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    Ah, that's right, I have to find you and add you.

    Anyway, I have the map updated to where it would be at the end of your actions. I might have some bloodied tokens to drop on some enemies, I haven't finished compiling the damage you guys did, just jotted it down on my status sheet .odt file. I have yet to take the enemies' turns...

    As a side note, I'm really proud of those status tokens I made, they look pretty sharp if I say so myself!

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    Block Son of Meepo

    I am Son of Meepo there as well.

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    Block Mewness

    and I am Mewness on virtual battlemat.

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    Name is Luinnar on virtual battlemat.

    The icons look great!

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    Um... what?
    So, I tried adding you all and it said it couldn't find any of you... Anyone used this before and know what's going on?

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    I'd PM Mal Malenkirk if you have any questions. He uses it for his games. Not sure too much of it myself, sorry.

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    Gurk is enjoying the battle and feeling a sense of invincibility as he deflects the lumbering attack of the dead things.

    Gurk lashes out with yet another flurry of strikes, hoping to take down those that have come to fight him.


    All the dead quickly fall before his might.

    Perhaps he doesn't realize the dead are rising again, or perhaps he doesn't care. Seeing an ally in trouble, Gurk rushes to front line. He throws his body into the air and sweeps his foot forward.

    Unfortunately he is a little too eager and overshoots his mark.

    "Awlrayaht! Y'all hold steeyill!" Steeling herself against the cloud of carrion-eating, foul fowl, she swings her axe up from the ground in a massive arc that manages to knock more than a few of the birds senseless. Her anger provoked, she begins to breath harder. As she does, her face changes to take on the form of an enraged (albeit blonde) panther. Unfortunately, the change in her countenance doesn't help her focus, seeing as her follow-up swing hits nothing but the air.

    Damn, Lauto doesn't seem to want to keep these creatures! Why won't they stay down? , Fredrock seems a bit taken aback by the dead re-rising. Step back Livia and I'll get these close ones.

    These undead require a strong strike or radiant energy to destroy or else they might come back! Kaz shouts over the battle, employing divine power to finish off the re-risen hulk.

    Livia turns to Corvus to help him up, before dodging out of the way of one of the hulks and running into the foliage. She sends a few more shots at the hulks, although the walking dead don't seem to react to them much.

    Now, take this! Fredrock says as he summons his strength and attacks the two remaining Hulks and the closest raven swarm, felling one Hulk and pushing the other two back with the ferocity of his attack. Fredrock then moves to keep himself between the other Hulk and Corvus. Let's see if you are as tough as that other one, Fredrock says as he continues his assault on the closest Hulk, but swings a bit wildly. Hey, you Ravens want some more, why don't you come over here! Fredrock says, trying to keep the Raven's attention on him.

    "Bloomin' smelly crows! I'm gonna stick you good, for true. Dbbbrrrr!!," shouts Yimayngurr, letting his spear fly with the battle cry of a Rripangu-clan hunter. As he launches the lion-headed spear he activates its inherent magic, and it rips through the raven swarm, skewering several of the rotting birds and binding the rest to their fallen brethren, as it's point sinks into the soft, earthen ground below.

    Momentarily bereft of his magical spear, the half-orc then quickly makes his way to the nearest cover, hides behind a tree, and draws his fishing spear in preparation for another assault on the assembled undead.

    As the ravens assaulted him, Corvus slashed at the mass in futility.

    After the hulk's brutal assault Corvus is sent flying, but as the warlord crashes to the ground and all hope seems lost, his eyes flutter open and he gazes around at the scene around him.

    Corvus' eyes open and he quickly stands up, his ribs aching where the hulk slammed into him. He begins talking to himself, giving words of encouragement.

    With himself too far to make an effective strike, he says, "Livia, quickly, bring down the giant!" as she spots an opening for a quick strike at the foes.


    One flock of ravens dive from the trees to harry Eithal while the ones by the bridge swoop past, Eithal and Gurk, a few sharp beaks getting into the gaps in Fredrock's armor. Meanwhile, the other raven swarm manages to reform after Yim's spear briefly disrupted their cohesion.

    A small mob of the rerisen dead form up around Eithal, kicking, shoving, and punching the goliath across the ground, but her rock-hard skin protects her against the worst of the damage.

    Corvus stands up right into a blow from another, reeling back under the swing of a second. Meanwhile, two of the four that Gurk beat down rerise moaning.

