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    Quote Originally Posted by fireinthedust View Post
    @Selc: Since you're the first player who's prepared to go right now, I've been reading up on Varisia. I only have a few of the adventures in the area, but it seems to be the most fleshed-out area of Golarion so far. Would your PC have gone through the ?

    Is there a map of the nations out there? I want to know where Andoran ends and Varisia and Cheliax begin, that sort of thing. Y'know, get a feel for crossover and trade.
    There is tons of good info on the pathfinder world here at Pathfinder Wikia

    Here is a map of the continents from the paizo site: Golarion This map is also in the campaign setting book in the back.

    Here is a map of the Varisia region:
    Varisia close up This is in one of the Rise of the Runelords books. Either the first or second one.

    Varisia is very well developed so far, but most of the content is in the Adventure Path books. For example, Magnimar is one of the three metropolises in Varisia but all the information for it is in Rise of the Runelords book #2. Korvosa is in Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, and Riddleport is in Second Darkness AP. I can't tell you much about the CotCT or SD adventures since I wasn't DM'ing those so I couldn't read the books. They've released a number of paizo modules but I don't remember which ones are also based in that region.

    I don't know of any close up maps of the city of Andoran, but if I remember right Guardians of the Dragonfell and the Hangman one both start there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herobizkit View Post
    @Fireinthesky: I'll do ya six better - I'll knock 'em all down by one.

    My array: 16, 15, 15, 14, 12, 9

    Least I could do for allowing me to use, quite probably, the third class I'd ever consider taking 20 levels in (besides Monk and Bard).

    Of course, you could just see my stat roll and laugh yourself silly.

    STR 11, DEX 16, CON 13, INT 16, WIS 17, CHA 13

    Hur hur hur.
    Y'know, I've decided to just go with the flow. I think this is a sign that I should lighten up and just let the dice roll.

    I'm planning on having you lot with a healthy set of HP also, btw. I think 75% of Max HP for level 6 whatevers should do, before Con bonuses. Thing of it is, it gives me breathing room to kick your butts! (I'm not really that killer; in fact, I need to work on it a bit more, I'm told)

    @Glasseye: acouple 16s are actually good. I tend to think a total of +10 from stats is reasonable, so if you're going to have a 6 then at least keep that in mind. Like how Raistlin was great but with a low Con.
    Or, if you're truly Old School (which impresses me) I'll trust your judgement. Maybe I'm too used to point buy vs. me rolling terribly as a player!

    @Ghostcat: I love it! Bring him on board, I like him already. Fighter? Cavalier? Paladin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireinthedust View Post
    Y'know, I've decided to just go with the flow. I think this is a sign that I should lighten up and just let the dice roll.
    Does that mean you want me to use the higher array I rolled, or are you happy with the lower one? Youssa confusin' me!

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    Block fireinthedust

    I know where we are! The FANGWOOD: east of Varisia, west of Lastwall; in fact, you could say it's smack *in* lastwall, but the woodsfolk of Nirmathas claimed it as their own (and what would a nation of Cavaliers need with forests? Well, otehr than wood and resources, and allies against the Orc Hordes to the West).

    The lot of you are taking our fine Scholar through the forest as best you can, following a MAP he's shown you to a dig site.

    And yes, the Scholar is a member of the Pathfinder society (for what it's worth).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herobizkit View Post
    Does that mean you want me to use the higher array I rolled, or are you happy with the lower one? Youssa confusin' me!
    Use the one you rolled, or Selc's array, whichever makes you happy.

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    I was most interested in either a summoner or an alchemist.

    The newest version of both are free on the paizo site.

    If not possible, I would like to play an oracle.

    Abilities (4d6.takeHighest(3)=12, 4d6.takeHighest(3)=10, 4d6.takeHighest(3)=10, 4d6.takeHighest(3)=13, 4d6.takeHighest(3)=10, 4d6.takeHighest(3)=17)

    Will likely take the roll of Herobizkit ...
    Last edited by Walking Dad; Wednesday, 7th April, 2010 at 10:50 AM.

