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    Arcana and Perception checks above
    I just noticed that I had the Arcana and Perception checks above reversed. It's corrected now (18 Perception and 20 Arcana).

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    There is a cliff, a path up it, and a semi-dormant gem before you. The party stands on the dock, sixty feet or so from the path up the cliffs.

    Just a bump really, see if anyone is still around. There seems to be some indecision, so I'm going to rule next person who posts can decide what the group as a whole is doing, just to keep things moving.

    After whoever that is makes the decision, everyone else feel free to clarify exactly what your character is doing.

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    Block Otakkun

    As Kasha moves out ahead to scout, Shrakk takes a good look at the crystal on the hill, wondering if perhaps they could bring it back with them once they leave the island.

    Once Kasha gets back from the scouting, the group proceeds to take apart the crystal device as they had previously agreed.

    After that, Kasha moves out again, scouting around 20 squares ahead from the rest of the group. Shrakk decides to follow Kasha as well, mantaining a distance of 10 squares between both Kasha & the group.

    Perception & Stealth checks (1d20+11=31, 1d20+9=10)

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    "Very well, be careful" the deva says to the departing scouts, then after a few moments follows with RAM TIGER and Frost at a slow pace

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    As Kasha nears the crystal, she leaps and rolls out of the way of a crackling green lightning bolt. It looks like the group won't be able to get past the beacon without either disabling it or dodging a bolt of lightning as they pass.

    Beacon's attack on Kasha
    11 Reflex, miss.

    Bypassing the Beacon
    If anyone wants to just run by the beacon, it will make one attack at you as you go by, +6 vs Reflex, 1d6+3 lightning damage. Go ahead and roll it on yourself if you go this route.

    Disabling the Beacon
    If anyone wants to disable the Beacon, you have a variety of options to achieve that:

    Athletics to pry it from the cliff face.
    Thievery to disable its workings.
    Arcana to drain its energies.
    Attack powers to destroy it outright.
    (If you can justify another skill, then you can probably use that too. I'm all up for creative uses of skills and powers).

    Any skill check roll of 15 or higher applies "damage" towards disabling it equal to the check result. (Example: An Athletics check of 19 applies 19hp worth of hp "damage" towards disabling it).

    Any attack hitting a Defense of 15 hits, dealing damage as normal.

    Once the beacon has taken 50 hp of actual or "skill damage" it is disabled and the party can do with it what they will.

    Beacon Stats: The beacon has 50 hp and 15 for all defenses and makes a +6 vs Reflex, 1d6+3 lightning damage attack against anyone who attacks it or makes a skill check to disable it. Go ahead and roll the attack against yourself if you trigger it.

    Careful Approach: If a -2 is taken on an attack roll or skill check and the attack or skill still succeeds, the beacon doesn't get an attack on the character making the attack/check. If the attack or check fails, the beacon makes its attack as normal.

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    The shifter is tired after the grueling battle and frustrated with this device, after it pounded on them from height. He moves forward cautiously, dodging behind rocks to avoid giving it any clean shots. Frost gets up close and grabs onto the gem, working to pull it free, "Ram Tiger, I need your help" he calls out.

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    Block Sanzuo

    You already know for a fact that RAM TIGER does nothing carefully. Oblivious of danger, he bounds forward taking a lighting bolt to the face, wraps his claws around the gem and pulls upwards.

    Athletics: 1d20+10 = 18 to assist Frost
    Gem hits RAM TIGER doing 5 damage.


    RAM TIGER, Male Gnoll Fighter 1

    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 10

    AC: 18, Fort:18, Reflex:14, Will:10 -- Speed:7

    HP:19/27, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/10

    Initiative +4, Action Points: 1

    Powers: Grappling Strike, Threatening Rush, Combat Agility, Combat Challenge, Ferocious Charge, Bash and Pinion, Second Wind, Flanking Assault

    Opportunity Attack: +7 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage.
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    Block Antithetist

    Feeling cocky based on her good past record of dodging lightning bolts, Kasha strides towards the gem and promptly gets zapped. "Ow! Dammit, this dumb thing..." she breaks into a run, and upon reaching the beacon she falls to examining it, tapping away at the surface here and there, looking for weak points. "Ah, now, here we go. A tap here, a yank there, and... yep! Ha!"

    Beacon's Attack roll 1d20+6=23 - hit vs Ref 16, Damage 1d6+3=4

    Kasha's Thievery Roll - does this count as disarming a trap? If it does, I can get +2 from thieves' tools - 1d20+11=28

    Kasha Quick Stats

    Kasha Female Half-Orc Rogue 1
    Medium natural humanoid
    Initiative +4; Senses Passive Insight 9, Passive Perception 9, Low-light vision

    HP 15/22 Bloodied 11, Surge Value 5, Surges 3/6
    AC 16; Fortitude 13, Reflex 16, Will 12
    Saving Throws +0
    Speed 6

    Action Points: 1

    Encounter Powers: Torturous Strike
    Furious Assault
    Second Wind
    Half-orc Resilience

    Daily Powers: Handspring Assault

    Daily Item Powers: (1/milestone)


    14 gp

    +1 to all skill checks while on board the Nexal
    +1 to saving throws and damage while adjacent to an ally
    +1 on skill checks if an ally makes the same check during the same round
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    Seros works to drain the energy from the device, careful not to draw too much and avoid its deadly blasts

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    Working together, Farce and RAM TIGER pull the gem from its mounting, while Kasha disables its mechanical components and Seros its arcane. After a tense 20 seconds off running, frantic commotion, shouting, and plenty of lightning, the group stands on the cliff-path with hair standing on end and a broken crystal the size of someone's head lying in the dirt and gravel of the path.

    The path winds onwards up the mountainous island, through the rocks and cliffs and out of sight.

    More than enough "damage" to shut the beacon down. Though the crystal is cracked and broken, it's large enough that even with its magical energies drained, it's probably worth a decent sum...

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