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    Block Antithetist

    With an indignant yelp at the acidic vapours, Kasha sprints down the dock and leaps ashore. She nimbly palms a dagger from her bootsheathe with an acrobatic flourish as she jumps, and flings it backhandedly at the nearest active construct.

    Actions and Rolls
    Acid Damage 1d6=1

    I made an Athletics check, thinking Kasha would be swimming for it, but then I saw your last post, Iron Sky, and realised that the dock would be a clear path now. So, disregard that roll.

    Move Action: Move 5 squares to k-7

    Minor Action: Draw a dagger in offhand

    Standard Action: Chuck dagger with Sly Flourish at the construct in m-8, or m-9 if Seros takes that one out.
    Attack: 1d20+8=17 vs AC
    Damage on hit: 1d4+6=7

    Kasha Quick Stats

    Kasha Female Half-Orc Rogue 1
    Medium natural humanoid
    Initiative +4; Senses Passive Insight 9, Passive Perception 9, Low-light vision

    HP 21/22 Bloodied 11, Surge Value 5, Surges 6/6
    AC 16; Fortitude 13, Reflex 16, Will 12
    Saving Throws +0
    Speed 6

    Action Points: 1

    Encounter Powers: Half-orc Resilience (5 temp hp, automatically triggered when bloodied for the first time in an encounter)
    Torturous Strike
    Furious Assault
    Second Wind

    Daily Powers: Handspring Assault

    Daily Item Powers: (1/milestone)


    14 gp

    Just a reminder that I'm off on holiday tomorrow, and in the event that I don't manage to make it online from Bulgaria then please do NPC Kasha where necessary to avoid holding anything up. Back on the 2nd of May.

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    I'll give Otakkun until tomorrow afternoon, maybe he can slip away and run Shrakk's turn. That'll also give Farce time to pick which construct he's disabling since L5 was taken out. (I'll assume M7 if I don't hear from you Farce).

    Oh, as a side note, don't forget the Mechanical Benefits you got from the two days of smooth sailing:
    RAM TIGER: 10 temp hp that last until the end of this fight (or until taken off, obviously)
    Seros: +1 to attack and damage vs constructs, ability to command ship's crew
    Shrakk: +1 to initiative and the first attack and damage roll of each combat
    Kasha: +1 to all skill checks aboard the Nexal, +1 to saving throws and damage rolls while adjacent to an ally, +1 to skill checks if an ally makes the same check during a round.
    Frost: +1 to skill checks while aboard the Nexal, your healing potion (and that note).

    All: +1 to skill checks related to sailing the Nexal.
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    Iron Sky

    Sure, go for M7 instead... too bad I wasted a crit on a minion

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    Block Otakkun

    OOC, GM
    "With your passive perception, you see two more of them with a strange green flicker about them concealed nearby. One is around the shack at the end of the docks, the other is inside the wreck to the north of it. "
    Where are they on the map? I'll try and aim for one of them since I've got so many bonuses for this first round

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otakkun View Post
    OOC, GM

    Where are they on the map? I'll try and aim for one of them since I've got so many bonuses for this first round
    Check the Perception 17 sblock, it has the locations. The one in the shack has total cover (-5 to attack him) and the other that RAM TIGER has grabbed has concealment (-2 to attack him) and RAM TIGER has shifted him to G4.
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    Otakkun, please post what Shrakk is doing by tomorrow, or I'll pick a target for him so we can keep this rolling. If I do, I'll have him go for a non-minion since you're at +2 to hit and +5 to damage right now I believe, but still, I'd rather let you do it
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    Shrakk rushes into the acid mist after RAM TIGER, drawing his Fullblade. A second later, there's a loud metal clang and a metal arm comes flying out of the cloud.

    Start of turn, take 1d6 = 5 acid damage from the Acid Cloud.