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    OK, My character concept: Quiet and brooding, dark individual. All you have heard of him says that his family was killed by raiders. After which he hunted each of them down and killed them.

    Is that an OK background for a Rogue/Assassin? I wanted to give him a good enough reason for being an Assassin (find and kill the raiders) but not too evil, a just reason for being corrupt, but not completely evil.

    Also, how is ammunition going to work? should I keep track of non-magical/special ammo or should I just ignore and figure that I have enough?
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    Here is what I got so far for my Cleric of Desna. Let me know what you think and if anything needs to be changed.


    Race:Human (Varisian) 
    Size: M 
    Gender: Male 
    Alignment: NG 
    Deity: Desna 
    Str: 10 +0 (0)     Level: 6        
    Dex: 18 +4 (+2)    BAB: +4         HP: 48 (6d8+12)
    Con: 15 +2 (0)     CMB: +4   CMD:18    
    Int: 13 +1 (0)     Speed: 40'      
    Wis: 16 +3 (0)     Init: +4       
    Cha: 18 +4 (+1)              
    Stat Increases by Level
    4th - Cha
    8th - 
    12th - 
    16th - 
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +4    +0    +4    +0    +0    +0    18
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 14
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      5    +2    +0    +7
    Ref:                       2    +4    +0    +7
    Will:                      5    +3    +0    +8 
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Starknife                  +8     1d4+0       20x3
    Sap                        +8     1d6+0       20x2
    Ranged (Starknife)         +8     1d4+0       20x3
    Common, Varisian, Dwarven
    Race : Ability
    Human : +2 to (Dex)
    Human : Favored Class (Cleric): +1 Skill point per level
    Human : +1 skill point per level
    Cleric : Aura of Good equal to Cleric Level
    Cleric : Channel Energy, 3d6 DC17 Will
    Cleric : Deity Favored Weapon: Starknife
    Liberation : 6/rounds a day, act as if affected by Freedom of Movement.
    Travel : Increase Base Speed by 10'.
    Travel : 6/rounds a day, ignore hampered movement from terrain.
    Feat - Location - Description
    Human 1 - Weapon Finesse - Dex instead of Str for melee attacks
    Level 1 - Selective Channeling - Exclude 4 targets from Channel energy
    Level 3 - Weapon Proficiency (Sap)
    Level 5 - Deadly Aim: -2 attack for +4 damage
    Ideas for Future Feats
    Level 7 - Dodge
    Level 9 - Mobility
    Level 11 - Spring Attack
    Level 13 - Channel Smite
    Level 15 - Alignment Channel (evil)
    Level 17 - Improved Channel
    Level 19 - Extra Channel
    Spells Prepared/Known
    0st Level / DC14 4 Day : Detect Magic, Light, Create Water, Purify Food and Drink
    1st Level / DC15 5+1 Day : Hide from Undead, Shield of Faith, Magic Weapon, Entropic Shield, Protection from Evil (Remove Fear - Liberation)
    2nd Level / DC16 5+1 Day : Shield Other, Hold Person, Calm Emotions, Augury, Enthrall (Remove Paralysis - Liberation)
    3rd Level / DC17 4+1 Day : Daylight, Searing Light, Bestow Curse, Prayer (Fly - Travel)
    Skill Points: 5/level: 30 Total
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Acrobatics                  2    +4     +0   +6(-2)
    *Appraise                   2    +1     +3   +6
    Bluff                       0    +0     +0   +0
    Climb                       2    +0     +0   +2(-2)
    *Craft                      0    +0     +0   +0
    *Diplomacy                  1    +4     +3   +8
    Disable Device              0    +0     +0   +0
    Disguise                    0    +0     +0   +0
    Escape Artist               3    +4     +0   +6(-2)
    Fly                         0    +0     +0   +0
    Handle Animal               0    +0     +0   +0
    *Heal                       2    +3     +3   +8
    Intimidate                  0    +0     +0   +0
    *Knowledge (arcana)         0    +0     +0   +0
    Knowledge (dungeoneering)   0    +0     +0   +0
    Knowledge (engineering)     0    +0     +0   +0
    Knowledge (geography)       0    +0     +0   +0
    *Knowledge (history)        0    +0     +0   +0
    Knowledge (local)           0    +0     +0   +0
    Knowledge (nature)          0    +0     +0   +0
    *Knowledge (nobility)       0    +0     +0   +0
    *Knowledge (planes)         3    +1     +3   +7
    *Knowledge (religion)       3    +1     +3   +7
    *Linguistics                1    +1     +3   +5
    Perception                  0    +0     +0   +0
    Perform(Dance)              2    +4     +0   +6(-2)
    *Profession                 0    +0     +0   +0
    Ride                        0    +0     +0   +0
    *Sense Motive               2    +3     +3   +8
    Sleight of Hand             0    +0     +0   +0
    *Spellcraft                 2    +3     +3   +8
    Stealth                     0    +3     +0   +3(-2)
    Survival                    3    +3     +0   +6
    Swim                        2    +0     +0   +2(-2)
    Use Magic Device            0    +0     +0   +0
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Bedroll                        1sp  1.25lb
    Masterwork Manacles	      50gp (EA DC35, Str DC25)
    Explorers Outfit	       
    Chain Shirt 100gp  25lb
    Sap         1gp  2lb
    Starknife  24gp  3lb
    Total Weight:31.0lb      Money: 50gp 5sp 5cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:              33.00  34-66  67-100  200   500
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 150lb

