D&D 4th Edition Adventure: The Lost Workshop (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g) - Page 16

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    In our RL group, it's just assumed we'll take 5 minute rests until everyone can get enough leader-enhanced heals to get their HP back where they want them to be. In this case, it looks like everyone needs 2-3 augmented heals to be topped off, so about 30 minutes of rest.

    If you all wish to take an extended rest, you are free to try. I would remind you though that you are on the beach of an uncharted island with unknown inhabitants and that gem beacon still sitting up on the beach...

    Arcana 20
    The rusted constructs are nearly identical to the remains of the ones that had crystals in the sockets on their backs. Presumably, the constructs are fairly ineffectual, but once they have one of those gems in, they become deadly.
    Arcana 25
    After some study and consideration, it seems that the Gem Beacon's lightning was augmented by the presence of the crystals in the backs of the now-destroyed constructs. You're pretty sure the beacon is still active and dangerous, but its range is greatly reduced. Also, after seeing it and the crystals in action, you think you might know how to disable it if you were able to get close enough to it.

    Perception 18
    It looks like the cliff paths will pass right next to the beacon if you head up there, but anyone on the path would be out of view of the beacon until they were literally right on top of it. From there it might be possible to run past it and only be exposed to its effects briefly or try to destroy or disable it directly.
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    Frost'll use 3 surges to get to full. He's at 6/11 surges. If RAM TIGER's got more, he might be a better candidate to donate 1 to the pot

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    I will spend two surges on myself, putting me at 24/27 HP and I'll donate a surge for the infusion as long as no one comes at RAM TIGER with a syringe, putting me at 7/10 surges.

    RAM TIGER, Male Gnoll Fighter 1

    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 10

    AC: 18, Fort:18, Reflex:14, Will:10 -- Speed:7

    HP:24/27, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/10

    Initiative +4, Action Points: 2

    Powers: Grappling Strike, Threatening Rush, Combat Agility, Combat Challenge, Ferocious Charge, Bash and Pinion, Second Wind, Flanking Assault

    Opportunity Attack: +7 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage.

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    Fair enough, I guess I overestimated the time it would take to stack up enough rests. Wasn't seriously suggesting an extended rest, was just worried that relying on healing infusions was going to result in hours of dangerous downtime in any case.

    Anyhow! Kasha will use two surges with Curative Admixture, healing 18 hp.

    Kasha Quick Stats

    Kasha Female Half-Orc Rogue 1
    Medium natural humanoid
    Initiative +4; Senses Passive Insight 9, Passive Perception 9, Low-light vision

    HP 19/22 Bloodied 11, Surge Value 5, Surges 3/6
    AC 16; Fortitude 13, Reflex 16, Will 12
    Saving Throws +0
    Speed 6

    Action Points: 1

    Encounter Powers: Torturous Strike
    Furious Assault
    Second Wind
    Half-orc Resilience

    Daily Powers: Handspring Assault

    Daily Item Powers: (1/milestone)


    14 gp

    +1 to all skill checks while on board the Nexal
    +1 to saving throws and damage while adjacent to an ally
    +1 on skill checks if an ally makes the same check during the same round

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    After half-an-hour of resting on the beach under Seros's watchful care, the group has mostly recovered from the battle on the beach. Now the island awaits.

    Moving on
    Shrakk is exactly two augmented surges from being topped off, so we'll assume he spends to surges as well. So, everyone is restored to fighting trim and ready to go as soon as someone takes the initiative...

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    Almost immediately after her own wounds are taken care of, Kasha begins getting antsy again. She paces the dock impatiently, her eyes often straying with suspicion to the strange crystal atop the cliffs. She arrives back on deck with uncanny timing as soon as Seros's ministrations are completed, suppressing her hyperactivity long enough to lean nonchalantly against the mast, arms crossed authoratatively.

    she raps out, "if everybody's feeling lively again, we've got ourselves an island to explore. And if you ask me, we should start by pitching that damned poxy crystal right of the cliff."

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    "I'll agree with that" answers Shrakk. "Otherwise we'll have the same troubles when we leave this place."

    "Now, how shall we go about it? We can either all move as a group or have a pair of us go ahead and scout the way first."
    L4W: Shrakk| L4W: Ianward Milner| LEB: Garrick d'Orien| LEB: Kaelan| LFP: Xan Millstone

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    "It would not be prudent to split up our party as there is strength in numbers, particularly if there are unknown hazards ahead. Perhaps if one of us is skilled in moving quietly, that may be worthwhile, but outside of that the risk seems too great. I concur that disabling that device seems the most logical course of action" the deva says


    arcana (1d20+10=12) too bad, Seros doesn't know nothing
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    "I can lead if you want, unless of course someone wants to scout ahead" Frost says, wondering if anyone was stealthy.

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    "Scouting? Sounds like a job for me," Kasha puts in, somewhat disappointed that nobody had apparently listened (or taken her seriously) when she was regaling them on the boat with tales of her exploits as a master thief.

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