Adventure: The Lost Workshop (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)
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    Adventure: The Lost Workshop (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)

    The Lost Workshop

    RAM TIGER, Gnoll Fighter 1 (Sanzuo)
    Frost, Shifter Fighter 2 (RickRoll)
    Seros, Deva Artificer 2 (Farce)
    Kasha, Half-orc Rogue 1 (Antithetist)
    Shrakk, Githzerai Avenger 1 (Otakkun)

    Character Sheets
    The wiki is down, as of this posting. Do all of you have access to your character's sheets on Character Builder or some other way? If so, we'll just work off of those and your mini-stat blocks until the wiki comes back up. No need to send me a copy, I'll assume that you are honest.

    Wish Lists
    To make things easy, it would be useful to me if you gave me your top 2-3 picks for items, that those items be of different levels, and that you prioritize your items via !!!, !!, !. As a level 1 adventure, the magic items will be in a range of level 2 to level 5.

    For example: !!! Axe of Awesomeness +1(Level 2), ! Shield of Superness (Level 3), !! Necklace of Nudity +1 (Level 5). That would mean you mostly want the Axe, then the Necklace, then the Shield. That'd help me greatly in sorting out loot.


    After making your way through the sometimes-dangerous, often-rowdy night-time streets of Daunton, you reach the Eastside Docks.

    There are dozens of ships here and it takes you several minutes to find the small quay at the edge of the harbor where the Nexal sits at anchor.

    The ship is not very large, probably big enough for a dozen - any more would be pretty tight. It is made of some dark wood, against which the words NEXAL traced on the bow in large silver paint stand out strongly.

    Half-a-dozen figures in dark clothing move about the unlit ship, seemingly making ready to sail. None of them seem to have noticed the group arriving at the end of the dock.
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