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    Don't forget that Seros is still in the Acid Cloud (lasts until next round) so he took 1d6 acid damage at the start of his turn.

    Remember that the construct that was in M3 created a close-burst 3 zone when it died (and Frost would take 1d6 damage for moving into it on his way to N6. Want to move elsewhere instead?

    Also, I'll give you a +5 on the save for the water-drop, so Frost is extinguished.

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    Block Sanzuo

    RAM TIGER lurches to his feet and stumbles out of the acid cloud into the water.


    Damage: 1d6 = 2
    Move: Stand
    Move: To P4

    RAM TIGER, Male Gnoll Fighter 1

    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 10

    AC: 18, Fort:18, Reflex:14, Will:10 -- Speed:7

    HP:4/27, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:10/10

    Initiative +4, Action Points: 1

    Powers: Grappling Strike, Threatening Rush, Combat Agility, Combat Challenge, Ferocious Charge, Bash and Pinion, Second Wind, Flanking Assault

    Opportunity Attack: +7 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage.

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    As he notices RAM TIGER's (apparent) demise, Shrakk's demeanor changes instantly, as cold rage fills his body.

    With cold precision, Shrakk inflicts a brutal blow on the warforged next to him, completely separating his head from his torso. Oblivious to his own wounds, he moves towards the construct attacking Kasha, and with a supreme effort, unleashes a flurry of blows into the fiery construct, blowing it to pieces as well.

    When the green crystal construct is destroyed, the gem in its back explodes in a swirl of acidic mist.

    As Shrakk destroys the red one, its gem explodes in a detonation of fire, dropping the heroic avenger as Kasha dives out of the way.

    Kasha staggers under the construct's blows, but keeps her head, slipping out of its reach as Shrakk closes in and then dashing onward to deliver a devastating blow to the rear of Frost's unsuspecting foe.

    Her hit connects with the gem on the construct's back and it explodes. Kasha leaps out of the way, but Frost is engulfed in flames.

    Frost is nearly dropped from the exploding construct and as his fur burns the shifter drops into the water to try and get it out. He then stands up and runs forward trying to move closer to the gem.

    Seros calmly moves over to the fallen gnoll and grabs a few pieces of the still hot metal, applying it to his fur. The smell of burnt flesh fills the air, but RAM TIGER's breathing is more smooth after the action.

    RAM TIGER lurches to his feet and stumbles out of the acid cloud into the water. YIPE YIPE YIPE YIPE


    The gem beacon still dances with green lightning, but no more bolts emanate from it...

    Seros' acid cloud damage
    1d6 = 1

    I moved Frost to Q6 instead to keep him from entering the acid cloud that was there.

    Enemy Actions
    The Gem does nothing.

    Green Crystal Construct 2 released an acid cloud when it died that quickly dissipated.

    Red Crystal Construct 1 exploded.

    Red Crystal Construct 2 exploded.

    Seros: M3, 13 damage taken
    Kasha: Q4, 21 damage taken, bloodied
    Frost: Q6, 28 damage taken, bloodied, +2 damage, regen 2 while bloodied
    RAM TIGER: P4, 23 damage taken, bloodied
    Shrakk: O9, 34 damage taken, bloodied, prone, unconscious, dying, ongoing 5 fire damage(save ends)

    Rusted Construct 1: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 2: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 3: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 4: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 5: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct 6: -Destroyed-
    Rusted Construct OAs: OA: +6 vs AC, 4 damage and marked
    Gem Beacon: A24
    Green Crystal Construct 1: -Destroyed-
    Green Crystal Construct 2: -Destroyed-
    Green Crystal Construct OAs: +6 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage (+1d6 acid if it has CA)
    Red Crystal Construct 1: -Destroyed-
    Red Crystal Construct 2: -Destroyed-
    Red Crystal Construct OAs: +6 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage

    Water: All water within 3 squares of the shore or pooled on land is difficult terrain. Otherwise, it's deep enough that DC 10 Athletics (swim) checks are required.

    Wrecks: The broken ships are difficult terrain that provide cover if you are in them, total cover if you are behind them.

    Large Rock to the South: The rocky area to the south is 5' above the beach where it meets the water. It requires a DC 18 Athletics (climb) check to climb onto it from the North or West sides, but from the East the beach is high enough that you can just walk onto it.

    Cliffs: The cliffs are steep and still slick from the storm. Climbing them requires a DC 22 Athletics (climb) check. The gem is set 40' up the cliff.

    Cliff Paths: The paths up the cliffs cost an extra square of movement to go up (away from the beach) but normal to go down. Anything on the paths has cover from the cliffs against anything below.

    Dock: The dock is 5' above the water. Moving off of it takes no additional movement, but getting back onto it is a DC 15 Athletics (climb) check.

    The gem isn't attacking any more (for some reason...) but Shrakk is still on fire and dying, so we'll keep going with combat rounds until Shrakk is stable and not at risk of immanent death.