    Move: Move to H3.
    Minor: Oath of Emnity on Green Crystal Construct.
    Standard: Overwhelming Strike on the Green Crystal Construct: 1d20+9 x 2 = 17 - 2 for concealment = 15, hit for 1d12+11 damage = 13 damage.

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    Frost growls in pain as the acidic cloud causes a minor burn on the shifter. He draws his spiked chain and leaps into the air, off the pier and into the water with a loud splash, moving around the constructs flank. With a heavy effort, the warrior swings the weapon at his elevated foe and the chain slams into the creature, sending pieces of the flimsy construct flying in all directions.

    RAM TIGER rushes farther into the caustic cloud. The sound of snarling, thrashing and squealing metal is heard.

    Seros' skin burns as the acid eats at him, but the deva doesn't let it bother him, he's endured worse. Seros spins around in an arc and hurls his chain at the closest target and it slams into the construct with tremendous force, denting the thing's chest and disabling it. Just as quickly, the chain reappears in the deva's waiting hands, he quickly drops down to the water, following Frost off the pier, but his athletic ability is nowhere near the shifters.

    With an indignant yelp at the acidic vapours, Kasha sprints down the dock and leaps ashore. She nimbly palms a dagger from her bootsheathe with an acrobatic flourish as she jumps, and flings it backhandedly at the nearest active construct, burying it in the constructs head and dropping it.

    Shrakk rushes into the acid mist after RAM TIGER, drawing his Fullblade. A second later, there's a loud metal clang and a metal arm comes flying out of the cloud.


    The sea breeze dissipates the acid cloud on the ship, leaving the planks, railings, and sails pitted and scored where the acid droplets burned into it.

    The Gem on the cliff flares, one weaker lightning bolt arcing through the constructs and leaving a nimbus of protective electrical energy on them, two stronger bolts lancing out, one blasting a dock post apart near Kasha, the other hitting Frost and leaving a faint glow around him that seems to draw the enemy.

    The three remaining rusted constructs split up, one rushing Kasha and raking her with its rusted fingers, the other two charging Frost and slamming into him, staggering the shifter.

    RAM TIGER hurls the one-armed Green Crystal Construct into the water. It disappears beneath the surface of the shallow waves.

    Another one comes rushing out of the shack and sprints down the dock, the green gem on its back flaring brighter as it approaches the Nexal. As it gets half-way down the dock, a familiar swirling cloud of acid mist bursts from it. The Construct vanishes, reappearing a second later as it tears into Seros with sharp, acid-coated claws.

    Two more constructs appear, these ones glowing red and wreathed in swirling flame. One runs down the cliff path, the other runs north up the beach, closing on the Nexal.

    Notes on the Map
    I accidentally shifted the map in Masterplan for the last update, messing up the coordinates a bit. Sorry for any confusion.

    Enemy Actions
    The Gem grants a small number of temporary hp to all the constructs, then attacks. Its lightning attacks get 11 Reflex vs Kasha, miss, 23 Reflex vs Frost, hit, for 4 Lightning damage and all constructs have +2 to hit Frost(save ends).

    Rusted Construct 4 charges Kasha, getting 16 AC, hit, for 4 damage and Kasha is marked by it.

    Rusted Construct 5 charges Frost, getting 19 AC, hit for 4 damage.

    Rusted Construct 6 charges Frost, getting 22 AC, hit for 4 damage and Frost is marked by it.

    Green Crystal Construct 1 drops into the water and vanishes.

    Green Crystal Construct 2 moves to M5, unleashes an Acid Cloud, shifts to M3 and attacks Seros, hitting AC 28 for 1d6+3 = 4 + 1d6 acid = 4 damage + 3 acid damage.

    Red Crystal Construct 1 double moves to T9.

    Red Crystal Construct 2 double moves to O15.

    Green Acid Cloud
    Creatures that move into or start their turns inside the cloud take 1d6 Acid damage. The area is light obscurement; it grants concealment to creatures inside it or attacked through it.

