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    Adventure: Food of the Gods (DM: ryryguy, Judge: renau1g)

    Food of the Gods

    On the southwestern edge of Daunton's Inner Harbor, almost directly across the water from the Commons, squats an aged brownstone building. It shares a square with several taller, younger, and more gaudy arrivals, the likes of which have sprung up in recent years across the Inner Harbor like mushrooms, status symbols for the city's ascendant merchant princes.

    In comparison, the brownstone looks a little dowdy. But it is classy, clean and obviously well cared for. The front door features a wooden sign over a polished brass knob. The sign reads simply, "Silverships Transit".

    More impressive is the sailing vessel moored at the small wharf on the water-side of the building. A thirty-footer with lean, graceful lines, built from dark, polished wood, the sloop's sails are furled, but both the mast and the rolled sailcloth are bright silver, gleaming in the afternoon sunlight. The sloop's name is painted on the bow in green letters: "Wisp"

    Vital Statistics

    Post is current as of 06/8/10

    Major Quests: Fulfill Hedra's Order for Zocalti Beans On Time (In progress, 500 XP)
    Minor Quests:
    • Save Krassus! Completed, 120 XP
    • Tickle the Lich's Withered Tastebuds In progress, 150 XP
    • Steal Zocalti from the Lich's Storeroom In progress, 150 XP

    XP Awarded (as of 6/8/10):
    Minor Quest: 20 XP
    Encounters 1-3 335.5 XP
    Encounter 4 201.5 XP

    Total per PC (doubled) = 1114 XP

    Treasure Awarded (as of 6/8/10):
    Frost Greatsword +1 (Azryah)
    Vanguard Maul +1 (Chaku)
    Healing Potion (Kaeysari)
    Healing Potion (?)
    Maw of the Guardian Warhammer +1 (Papolstaanas)
    Fortification Scale Armor (Kaeysari)

    (note, not listing monetary treasure now because it doesn't divide easily... I'll add it later.)

    Date Started: 1/20/2009
    Days Played:
    Judge: renau1g


    Notes for Players
    Welcome to Food of the Gods!

    Like in all good D&D games, the number one rule is to have fun. If there's ever anything that's getting in the way of your fun, please don't hesitate to send me a message about it. Any suggestions for improvements are also welcome. I'm a pretty experienced DM, but this is my first time doing it through play-by-post, so I expect there will be plenty for me to learn!
    Posting Guidelines
    I will try to post at least once a day, and ask that players try to post that often as well. If we're waiting for one player to post, I will wait at least 48 hours before NPCing the character's action for the round. Please post in thread or send me a private message if you know you'll be unable to post for an extended period of time.

    Other than that, just the standard stuff:

    Use an online die roller such as Invisible Castle.

    Pick a color to use for your character's dialogue.

    Use "ooc" sblocks to hide out of character disquisitions. I like to use dark slate gray text for short, one or two sentence OOC comments; you are welcome to do so as well.

    Mini stat blocks at the bottom of posts containing combat moves really help.

    I'm planning to use the "Malenkirk Rules" for running combats. You can follow the link to read the full scoop, but here are the basics (taken from Mal's post):

    1 - I roll all initiatives. Waiting two days before everyone has had the chance to roll theirs is a waste of time.

    2 - I roll a single initiative for my bad guys and play them all in the same turn. It loses some of the tabletop experience but it plays a lot faster than individual initiative.

    3 - If you haven't posted your PC's action in two days, I usually run your PC at some point late in the third day of inactivity. Warn me in advance if you don't believe you can post for more than two days.

    4 - I don't care in what initiative order you post; your action takes place at exactly the moment you post and as long as you only act once per round, it's all good. (If you want your action to take place after another player who has not yet posted, either wait for them to post or indicate that you're delaying in your post.)
    I am not 100% locked in to using this style. It really, really helps keep things moving, but does have some disadvantages, too. If you're dead set against it, or have any concerns, please let me know.

    Skill Use
    While roleplaying, you can generally roll a skill check whenever you think it's appropriate.

    I will also post blocks with a skill and target DC, and indicate whether that DC is for active or passive use of the skill. If it's a passive target on a knowledge skill, usually that means that you either succeed or fail, and can't make an active check. If you can make an active check, I'll indicate that.

    Finally, I will nest skill check blocks inside each other. What this means is that the inner skill blocks are "gated" by the outer ones. If you don't succeed at whatever check you need for the outer block, you can't make the check for the inner ones. But if the inner block says "same check", don't make a separate check, use the same check you used for the outer one.

    This is a bit of an experiment. The idea is to simulate general knowledge, which anyone with a certain level of skill would know, then more specific tidbits of information that different individuals might or might not know - but if they didn't know the common knowledge, they wouldn't know the specific knowledge either.

    Here's an example:

    History DC 10 (passive)
    Warforged in Daunton are created in the Last Forge at the Great Library.

    History DC 15 (passive)
    A warforged named Tender guards and maintains the Last Forge.

    History DC 15 (active)
    Tender is said to have only left the Last Forge once, to come to the aid of Arek Steelsheath when she needed repair.
    History DC 20 (same check)
    That story is wrong; Tender actually sent his apprentice to repair Arek. Tender has never left the forge.

    History DC 25 (active)
    Tender is fond of a particular grade of oil made from pressed green olives.

    Ok, so the example is pretty complex; I probably won't use a real one anywhere near that crazy. But here's how it breaks down.

    History +0 (passive 10): You know the stuff in the first block about the forge.
    History +5 (passive 15): You also know the stuff in the second block about tender, and can make two active history checks.
    First active check: if you get 15 or better, you know the story about Tender repairing Arek. If you get 20 or better, you know the story is false.
    Second active check: if you get 25 or better, you know about Tender's favorite oil.

    It's the honor system for not reading inside blocks you don't qualify for. Actually, I don't really mind if you do read inside the blocks, as long as you keep your player and in-character knowledge separate. It's up to you.

    Last edited by ryryguy; Wednesday, 9th June, 2010 at 07:14 AM.

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