    Remember, DC 15 Heal checks let an ally make a saving throw and a DC 10 Heal check lets them trigger their Second Wind(Shrakk hasn't used his yet).

    Health Bars
    I turned on health bars in Masterplan for this last one. I think I'll keep them on in future combats so everyone can get a bit more info from looking at the map, unless you guys really don't want me to.


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    It's been 48 hours and no posts. Just so everyone knows, combat is over as soon as Shrakk is no longer dying (or he dies I guess), unless the Gem starts up again...

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    Block Antithetist

    Bloody and beaten but still standing, Kasha makes her way over to the smouldering figure of Shrakk, who is not so fortunate - though at least he's still breathing. She looks down at him with consternation, trying to recall the first thing she might have ever heard about tending the wounded. The effort is futile, but with a shrug she bends down anyway and slaps Shrakk's cheek lightly with her palm a couple of times. "Hey! No time for lying around, we've got a job to do. Get up!"

    To her surprise, he stirs. With a beaming smile she offers him a hand to help him to his feet. The smile slips a bit when she realises that much of his clothing is still on fire. "Uh... oh. Go, get in the water!"

    Heal 1d20-1=13

    Success vs. DC10 to grant Shrakk his Second Wind.

    Apologies for the slack posting, I was kind of expecting that someone with more than a -1 heal check would step up and do something.
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    Block Otakkun

    OOC: That's life for you

    Slowly coming back to his senses, Shrakk gives his thanks to Kasha before taking a deep breath. "That hurt" he states and then looks at the rest of the party.

    "We should move out of here and find a suitable place to rest. We're far too wounded by this fight to continue as it is. Anyone proficient in scouting?"
    Shrakk's Stat Block
    Combat Stats
    Shrakk, Githzerai Pursuit Avenger 1
    HP 7/29, Initiative +6
    AC 17, Fort 13, Reflex 15, Will 15
    Surge Value: 7 Surges per Day: 8/9AP 0
    Angelic Alacrity [X]
    Iron Mind [ ]
    Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance [ ]
    Channel Divinity: Abjure Undead [ ]
    Aspect of Might [ ]
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    The beach is silent except for the surge of the waves, the faint crackle of the gem beacon, and the cry of sea birds. The Nexal and the dock are pitted from the acid, the dock and beach are scorched from the heat of the blazing constructs, and the shack is moldering from multiple lightning strikes. The constructs lie broken, scattered, and twisted, many of their remains etched by the acidic mist or still glowing red-hot. The party stands, singed, blackened, skin red, blistered, and stinging from acid, lightning, and fire, but victorious.

    Up on the cliff, the gem beacon still crackles with green lightning and now and then, a bolt crackles from the sky... or is it from the gem to the sky? It still looks dangerous, but seems to have become dormant, for now...

    Combat over
    I'll assume that everyone else spends the next round making Heal checks to try and put Shrakk out, he goes in the water for the bonus, and the ongoing damage is over.

    We'll assume you guys take five minute rests with Seros patching you up as many times as you want (surge + 4). It was also a milestone, so you guys get an AP. There is still the Gem Beacon up on the cliff, but I'll assume you guys are hanging out on the Nexal until you're rested.
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    So, let me know how many (Seros-augmented) healing surges everyone is spending and we'll be on our way. The cliff paths beckon (in spite of the beacon). The workshop is supposed to be somewhere on this island...

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    Block Antithetist

    I'm not 100% sure how Curative Admixture works. We can spend healing surges to replenish healing infusions and open up more uses of Curative Admixture, but am I right in thinking that only 2 uses of Curative Admixture are available during one rest, and that we then need another rest before he can use them again? So is the assumption that we'll be taking enough short rests in succession for everybody to heal up using Admixture? I can easily see that running over an hour, maybe even two. Not that that's necessarily an issue, but I wanted to check that I understand. If we're already planning on sitting around on the boat for hours to save a few healing surges, might it not be worthwhile taking an extended rest?

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    Once the hot metal has cooled and the acidic air dissipated, Seros will pick up various bits of the contructs for later study, his interest still piqued despite their hostile intentions.


    Sorry for the delay, everyone can basically add 4 to their surge if they wish to supply it through the healing infusion. I took one for Seros, which brings him up to 30/31, he's good with that.

    I'll also add one to the list for next encounter so I have 1/2 right now for next fight. hopefully one of the defenders can supply the other?

    Seros Male Deva Artificer 2 Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:17, Fort:14, Reflex:15, Will:16
    HP:30/31, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:5/8
    Action Points: 0
    Magic Weapon
    Static Shock
    [s]Memory of 1000 Lifetimes
    [s]Healing Infusion (x2)
    [s]Scouring Weapon
    Swift Mender
    [s]Second Wind
    Punishing Eye


    Full sheet: L4W:PC:Seros (Farce) - L4W Wiki

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