a platform above you; a blue border represents a platform below.

    There are two ramps (the darker stone) going from Level 1 to 2; the triangle marks the entrance on either level. Going up the ramp is considered difficult terrain.

    There are ropes hanging from each corner of the platforms on Level 3 and from Level 1 towards the ground. They are 5' long.
    Combat Rules
    Actions will be handled in posting order; I will bot folks that don't post within a day using at-wills only. I will post info about the monsters as discovered. Other important rules are summarized below.
    Important Rules
    Hop Down: Acrobatics DC 15 not to fall, landing on feet w/ no damage.

    Reduce Falling Damage: Trained Acrobatics; reduce damage by 1/2 check.

    Vertical Reach: Listed below (estimated for Crush):
    • Vok 9'2" (1.833 squares)
    • Bellegon 8'7" (1.722 sqs)
    • Crush 10'5" (2.08 sqs)
    • Rikka 5'5" 9'0" (1.81 sqs)
    • Ryk 7'6" (1.5 sqs)

    Long Jump:
    DC 5/10 to jump 1 square (running/not running), 10/20 to jump 2 squares.

    High Jump: Going from Level 1 to 2 or Level 3 to center platform requires Athletics DC as follows:
    • Vok DC 5 running, 10 standing
    • Bellegon DC 7 running, 14 standing
    • Crush DC 0 (always reaches)
    • Rikka DC 5 running, 10 standing
    • Ryk DC 13 running, 25 standing

    To grab the rope dangling from the center platform on Level 3 does not require a jump. To grab the ones from the other two pillars requires the same difficulties as for jumping above, except Crush needs an Athletics DC 5 standing/10 running to jump the 1 square horizontally.

    Climbing: It is a DC 10 Athletics check to climb the ropes; you fall if you roll 5 or lower. Remember, its double movement to climb.

    Falling: 1d10 damage per level fell.
    Combat Details

    Or: -70, F18, R19, Cutting Space used, has teleporting movement, AP used, Defenses improved after teleport
    Sc: -51, AC 19, W18, Temporal Disruption used, has ranged teleport attack, AP used, Cursed, Quarry
    W1: -3/62, AC 21, F 18, Maneuvering Strike used, Cursed, vulnerable 3 radiant TSNT Vok, bloodied, down
    W2: 3/62hp, AC 21, F 18, Maneuvering Strike used, Cursed, Divine Sanction, bloodied, yielded


    Rikka 23: 26/40, 8/8 HS, Fleet Pursuit, Hunter's Quarry, Thorn Spray, Savage Frenzy used, AP used, 1/2 AP
    Ryk 20: 16/38, 2/6 HS, 0/2 AP, Paired Predators, Partnered Savaging, & Synchronized Strike used, prone, bloodied
    Spring 20: 46/46, 0/2 HS
    Bellegon 10: 31/40, 5/7 HS, Cloud of Darkness, Your Glorious Sacrifice, Ethereal Strike, & Shared Agony used, slowed (se), 1 DS, AP used, token used
    Crush 6: 25/41, 8/8 HS, 1 IW
    Vok 3: 34/51, 8/14 HS, Majestic Halo, Divine Mettle, and Bless Weapon used, Halo active, 0/2 AP, slowed (se), AP used
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    Acrobatics: "If you reduce the falling damage to 0, you land standing." Or is the prone a part of the attack power the wizard used?

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    OOC: That was removed I the errata as far as I know. Hop down allows you to land, but can only be done on your turn.

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