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    Son of Meepo
    A square is generally whatever the majority of the square is made up of. I6 is about 90% land so it's considered land. The jump would be valid.

    Stay on the map please, we'll just say the forest gets super thick aside from this clearing... or something. Also, you need total concealment or total cover to make a stealth check. About the only place you could do that on this map would be by jumping into the pit.

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    Letting his comrades take care of the other swarm Kaz turns his attention to the one cloest to him. I shall bring you to your eternal rest, abomination against Mireva! Kaz says slashing the ravens with his giant axe.


    Minor: Oath on Raven 2(?) E11.
    Standard: Angelic Alacrity Shift to F11. 24 vs AC. Hit. 21+2 23/2 = 11 damage.
    Move: Shift to G11

    It is bloodied I believe.

    stat block

    Kaz Male Elf Avenger 1
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Low Light
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:14, Will:15
    HP:18/28, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:8/9
    Action Points: 1
    Basic Attack Executioner's Axe +3 vs AC, 1d12+1 damage (+1d12 on crit)

    Bond of Pursuit

    Angelic Alacrity
    Oath of Enmity
    Abjure Undead/Divine Guidance
    Second Wind
    Elven Accuracy

    Aspect of Might

    Non-elf allys within 5 square get +1 to perception.
    +5 to athletics, +2 speed, +2 melee damage (Aspect of Might)
    If oath target moves away willingly, +6 damage. (Censure of Pursuit)
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    Block Son of Meepo

    Gurk easily completes the jump, landing in the middle of all his enemies. Though he has been fighting for some time now, he attack with the same fervor as before. As he does so he makes up a little tune.

    "Smash their heads!, Smash their heads!
    Smash their head and make them deaaaaaad...

    Whirling death by foot and fists lashes out in all directions. He drops all the undead except one that manages to stumble out of his way. He begins pummeling the birds one by one, attempting to grab a few out of the air with his bare hands, twisting their necks and tossing them casually aside.

    With one final effort he lunges in the direction of the last of the risen dead, crushing its chest with a mighty blow.

    Move: Leap over the tower. Running Jump (1d20+8=28)

    Standard: Five Storms Five Storms CB - 1 (I3 vs Ref, J3 vs Ref, K3 vs Ref, K4 vs Ref, K5 vs Ref, Swarm vs Reflex, Damage) (1d20+5=12, 1d20+5=23, 1d20+5=21, 1d20+5=18, 1d20+5=9, 1d20+5=17, 1d8+5=6)

    Free: Stone Fist Flurry of Blows, 6 damage to the remaining Rerisen Dead.

    Free: If the raven swarm was hit, use Furious Assault to deal additional damage. Furious Assault (1d8=2)

    End of Turn: Gurk takes 5 damage from the swarm's aura. He has now taken 8 damage total (including the 3 damage he started the encounter with). This does not include any damage he might have taken from the other swarm who would get an OA when he left the first square at the start of his move.

    If Gurk ends up bloodied as some point, he gains 5 temporary hit point from Half-Orc Resilience.

    Gurk Gutstomper Male Half-Orc Monk 1
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 11, Passive Insight: 11, Senses: Low-light Vision
    AC:17, Fort:14, Reflex:16, Will:13
    HP:16/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:6/9
    Action Points: 0
    Crane's Wings
    Five Storms
    Stone Fist Flurry of Blows

    Furious Assault
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Open the Gate of Battle

    Spinning Leopard Maneuver

    Basic Melee: Monk Unarmed Strike - +6 vs AC; 1d8+3
    Basic Ranged: Shuriken - +8 vs AC; 1d4+5

    I ran out of dead tokens.
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    I forgot they +2 damage from the daily so I edited it in. (11 damage now)

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    Block pacdidj

    No time to post before Tuesday. Please feel free to NPC Yimayngurr until then. Happy 4th everyone!

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    Because of the holiday, I'll hold off running the next round until tomorrow evening, give the others a bit more time to get back and take their turns. I'll run anyone who hasn't gone by then.

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Sorry I'm out this week. If you don't mind rolling for me as all I have is my iPhone. Eithal will stand and Thorn Strike K3. The pull will end the RRD at L3 after which Eithal will mark it. If you can think of a better move, feel free to do that instead.

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    Sorry for the delay, got caught up in 4th of July celebrations...

    I set up that battlemap thing account. clever is my username there

    Corvus quickly steps away from the zombies closest to him, his arm throbbing in pain from the undead assault. He looks over his shoulder and Livia's presence brings some renewed vigor to the aged warrior. "C'mon Livia, let's finish them off" he points his blade at a weak spot in one of the closest zombies.

    Once again her arrow flies true.


    Move: Shift to N10
    Minor: Inspiring word on self...again inspiring word bonus (1d6=4) heals for 10
    Standard: Direct the strike - Livia attacks minion at L8 - Livia's RBA against minion at L9 (1d20+9=17, 1d12+7=15) hits for 15 (kills it) & each enemy adjacent to it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the start of your next turn. Oh shoot... just realized that if I went with ELemental spirits it'd do 3 auto-damage to the other minion as it starts adjacent to the square. If I can switch it for that one I'd like to, if not, no biggie...still learning my own powers, let alone someone elses

    Bravura Presence

    Bravura Presence
    Appears in Martial Power
    When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn

    Corvus Raine Male Human Warlord 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 10, Senses: Normal
    AC:19, Fort:16, Reflex:14, Will:15
    HP:18/26, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/10
    Action Points: 1
    Direct the Strike
    Brash Assault
    Intuitive Strike
    Inspiring Word [1.2]
    Vengeance is Mine
    Battlefront Shift
    Second Wind

    Lamb to the Slaughter


    Full sheet: Corvus

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    Block pacdidj

    Catching his longspear as it returns to him, Yimayngurr paces back away from the swarm of "smelly crows" to set up a running attack. He then charges forward with a wild cry, impaling more of the flying carrion-eating carrion on the shaft of the lion-headed weapon.

    Yimayngurr actions and stats
    Move: to E6

    Standard: Marauder's Rush Charge vs. Swarm at E11, ending move at E9, using reach = hit (roll) for 15/2 = 7 damage

    Yimayngurr Male Half-Orc Hunter Ranger 2
    PC:Yimayngurr (pacdidj) - L4W Wiki
    Initiative: +7, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13, Senses: Low-light Vision
    AC:18, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:13
    HP:32/32, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:6/6
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+5 dmg
    Throw Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+7 dmg
    Powers: Fading Strike, Marauder's Rush, Precise Assault, Furious Assault, Sure Shot, Begin the Hunt, Hungry Longspear

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    Eithal stands up and, finding all the dead around Gurk lying in the dirt, charges into the swarm of ravens. Unfortunately she's only able to kill a couple of them as they claw and peck at her.

    Eithal's Actions
    Move: Stand
    Standard: Charge to K4, MBA: 1d20+7+1=automatic miss.
    Free: Mark the swarm.
    Take 5 damage at the end of turn.

    Had you charge the swarm since the Gurk slaughtered all the dead around him...
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