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    Friday, 30 April. 2010

    New for EN World Subscribers

    Two new items have been added to the EN World Subscribers download area:
    • AssassinX is a short RPG of gory violence where the players take on the roles of professional (or not quite so professional) killers with a job to do. This book includes full rules for designing a deadly and unhinged killing machine, and then throwing it into a nihilistic nightmare of murder and mayhem. All you need to play is a pencil, 2 ten-sided dice, a few friends you can trust not to call the cops on you, and your own sick imagination.
    • Versatile Performance Redux This new subscriber-only PDF for Pathfinder presents an alternative system for Versatile Performance that draws upon terminology related to music, dance, and acting. For example, a bard could learn Accelerando. This ability lets the morale bonus provided by Inspire Courage apply to Reflex saves instead of saves against charm and fear effects. Furthermore, when the bard reaches 6th level, affected allies gain a +5-foot bonus to base speed. Kindly donated to EN World by Spes Magna Games.
    Grab your EN World subscription here for only $3 per month!

    D&D 4th Edition News
    • Official Dungeons & Dragons Ranger Token Set The Ranger Token set is the first in a series of Player’s Handbook token sets. Beginning with the Player’s Handbook classes, GF9 will release two sets per month beginning in July. Each set contains a Character Status Tile, character specific tokens and markers, a Mount Token and an Invisibility Stand-In.
    • The Realms of Chirak Adventure Setting The Realms of Chirak is out in electronic and POD formats. This 304 page 4<SUP>th</SUP> edition campaign setting features a pulp era sword & sorcery post-apocalyptic fantasy realm, with an extensive gazetteer, new races, monsters, mythology, scenario ideas and personalities.
    • Echoing Curse The cries of torment, anguish and the lost dead linger in the dark corners of catacombs; check out the Echoing Curse-- a 4E hazard to drive adventurers mad.
    • Review of The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea by Wizards of the Coast So is sailing the Astral Sea as exciting as plunging into The Plane Below or tramping through the Underdark? How does the newest “Official” supplement for Paragon and Epic Tier play stack up?
    • May Content Calendar for DDI Playing Shardminds, Class Acts: Avenger, Winning Races: Revenant, Excerpt: Player's Strategy Guide, Lords of Chaos: Balcoth - and much more.
    Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 News
    • Sunken Empires Preview Rising from the depths to reveal a few of its secrets early, behold the Sunken Empires preview, an undersea supplement of lost civilizations, undersea adventure and wondrous salvage!
    • The Floating Pillow In this week's From the Workshop, Necromancers of the Northwest's Joshua Zaback provides a stylish means of transportation for the evil (or at least eastern) spellcaster in your life, the floating pillow.
    Other News
    • New releases scheduled from Goodman Games Goodman Games has announced new releases through August, including a new DCC module for 4E and two new Age of Cthulhu adventures – one free on Free RPG Day!
    • The Whispering Homunculus What terrible secrets from the mind of Richard Pett does the whispering homunculus bring in the slow, quiet moments of the day? Conversational snippets to color your games...
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