Pathfinder News
  • Pathfinder patronage project Come into the deep dark forest and learn what secrets it holds-- Join the next patron project for the Pathfinder system, Tales of the Old Margreve!
  • Ask the KoboldSkip Williams returns for Ask The Kobold: Pathfinder style... Today? Conjurations and Entanglements.
  • War Master The War Master is a new base class, designed for use with the Pathfinder RPG. It is a class designed to lead others in battle, using (mostly) nonmagical talents to grant combat benefits to friends and followers, place enemies at disadvantages, and use the many arts of war in all aspects of his life. A war master is designed to allow both experienced tacticians and players with no sense of strategy to play a cunning commander able to turn the tide of battle with a quick command, clever stratagem, and strong sword-arm used in just the right way at just the right time.
  • Evocative City Sites: Lorn's Entrepot (Abandoned Warehouse) Rite Publishing has released the fourth part of its modular city setting pieces this time its an abandoned warehouse where you can host an urban battle without the fear of the city guard being called in, where independent theif crews store stolen goods or where you could meet up with that quirky informant. Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Just a reminder the first part of the series Evocative City Sites: The Rogues Gallery Tavern is available to EN World subscribers.
  • 5 new magical weapon properties Rite Publishing Presents 5 magical weapon properties, that come straight out of development on a new product 101 Magical Weapon Properies for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Other News
  • Dragoons20 RPG‏ "The Cartoon Steampunk Fantasy World of Scallywags and Scoundrels". Designed, developed and illustrated by Randy Angle and available as a free downloadable PDF.
  • Dungeons & Dragons on Trial: Meyer v. Branker‏ The RPG Examiner reviews one of the cases cited in the recent "D&D Prison Case," in which a defendant obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons "caused him to retreat into a fantasy world of ninja warriors."
  • Interview with Steve D. Russell‏ An open interview with the author of Restless Souls where you can add your questions, while he covers topics such as inspiration, how the product affects ressurection in existing games and where the desire came to write about characters returning from the dead.
  • [ame=""]THE DUNGEON MASTERS now at Amazon[/ame] Keven McAlester’s RPG documentary, THE DUNGEON MASTERS, is available at Amazon. Page only allows US visitors to view it.
  • Cranking up your campaign with the Beijing Cocktail‏ The RPG Examiner takes the MacGuffin from Crank and applies it to RPGs with results that are guaranteed to make a campaign extremely offensive, really violent, and depending on your perspective, a lot of fun.
  • PreRelease Review of Kingdom Builder‏ Chaotic Shiny Productions, famed for its web-based random generators for Fantasy and Science Fiction Games, is releasing a new software bundle. You can check out a pre-release of the Kingdom Builder Generator Pack, which will go on sale later this week!