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    Adventure: Long Arm Of Lauto, Obolus. (DM: CaBaNa, Judge: by covaithe

    Where this all began...

    Back at the Temple of Lauto.


    Rocco Shadowlost dwarven fighter played by Neurotic

    Cyr Iannes deva invoker played by Metavoid

    Alissa played by Wynter

    Kryath dragonborn sorcerer played by thaco

    Aurak dragonborn paladin played by CMoss

    Silphyus deva warlock played by THushman

    Ibram Gaunt half-elf bard played by modest


    This is an adventure call for up to six level 1-3 characters, it is designed to be hard difficulty for six 1st level characters.

    This is my first PbP DM experience, though I've DM'd many times before.

    I'd like for everyone to post once per day, but I understand that RL sometimes gets in the way of that. I'll normally PM before NPCing any PC. If there is no reply to the PM for 24 hours I'll NPC the character. (Using only at-wills, or assisting if a skill challenge.)

    This will be a short to mid-length adventure.

    Init will be rolled by me to speed up the process. Monsters will get one init roll, and any PC that beats it will go before them in the first round. After the first round, init will be monsters then PC's. The PC's turn will go in the order of posting. (If you want to delay until after X you MUST indicate OOC that you are delaying until after X.)

    Effects that last TENT will be interpreted loosely.

    Speaking of which, I'm loose on rules. Fun is most important, so if you aren't having fun for any reason please PM me ASAP. I'll do my best to accommodate in any reasonable way possible!

    Looking forward to adventure!

    After responding to the notice on the door, each member of the party made their way into the waiting room. A long way down the hall, and in a rather echo-friendly room, they waited until an aristocratic and pompous fop of a Halfling addressed them.

    Inside the waiting room, the party gives their name and skills to the rude halfling, then enter High Priest Belingras' office.
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