    Keepiru looks like a young olive skinned man with long, wavey black hair and large brown eyes. He is comely and moves with the easy grace of a dancer. He wears a brightly gleaming chain shirt over tan woolen clothes that provide some padding. Across his back is an expensive looking cloak. It is colored a deep blue with orange trimming and a large orange monarch butterfly stretched across the back. Sprinkled about the dark field are sewn white pinpoints representing stars. About his neck is a silver medallion featuring the same butterfly. He carries a starknife attached to his backpack. Tied to his waist is a curious leather bag nearly a foot long that clunks oddly when he moves vigorously.

    Public Background

    Keepiru was born and raised in the land of Varisia in the region around Kaer-Maga. His family was nomadic and never spent more than half a year in any one place though they often returned to the wild city to trade. It was here that his old life was destroyed, and a new one created.

    Keepiru's parents were never very rich. In fact they scraped by largely by the generous gifts from others in their caravan. His father was ungifted in any skill and resented it. His mother was once a competent dancer but an accident had broken her leg and it had never set properly. His brothers and sisters were still too young to earn much of a living, though they could be counted on to pilfer some extra food from the local villagers they passed. One year was particularly bad for trade. Unseasonably late snowfalls, freak frosts damaging crops, and heavy rains to make roads boggy all contributed to the poor year. His father began to borrow money from others in the caravan in order to make ends meet. Rumors began to circulate among the caravan that "some people" were not pulling their weight and would have to be cut loose to fend for themselves. Knowing exactly who would be the first to go, Keepiru's father became desperate, knowing that if their family was cast out they would eventually starve or be forced to labor as servents to some land baron.

    The caravan had returned to Kaer-Maga in hopes of generating enough money to get them through the winter. It was here that Keepiru's father found a way out. He sought out the bloatmages, those dark wizards who thrive off of blood magic, and offered them a trade: His sons life in exchange for enough money to pay off his debts. It didn't take long before he found a cabal who were willing to deal. The mages were disgustingly obese, their bodies swollen with blood and covered with leeches to keep them from bursting. Life is cheap in a big city, but for their dark ritual they needed a life betrayed by a blood parent. His father provided them with some of the boy's personal effects as they requested, a lock of hair, an old shirt, and an old wooden cup. The mages gave the father half of the gold and told him to return with the boy while they prepared the ritual.

