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    Unfortunately for your attacks, Fredrock is not actually there, as I'm in K8 isntead..so no flank (and you didn't stand anyway, so -2 for attacking while prone..

    iron sky.
    I assume the 2 Rerisen dead still charged me and are adjacent to me at the moment.

    Damn, Lauto doesn't seem to want to keep these creatures! Why won't they stay down? , Fredrock seems a bit taken aback by the dead re-rising. Step back Livia and I'll get these close ones.

    If you'll shift away, I can get a close blast 3 on the 2 Hulks and the raven swarm near us. I'll delay for your action to take mine

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    These undead require a strong strike or radiant energy to destroy or else they might come back! Kaz shouts over the battle, employing divine power to finish off the re-risen hulk.


    Minor: Religion = 24 for sblock.
    Move: Shift to G10
    Standard: Abjure Undead on Hulk 1 (G11), 21 vs will, 14 radiant damage. (half damage on miss)

    It should be permanently dead regardless.

    stat block

    Kaz Male Elf Avenger 1
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Low Light
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:14, Will:15
    HP:18/28, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:8/9
    Action Points: 1
    Basic Attack Executioner's Axe +3 vs AC, 1d12+1 damage (+1d12 on crit)

    Bond of Pursuit

    Angelic Alacrity
    Oath of Enmity
    Abjure Undead/Divine Guidance
    Second Wind
    Elven Accuracy

    Aspect of Might

    Non-elf allys within 5 square get +1 to perception.
    +5 to athletics, +2 speed, +2 melee damage (Aspect of Might)
    If oath target moves away willingly, +6 damage. (Censure of Pursuit)
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    Block Mewness

    Livia turns to Corvus to help him up, before dodging out of the way of one of the hulks and running into the foliage. She sends a few more shots at the hulks, although the walking dead don't seem to react to them much.

    Standard: first aid--heal check on Corvus to enable him to spend his second wind. 1d20+5=10 barely succeeds!

    Minor: shift to L9.

    Move: M9, N9, O8, O7. (Like Xeterog I'm assuming that there are minions next to Fredrock and I'm trying to go around them.)

    Action Point (taking advantage of Corvus's bravura presence): Possessing Spirits against the hulk in J9. Attack vs. Will: 1d20+8=14 1d12+5=8. No idea whether a 14 hits its Will. If it does it attacks I10, and if THAT hits both are dazed.

    Only if possessing spirits hits:

    J9's basic attack on I10: 1d20+6=9 2d6+3=6 miss.

    Basic attack from Livia (bravura presence): Biting Swarm on J9 hulk. 1d20+9=23 1d12+7=19. 19 damage, J9 and adjacent enemies take -2 to attack until start of my next turn.

    If possessing spirits misses: Livia is granting CA.

    Livia Female Human Seeker 3
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:16, Will:17
    HP:31/35, Bloodied:17, Surge Value:8, Surges left:6/8
    Action Points: 0
    Biting Swarm
    Elemental Spirits
    Grappling Spirits
    Agile Recovery

    Inevitable Shot
    Encaging Spirits
    Possessing Spirits
    Escaping Shot
    Second Wind
    Rebounding Greatbow

    Swarming Bats

    Basic ranged attacks: Biting Swarm +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target and adjacent enemies take -2 penalty to attack until start of my next turn; Grappling Spirits +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target is slowed and can't shift until the end of its next turn.

    Conditions: granting CA??

    Full sheet: Livia

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    Now, take this! Fredrock says as he summons his strength and attacks the two remaining Hulks and the closest raven swarm, felling one Hulk and pushing the other two back with the ferocity of his attack. Fredrock then moves to keep himself between the other Hulk and Corvus. Let's see if you are as tough as that other one, Fredrock says as he continues his assault on the closest Hulk, but swings a bit wildly. Hey, you Ravens want some more, why don't you come over here! Fredrock says, trying to keep the Raven's attention on him.


    Standard Action: spending 2 PP to use Bull's Strength as a close blast 3, vs AC: Hulk in J9, Hulk in I10, Raven swarm in K11 (1d20+6=24, 1d20+6=15, 1d20+6=24, 1d10.minroll(3)+6=16), hitting all three, doing 16 damage (more vs the swarm, but I'm not sure how much more).
    This also pushes them one square:
    Hulk 2 pushed to I11
    Hulk 3 pushed to I10 (If I added right, Hulk 2 is down for now)
    Raven 2 to G12

    Move Action: move to I10 (if I did not add right and Hulk 3 is still up, then shift to J9 and the next attack is vs Hulk 3 instead of Hulk 2)
    NOTE: I have DR7 until the end of my turn from Battle Resilience, even if the minions hit me, they won't do any damage (nor will they push me, as I'm a dwarf)...so OA or not, they won't effect my movement here.

