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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    Well I'm here, is the site running like garbage for others, or just me? It's making it a PITA to try and get caught up...
    I don't know what the heck I'm on, but it's running fine
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    It's 100x better this morning.

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    The final Warlock "errata" are up. They will put into the official errata in August. Should this now be considered officially official (so I can update Incarnation before the leaves port)?
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    Incarnation is in my adventure, so you have my blessing to make the changes now.
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    If any of the judges has some spare timeDraglin my character is almost done with the adventure he is in and needs 2 approvals (1 judge and 1 anyone) before he can get xp, if I am remembering the charter correctly (since this is technically his first level as he was created from a retired character.)

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    Auntie Mab is in the same adventure and also needs 2 approvals before receiving the final XP awards.
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    Jonathan is all set and Mab just needs a judge approval
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    Thanks Luinnar! I'll put in a non-judge review of Draglin later today (perhaps late in the evening)

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    Anyone mind looking over Sir Exsixten and Dante? Both are getting Xp awards and need approvals first. Thanks in advance!

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