    Keepiru was completely unaware of the danger to his life. He was glad to be back in the wild city where he was free to do whatever he wished. He loved to explore the warren of tunnels and high spires of the ancient ruined fortress. Every now and then he was lucky to find old bits of pottery, cheap jewelry, or oddly carved stones he could sell for a bit of coin.
    He was wandering the streets of Kaer-Maga one day when he was nearly stepped on by an enormous, hideous monster. The creature looked like a huge old hag, lanky hair, pebbled skin, yellowed teeth, and long claws. It carried long ropey beads made from twisted hide, tendons, and knotted hair. It wore a kilt made of the same lanky hair on its head and a leather covering over its chest with a curious gaping hole over the chest and abdomen. He saw that its eyes were milky white when they peered down at him. The creature was an Augur, a Trollish Soothsayer. Moving with a speed belied by its size and age, it snatched him by the shoulder and lowered its head to his level to look him over. With a rasping voice it spoke, it told him it could see an event of importance in his future. Still clinging to the boy, the Augur grasped a sharpened blade and proceeded to cut open its own belly. Its entrails spilled out on the pavement at the boys feet while the troll crouched over them. To his continuing horror, the giant stirred the bloody guts with one claw as it read the future in its own entrails. Too terrified and disgusted to run, Keepiru stood by while his future was foretold by the creature. It told him of the obscene rituals the blood magi were preparing for him and his father's complicity in the vile act. His father was even now waiting to bind him and carry him away to be sacrificed. Releasing the boy, the Augur scooped its insides back into its stomach and held the cut closed while it rapidly regenerated. With one gore flecked claw, it pointed vaguely east and told him that the only way to survive was to flee.

    So he did.

    Unable to return to his caravan without being aprehended by his traitorous father, he had to flee with only the clothes on his back. He was sustained only by luck, and a little divine intervention. Every night he dreamed of a great feast of his favorite foods, and every morning he woke satited as if he had had a full meal. It was enough to keep him going. Along the way he took shelter in a simple shrine in the center of a calm, still wood when he met a pilgrim also sheltering there. The man spoke of dreams, of his travels, of the freedom to choose, and of the wonderous places he had been guided to by his goddess. The boy knew at last what had sustained him all this time and he devoted himself to Desna

    The man helped him to reach the dwarven city of Janderhoff. The boy had been there before as part of the trade route and knew enough about the city to get along on his own. The man traveled onward but gifted the boy with the beautiful butterfly cloak he had worn. He told him it would bring him luck and good dreams. Keepiru spent the next year there learning from the priests of Desna, scratching out a living as a guide to visitors, and preparing himself to become an acolyte. Days before his initiation ritual he dreamed that his father had entered the city and was seeking him out like a wolf seeking a rabbit in a thicket. Having been taught the importance of dreams, knowing some could be from the goddess herself, he took its warning to heart. He gathered his meager belongings and without telling a soul, left the city on a boat heading east on the Runtash river.

    A year of dangerous travel through the wilderness brought Keepiru to the Fangwood in the company of a scholar and a group of strangers. He knows he cannot return to the west, for his dreams are sometimes filled with visions of bloated, evil figures seeking him with blood slick hands. He would continue traveling to the east, as the trollish seer divined for him, until he finds his freedom and his destiny.

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    Block fireinthedust

    @walking dad: I don't mind any of the classes (although I don't see the point of alchemist; is it a build thing, or are they different from Wizard? How could they not just be a PrC of Wizard?)
    Be what makes you happy, and what works with the party. We've got an Inquisitor and a Cleric, and a Sorcerer.

    @Gandalf: Love the idea (although I wouldn't mind more info, thanks; not just rumours, unless you're unsure as far as history). I play the game Assassin's Creed 1 (not 2 yet, but excited), so I get the lure. I won't allow the instant-kill feature against certain NPCs, though (ie: the dragon at the end of the rainbow); but since minions will go down anyway, that's fine. Not that I want to run a campaign where you kill every NPC I breathe life into.