    The last hulk swings at Fredrock, but swarming insects summoned by Livia's arrows block its sight and it misses wildly.

    Virtual Battlemat
    Figured it out, have to type the names in all lower-case. Obviously... Also, I'm going to put some Death tokens over in the water so if you drop any of the enemies you can put a death token on it. Luinnar, your Oath token is down there too.

    If you have a token on you or kill something that has tokens on it, just put them in that corner in the water.

    Those of you who mark, if you use your marking power this round, just remove the mark tokens from creatures you no longer mark at the end of your turn, put them on creatures you do, and put any extras in the water.

    Son of Meepo
    It's still not finding you as sonofmeepo. VB doesn't allow spaces in names, so I'm assuming that's what it is.

    Enemy Actions
    Rerisen Raven Swarm 1: Winged Pestilence(Aura): 5 necrotic damage reduced to 0, Beaks and Talons: 24 AC vs Eithal, hit, 5 damage + 1 necrotic damage, reduced to 2 damage, shift to J3, 1 square up
    Rerisen Raven Swarm 2: Nothing, 19 save vs immobilized
    Rerisen Raven Swarm 3: Feasting Ravens: Shift through Fredrock and Gurk's squares, 24 AC vs Fredrock, hit, 8 damage reduced to 4, automatic miss vs Gurk, end 1 square above H9.

    Rerisen Dead 1: Stand up(dazed)
    Rerisen Dead 2: Stand up(dazed)
    Rerisen Dead 3: Charge to I3, Slam(with CA): 20 AC vs Eithal, hit, 5 damage reduced to 0 and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead 4: Move to J3, Slam: 14 AC vs Eithal, miss
    Rerisen Dead 6: OA vs Fredrock, Slam: 9 AC, miss. Slam: 25 AC vs Corvus, hit, 5 damage and push 1, move to L8
    Rerisen Dead 7: OA vs Fredrock, Slam: 9 AC, miss. Move to M8, Slam: 10 AC vs Corvus, miss
    Rerisen Dead 8: Slam(with CA): 19 AC, hit, 5 damage reduced to 0 and push 1. Move to K3.
    Rerisen Dead 10: Move to K4, Slam(with CA): 13 AC, miss
    Rerisen Dead 11: Move to K5, Slam(with CA): 21 AC, hit, 5 damage reduced to 0 and push 1.

    Rerisen Hulk 2: Slam(-2 to hit): 18 AC vs Fredrock, miss

    Gurk: I8
    Livia: O7
    Yimanyngurr: B9
    Eithal: M3, 17 damage taken, prone, Resist 5 all
    Corvus: M9, 18 damage taken, bloodied
    Kaz: G10, 10 damage taken, +2 speed, +2 damage
    Fedrock: I10, 4 damage taken, Resist 4 all

    Rerisen Raven Swarm 1: K3, 1 square up, 6 damage taken
    Rerisen Raven Swarm 2: I11, 1 square up, 8 damage taken
    Rerisen Raven Swarm 3: H9, 1 square up, 21 damage taken, bloodied, Marked(Fredrock)
    Rerisen Raven Swarm: AC 16, Swarm, Vulnerable 5 Burst/Blast, Winged Pestilence: Aura 1 - any creature that ends its turn in the aura takes 5 necrotic damage. MBA: +7 vs AC, 1d4+4 damage +1d4 necrotic damage.
    Swarm: Swarms take 1/2 damage from ranged and melee attacks. They are vulnerable to Burst and Blast attacks.

    Rerisen Dead 1: B3, Dazed
    Rerisen Dead 2: C5, Dazed
    Rerisen Dead 3: I3
    Rerisen Dead 4: J3, Marked(Eithal)
    Rerisen Dead 5: -Dead-
    Rerisen Dead 6: L8
    Rerisen Dead 7: M8
    Rerisen Dead 8: K3, Marked(Eithal)
    Rerisen Dead 9: -Dead-
    Rerisen Dead 10: J4, Marked(Eithal)
    Rerisen Dead 11: G1
    Rerisen Dead 12: -Dead-
    Rerisen Dead: Minion, AC 14, Ref 12. MBA: +6 vs AC, 5 damage and push 1.

    Rerisen Hulk 1
    : -Dead-
    Rerisen Hulk 2: I11, 27 damage taken, bloodied, -2 to attacks
    Rerisen Hulk 3: -Dead-
    Rerisen Hulk: 36 max hp, AC 15, Will 12, Vulnerable 5 Radiant. MBA: +6 vs AC, 2d6+3 damage and push 2.