    Action Point:
    Standard Action: (not using bravura presence) Iron Fist on Hulk 2 vs AC: Hulk 2 (1d20+6=11, 1d10.minroll(3)+6=10) misses:
    Effect: Fredrock has DR 4 until the end of my Next Turn

    Minor: Battlemind Demand to mark the Raven Swarm 2 in G12 (unless my attack kills it, if so, then mark Hulk 2)


    DR 4 TENT

    Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 1
    Passive Perception: +14, Passive Insight: +19
    Init -1, Speed:5
    AC:19, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16
    HP:33/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:13/13
    Action Points: 0/1, Power points 0/2
    Battlemind Demand,
    Mind Spike,
    Blurred Step,
    Bull's Strength,
    Iron Fist
    Battle Resilience,
    Second Wind
    Aspect of Elevated Harmony

    MBA +3 vs AC, 1d10+6 (brutal 2)
    RBA -1 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)

    just a reminder that Dwarves are pushed/pulled/slid one square less (so the hulks only push me one square and the minons don't push me at all)
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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Quote Originally Posted by Xeterog View Post
    Unfortunately for your attacks, Fredrock is not actually there, as I'm in K8 isntead..so no flank (and you didn't stand anyway, so -2 for attacking while prone..
    I didn't see the move, nor did I see that Eithal was prone. This is where I could beg the DM to retcon my move, but that would be too much of a game-changer, I'm afraid. So I guess I'll just deal. . I've retconned the attack to make it have its actual effect.

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    Rerisen dead around Fedrock
    Assume any Rerisen dead that attacked Fedrock is adjacent to him, say K7 and L7.

    Yep, that thing will stay dead now.

    The Hulks have 12 Will.

    Go ahead and retcon if you'd like it was my mistake that had the map screwed up. Also, you didn't link your first attack roll. Use the same d20 attack rolls for your retconned attacks or reroll them all entirely...
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    Block pacdidj

    "Bloomin' smelly crows! I'm gonna stick you good, for true. Dbbbrrrr!!," shouts Yimayngurr, letting his spear fly with the battle cry of a Rripangu-clan hunter. As he launches the lion-headed spear he activates its inherent magic, and it rips through the raven swarm, skewering several of the rotting birds and binding the rest to their fallen brethren, as it's point sinks into the soft, earthen ground below.

    Momentarily bereft of his magical spear, the half-orc then quickly makes his way to the nearest cover, hides behind a tree, and draws his fishing spear in preparation for another assault on the assembled undead.

    Yimayngurr actions and stats
    Minor: Quarry the swarm at E11

    Standard: Hungry Longspear encounter power vs. swarm at E11 = hit roll (sorry about the stupid formatting) for 17/2 = 8 damage, and the swarm is immobilized (save ends)

    Move: To B9 via F9, E9, D9, C8 and stealth check to hide behind tree if possible (not sure what type of cover/concealment it provides) = Stealth (1d20+10=21)

    Free: Draw Trident (quick draw)

    Yimayngurr Male Half-Orc Hunter Ranger 2
    PC:Yimayngurr (pacdidj) - L4W Wiki
    Initiative: +7, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13, Senses: Low-light Vision
    AC:18, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:13
    HP:32/32, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:6/6
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+5 dmg
    Throw Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+7 dmg
    Powers: Fading Strike, Marauder's Rush, Precise Assault, Furious Assault, Sure Shot, Begin the Hunt, Hungry Longspear
    Conditions: cover, hidden(?)

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    Using an AP

    Don't forget about Corvus' Bravura Presence class feature (well not now)

    As the ravens assaulted him, Corvus slashed at the mass in futility.

    After the hulk's brutal assault Corvus is sent flying, but as the warlord crashes to the ground and all hope seems lost, his eyes flutter open and he gazes around at the scene around him.


    *Everyone remember my Bravura Presence when using an AP

    Immediate Reaction: Vengeance is Mine - against the swarm (otherwise I couldn't use it after being ko'd by the hulk) - vs ac; damage - vengeance is mine (1d20+7=11, 1d8+4=8) miss

    If anyone within 5 squares wants to move next to it and take an MBA go ahead.

    On my turn - death save - death roll 1 (1d20=20) Sweet! - so Corvus is prone, but conscious now

    Bravura Presence

    Bravura Presence
    Appears in Martial Power
    When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn

    Corvus Raine Male Human Warlord 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 10, Senses: Normal
    AC:19, Fort:16, Reflex:14, Will:15
    HP:6/26, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:8/10
    Action Points: 1
    Direct the Strike
    Brash Assault
    Intuitive Strike

    Inspiring Word [1.2]
    Vengeance is Mine
    Battlefront Shift
    Second Wind

    Lamb to the Slaughter


    Full sheet: Corvus

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    Block Son of Meepo

    Gurk used his AP while Corvus was unconscious, so he didn't have the option of Bravura Presence.

    Livia triggered Corvus's second wind on her turn so you were already conscious. No need to make a death save, and you can take your actions I'd assume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Meepo View Post
    Livia triggered Corvus's second wind on her turn so you were already conscious. No need to make a death save, and you can take your actions I'd assume.
    There are two minons adjacent to you in L7 and K7 (the ones that charged me, map is off on that due to my missed moved)

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