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    I am pleased to introduce Sir Angus de Gaunt. This uses SelcSilverhand's stat roll. Please comment:

    Sir Angus De Gaunt

    Male, Human , Fighter(6)
    Neutral Good

    Height: 5' 7", Weight: 165 lbs., Age: 26
    Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Brown, Skin: bronzed

    Languages: Common

    STR 20 (+5) [base 17, +2 for Human Ability Bonus, +1 Level 4 Ability Bonus]
    DEX 16 (+3) [base 16]
    CON 16 (+3) [base 16]
    INT 10 (+0) [base 10]
    WIS 13 (+1) [base 13]
    CHA 15 (+2) [base 15]

    Move: 4 Squares,20 ft.
    Initiative: +3

    Armor Class: 21 (10 Base, +1 Ability, +8 Half Plate, +2 heavy Shield)

    Hit Points: 69 (1st Level: [10 +3(con mod) +1 (Favoured Class Bonus)],
    2nd Level: [7 +3(con mod) +1 (Favoured Class Bonus)],
    3rd Level: [7 +3(con mod) +1 (Favoured Class Bonus)],
    4th Level: [7 +3(con mod) +1 (Favoured Class Bonus)],
    5th Level: [7 +3(con mod) +1 (Favoured Class Bonus)],
    6th Level: [7 +3(con mod)] +1 (Favoured Class Bonus))

    BAB: +6/+1, Melee +11/+6, Ranged +9/+4, Grapple +6/+1
    CMB 11 = [6 (BAB) + 5 (STR)]
    CMD 24 = [10 +6 (BAB) + 5 (STR) + 3 (DEX)]

    Fortitude: +8 (+5 Base, Mod +3)
    Reflex: +5 (+2 Base, Mod +3)
    Will: +3 (+2 Base, Mod +1)

    SKILLS 18 = 6*[+2 (Class), +1 (Human)]
    Acrobatics +3 (0 Ranks, +3 DEX)
    Appraise +0 (0 Ranks)
    Bluff +2 (0 Ranks, +2 CHA)
    Climb +10 (2 Ranks, +5 STR, +3 Misc.)
    Craft (Untrained) +0 (0 Ranks)
    Diplomacy +2 (0 Ranks, +2 CHA)
    Disguise +2 (0 Ranks, +2 CHA)
    Escape Artist +3 (0 Ranks, +3 DEX)
    Fly +3 (0 Ranks, +3 DEX)
    Handle Animal +6 (1 Ranks, +2 CHA, +3 Misc.)
    Heal +1 (0 Ranks, +1 WIS)
    Intimidate +11 (6 Ranks, +2 CHA, +3 Misc.)
    Perception +1 (0 Ranks, +1 WIS)
    Perform (Untrained) +2 (0 Ranks, +2 CHA)
    Ride +12 (6 Ranks, +3 DEX, +3 Misc.)
    Sense Motive +1 (0 Ranks, +1 WIS)
    Stealth +3 (0 Ranks, +3 DEX)
    Survival +5 (1 Ranks, +1 WIS, +3 Misc.)
    Swim +10 (2 Ranks, +5 STR, +3 Misc.)

    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Sword (Bastard))
    Great Cleave
    Mounted Combat
    Power Attack
    Vital Strike
    Weapon Focus (Sword (Bastard))
    Weapon Specialization (Sword (Bastard))

    Armor Training (Ex)
    Bravery (Ex)
    Weapon Training (Blade/Heavy)(Ex)

    Unarmed Strike +11/+6 Melee (1d3+5, 20/x2)
    Crossbow, Heavy +9/+4 ranged (1d10, 120 ft., 19-20/x2)
    Dagger +11/+6 Melee (1d4+5, 19-20/x2)
    Dagger (Thrown) +9/+4 ranged (1d4, 10 ft., 19-20/x2)
    Sword, Bastard +13/+8 Melee (1d10+8, 19-20/x2)