    Rerisen Raven Swarm Aura
    Any creature that ends their turn in the aura takes 5 necrotic damage.

    Battlefield Information, (don't forget the Mist ranged attackers)
    The broken tower falls 10 feet into water, anyone who falls in takes 1d6 damage, though what's left of the wall gives +2 to saving throws against falling in. The walls of the pit are DC 18 to climb.

    Trees: Squares with green trees are difficult terrain, as are those with bare rock(at the north end of the map and near the bridge). The brown trees near the left-center have no effect.

    Mist: Anything more than 5 squares away has concealment(-2 to attack


    Last edited by Iron Sky; Saturday, 3rd July, 2010 at 09:16 AM. Reason: Wrong damage on Fredrock

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    Fredrock silently crushes the last hulk, then shifts back from the bridge, but staying close to the Raven swarm.

    I see only 4 damage to Fredrock so far (well, 5 after the end of this turn, as I'm in the Raven aura with DR4)..I might have missed 5 points somewhere, but can't find it

    Also, it's Raven Swarm 3 that is marked by me, not 1. (it's right on the virtual battlemat)


    Standard Action: Iron Fist vs AC Target: Hulk 2: Hulk 2 (1d20+6=16, 1d10.minroll(3)+6=13), removing it for now.
    Effect: DR 4 TENT

    Move Action: Shift to I9

    Minor Action: n/a

    will use Blurred Step if the raven swarm shifts..If it does that shifting attack again, I'll shift to J10, hoping to draw it away from others a little.(OA)

    If the Raven Swarm attacks without including me as a target and I'm adjacent, Mind Spike will deal the damage it deals to it (well, halved, as it is a melee attack) (Immediate Reation)


    DR 4 TENT

    Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 1
    Passive Perception: +14, Passive Insight: +19 Senses: Low-Light
    Init -1, Speed:5
    AC:19, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16
    HP:28/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:13/13
    Action Points: 0/1, Power points 0/2
    Battlemind Demand
    Mind Spike
    Blurred Step
    Bull's Strength
    Iron Fist
    Battle Resilience
    Second Wind
    Aspect of Elevated Harmony

    MBA +3 vs AC, 1d10+6 (brutal 2)
    RBA -1 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)
    Last edited by Xeterog; Saturday, 3rd July, 2010 at 04:35 PM.

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    Block Son of Meepo

    Try sonofmeepo now.

    Gurk sees the swarm of ravens fluttering about him, but decides that a greater challenge lies closer to the tower. Abandoning his own defense, he lauches himself over the fallen tower and towards the gathering of enemies.

    Is it ok to stand in I6 at the edge of the tower? The plan is to take a running leap over the tower and into square J4. I need to squares of movement to get a running start, so that would be I7 and I6, leap over I5 and land in J4. (Athletics DC 10)

    This would definitely provoke an OA from the raven swarm I am standing next to but get me in the middle of a group of enemies for my Five Storms attack.
    Last edited by Son of Meepo; Saturday, 3rd July, 2010 at 02:11 PM.

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    Block Mewness

    Livia fires a shot into the middle of a cloud of ravens. Although only a single bird falls, the rest of the group's flying becomes strangely erratic.

    Standard: grappling spirits against swarm 2 in E11. 1d20+9-2=27 1d20+7=18 crit and put wrong die in for damage again, grrr. Crit die: 1d6=3. Total 22 damage halved, or 11. Swarm 2 is slowed and can't shift until EoNT.

    Move: Livia will move a square down if possible (off the map) and hide if there's enough concealment. If moving off the map is too annoying then she won't bother Stealth 1d20+11=19

    Livia Female Human Seeker 3
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:16, Will:17
    HP:31/35, Bloodied:17, Surge Value:8, Surges left:6/8
    Action Points: 0
    Biting Swarm
    Elemental Spirits
    Grappling Spirits
    Agile Recovery

    Inevitable Shot
    Encaging Spirits
    Possessing Spirits
    Escaping Shot
    Second Wind
    Rebounding Greatbow

    Swarming Bats

    Basic ranged attacks: Biting Swarm +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target and adjacent enemies take -2 penalty to attack until start of my next turn; Grappling Spirits +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target is slowed and can't shift until the end of its next turn.

    Conditions: none

    Full sheet: Livia

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