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    [Adventure] Kingmaker (DM:renau1g; judge: garyh)

    - Mari Champanel, Human Shaman (Scotley)
    - Ruarc Sléibhín, Goliath Ranger (Mowgli)
    - Scorpius, Half-Orc Hybrid Rogue/Warlord (Scorpius Risk) Lost to real life. Currently helping guard Oleg's Trading Post
    - Ezmerelda "Easy" Shelby, Genasi Swordmage (Shayuri)
    - Elurín, Half-Elf Druid (HandofMystra)
    - Faustus, Tiefling Avenger (Leif)

    To Stop the Bandits!

    The Swordlords of Restov require that the lands of the Greenbelt, also known as the Stolen Lands, be explored and any elements of banditry or other unlawful behavior be removed.

    Game Stats

    None yet

    None yet

    - Major: Map the Greenbelt - from the Lord Mayor of Restov
    - Major: Defeat the Stag Lord, leader of the Stolen Lands bandits
    - Minor: Find Svetlana's Wedding Ring - from Oleg - bandits made off with his wife's wedding ring and he offered 500 gp in store credit to those who retrieve it. Completed
    - Minor: Find the hidden temple of Dakama for Jhod Kavken

    Additional Campaign Info: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/16751

    Welcome to the game! Action can begin now. Please put a summary of your character with a link to the character thread in your first posts and any combat post like so:
    Tondrek—Male Half-orc Artificer 6
    Initiative: +7, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 22, Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 17 — Speed: 6, 8 when charging
    HP: 53/53, Bloodied: 26, Surge: 13, Surges left: 9/10; Half-orc Resilience
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Powers -
    Magic Weapon
    Static Shock

    Scouring Weapon
    Repulsion Strike

    Icebound Sigil
    Flameheart Defender

    Healing Infusion x2
    Swift Mender
    Furious Assault

    Regeneration Infusion
    Battle Staff +1 (daily)
    Targeting Crossbow +2 (daily)
    Point Blank Repeating Crossbow +1 (encounter)
    Skald's Leather Armor +2 (daily)
    Onyx Dog (daily)
    2 Clockwork Bombs
    2 Woundpatches
    2 Alchemist's Acids

    Doggie—Construct 4
    Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 — Speed: 8
    HP: 22/9; Bloodied 4

    Full character sheet
    Feel free to make your own rolls, linking to Invisible Castle or some other place for the result. For some rolls, I'll take 10 for you most of the time. Please post your speech and thoughts in your character's color, using italics for the latter. I prefer players who post about once a day, and I will NPC or write out characters who are inactive for short or long periods of time. OOC text should be in grey, like this or in sblocks.

    Have fun!

    A thanks for stonegod

    Just giving sg props for the above set-up, shamelessly copied by me

    A thanks to Mowgli

    For doing the banner. Great job!
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