    Equipment                               Qty Weight Cost
    Backpack                                 1   2      2
    - Bedroll                                1   5      0.1
    - Blanket (Winter)                       1   3      0.5
    - Lantern (Hooded)                       1   2      7
    - Oil (1 Pint Flask)                     4   1      0.1
    - Rations (Trail/Per Day)                7   1      0.5
    - Rope (Silk/50 ft.)                     1   5      10
    - Waterskin with Water                   1   4      1
    - Waterskin with Water                   1   4      1
    Bolts, Crossbow (10)                     1   1      1
    Crossbow, Heavy                          1   8      50
    Dagger                                   1   1      2
    Half-Plate                               1   50     600
    Pouch (Belt)                             1   0.5    1
    - Candle                                 1   0      0.01
    - Chalk (1 Piece)                        1   0      0.01
    - Fishhook                               1   0      0.1
    - Flint and Steel                        1   0      1
    - Sewing Needle                          1   0      0.5
    Shield, Heavy Wooden                     1   10     7
    Sword, Bastard                           1   6      35
    Horse (Heavy/Combat Trained)             1   0      300
    - Barding (Leather)                      1   15     20
    - Saddle (Military)                      1   30     20
    - Saddlebags                             1   8      4
      - Tent                                 1   20     10
      - Sack                                 1   0.5    0.1
      - Pot (Iron)                           1   10     0.8
    Money: 918.97
    Personal Load: 113.5 lbs. (Light)
    Mount Load: 83.5 lbs. (Light)

    Light Load: upto 133Ibs
    Medium Load: 134-266Ibs
    Heavy Load: 267-400Ibs
    Maximum Load: 400Ibs

    Sir Angus is a short human male of medium build, with bronzed skin, light brown hair and brown eyes.. He usual wears either half plate mail or fairly nondescript street clothes. In fact out of his armor, Angus appears so ordinary that most people don't give him a second look. Its only when he removes his shirt that people notice that his arms and torso are almost solid muscle.
    Public History
    Sir Angus De Gaunt is the great grandchild of George De Gaunt, the dragon slayer. After slaying the red dragon Ajandigon and taking his horde, George was awarded a patent of nobility by the Taldor prince. As instructed by his prince, Lord george built a keep in the Taldor borderlands, where he controlled the incursion of monsters and bandits across the border.

    Unfortunately his childern and grandchildren were not as dedicated as their sire and followed the rest of the Taldor nobility into decadence. Thus, by the time that Angus was born, there was nothing left of George's fortune except a crumbling keep and a mountain of debts.

    Even as a child, Angus was discussed by the behaviour of his relatives and as soon as he was old enough, he left home and joined the Taldor military academy as an officer cadet. While Angus proved to be a doughty fighter, his tactical, strategic and leadership abilities left a lot to be desired and it eventually became evident, even to Angus, that he would never received his commission. Faced with being reduced to the ranks, Angus resigned from the academy and decided to become a mercenary.

    Angus's one and only commission with a mercenary army was a complete and unmitigated disaster. Taking a position with a petty Taldor noble as a junior lieutenant, Angus was assigned the task of capturing and holding an enemy manor houses until relieved. Because he was so green, Angus actually followed the advice of his Sergeant and the first part of the task went off without an hitch and very little bloodshed. The second part was also successful, with Angus and his men holding off two counter attacks. Unfortunately, the army's high command were nowhere near as successful. Their grasp of strategy was even worse than Angus' and the eventual relief column consisted of a large enemy force, lead by the noble's head on a Pike. Angus had refused to slaughter the prisoners that were captured during the initial attack and so he was able to negotiate free passage for him and is men.

    Mindful, of his battle experience, Angus has spent the last 10 years has a caravan guard, travelling the length and breath of both Avistan and Casmaron.

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