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    "Hmmm..Pan or Zagreus you say? Very interesting indeed..." D'keth says as he considers his studies of religious deities. Seeing the unlit braziers, the githyanki walks over and grabs his flint and steel. He puts the two together to create a spark if there is anything to burn in the devices.

    Also, if nothing happens or there's no fire, D'keth will drop a sunrod down the trapdoor. "Should we check out what's behind the doors" he adds

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    "I do not like this, there are too many closed doors, too many shadows, it brings back memories brother" K’atzn’ii says, her eyes darting back and forth like a caged animal and a chill rolls down her back. The githyanki stays close to her brother.

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    Religion: Trained or DC 20
    Both Pan and Zagreus are gods outside of the Twelve. Zagreus is a god of wine, revelry, and madness. Pan is a god of wilderness, ecstasy, and terror. If this temple is devoted to one of them, the murals could have been of people celebrating. Or going into a murderous frenzy. Hard to tell with those two.

    The trapdoor reveals a short spiral staircase that goes down about ten feet before reaching the floor of the chamber below. There is another body at the bottom of the stairs. He probably fell down them.
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    Lily frowned as she looked down through the trap door. I wonder if he was the one that came back in. I'm going to have a look.

    Lily slipped gingerly down the spiral stairs, testing them as she went so as not to repeat the man's fate, and cautiously looking around to make sure nothing else was lurking. Once at the man's side she checked to make sure that he was well and truly dead, then checked his injuries to confirm his cause of death. Remembering the blood smear at the entry way she also check for shoulder wounds and blood on his hands to see if he might have been the one that left it.


    Perception (1d20+10=24) to make sure nothing is lurking waiting to gobble Lily up.

    Heal (1d20+10=15) to investigate the presumably dead man.

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    Lily doesn't see anything living in the basement. What she does see a scattering of furniture, including some small tables, a few chairs and chests, and a couple of beds. The style and condition make it look like this room was recently lived in. There is a small altar mostly lacking in decoration, although the wall murals down here seem to be a little better preserved. There is also a passage to the west ending with a pair of stone doors. The doors are slightly ajar.

    The man is certainly dead, as are the other three bodies in the room. The man at the bottom of the stairs has blood on his hands and face, and a deep wound to his stomach. However, the broken neck he probably received falling down the stairs is most likely what did him in.

    Iaros peers down from the trapdoor. "Miss? Are you alright? Did you find something?"

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    Lily slips back up the stairs and relays everything she saw. Pausing a moment to consider the situation she added, I have the feeling someone has gone farther in down there, through the doors. I think we should finish looking around up here and then go have a look.


    How big did the temple seem from the outside. Big enough that there is likely to be very much beyond the doors on this level?

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    The four other doors on the main level lead to the outside. The building's not large enough for them to go anywhere else.

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    These doors lead nowhere. Let us all go below. Stay alert Raijin says brusquely.

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    Yeah if Empathy had any AC she'd have been kicking down doors days ago! I'm just waiting for someone with some defenses to go first.

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    "Indeed, let's go" D'keth declares, gesturing for K'atz'nii to follow him as the githyanki moves to open the door to the basement

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