    Seros: M2, 8 damage taken
    Kasha: L7, 5 damage taken, marked by Rusted Construct 4
    Frost: O4, 16 damage taken, constructs get +2 to hit vs(save ends), marked by Rusted Construct 6
    RAM TIGER: H3, 9 THP
    Shrakk: I3, 5 damage taken

    Rusted Construct 1: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 2: -Disabled-
    Rusted Construct 3: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 4: M8, minion, AC 17, +2 defenses vs Kasha
    Rusted Construct 5: O5, minion, AC 17
    Rusted Construct 6: P5, minion, AC 17, +2 defenses vs Frost
    Rusted Construct OAs: OA: +6 vs AC, 4 damage and marked
    Gem Beacon: A-24
    Green Crystal Construct 1: ?, 22 damage taken, bloodied, AC 15, marked by RAM TIGER
    Green Crystal Construct 2: M3, AC 15
    Green Crystal Construct OAs: +6 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage (+1d6 acid if it has CA)
    Red Crystal Construct 1: T9
    Red Crystal Construct 2: O15

    Water: All water within 3 squares of the shore or pooled on land is difficult terrain. Otherwise, it's deep enough that DC 10 Athletics (swim) checks are required.

    Wrecks: The broken ships are difficult terrain that provide cover if you are in them, total cover if you are behind them.

    Large Rock to the South: The rocky area to the south is 5' above the beach where it meets the water. It requires a DC 18 Athletics (climb) check to climb onto it from the North or West sides, but from the East the beach is high enough that you can just walk onto it.

    Cliffs: The cliffs are steep and still slick from the storm. Climbing them requires a DC 22 Athletics (climb) check. The gem is set 40' up the cliff.

    Cliff Paths: The paths up the cliffs cost an extra square of movement to go up (away from the beach) but normal to go down. Anything on the paths has cover from the cliffs against anything below.

    Dock: The dock is 5' above the water. Moving off of it takes no additional movement, but getting back onto it is a DC 15 Athletics (climb) check.

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    Block Sanzuo

    RAM TIGER growls at the place where the strange metal thing went over, but it's wet down there, so he goes after the other one that looks just like it.

    He runs around the boat, bounds onto the dock into the stinging green cloud and pounces on the thing, locking his jaws around its "neck" and shaking savagely.

    Move: To L3 around the boat and dock
    Damage: Takes 1 damage from the acid cloud
    Standard: Grappling Strike on Green Crystal Construct 2; 1d20+7= 21 AC; 1d6+4= 7 damage; the target is grabbed until escape or until the end of RAM TIGER's next turn. The Target is marked.

    RAM TIGER, Male Gnoll Fighter 1

    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 10

    AC: 18, Fort:18, Reflex:14, Will:10 -- Speed:7

    HP:27/27 (8 temp hp), Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:10/10

    Initiative +4, Action Points: 1

    Powers: Grappling Strike, Threatening Rush, Combat Agility, Combat Challenge, Ferocious Charge, Bash and Pinion, Second Wind, Flanking Assault

    Opportunity Attack: +7 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage.


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    Seros changes the grip on his chain, shortening the length of it by wrapping it around his hands and smashes the weapon into the construct in front of him, just as RAM TIGER grabs the creature by the neck.


    acid (1d6=5)

    Standard: MBA against M3 - vs ac; dmg (1d20+11=25, 2d4+6=11) - hits AC 25 (before concealment) for 11 damage

    Move: n/a

    +1 to attack and damage rolls against constructs for the rest of the adventure.

    Seros Male Deva Artificer 2 Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:17, Fort:14, Reflex:15, Will:16
    HP:18/31, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Magic Weapon
    Static Shock
    Memory of 1000 Lifetimes
    Healing Infusion (x2)
    Scouring Weapon
    Swift Mender
    Punishing Eye


    Full sheet: L4W:PC:Seros (Farce) - L4W Wiki
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