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    "Get on in that tower, miss. We'll cover ya," Yim says to the master mason as he chucks his spear, missing the badly damaged hulk near Eithal and Kaz.

    Yimayngurr actions and stats
    Standard: Fading Strike vs. Hulk at P10 = miss

    Move: to S7

    Minor: Mater Mason moves to X9 and enters tower door

    Yimayngurr Male Half-Orc Hunter Ranger 2
    PC:Yimayngurr (pacdidj) - L4W Wiki
    Initiative: +7, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13, Senses: Low-light Vision
    AC:18, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:13
    HP:21/32, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:3/6
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind: unused
    Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+5 dmg
    Throw Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+7 dmg
    Powers: Fading Strike, Marauder's Rush, Precise Assault, Furious Assault, Half-orc Resilience, Sure Shot, Begin the Hunt, Hungry Longspear

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    While the heroes still hold their positions, Fredrock and Eithal are hammered hard by the dead. Both still stand - but barely. The Mason has escaped into the tower while the battle still rages outside.

    Enemy Actions
    Rerisen Dead 4: Slam: 25 AC vs Cale, hit, 5 damage and push 1. Move to Q9.
    Rerisen Dead 6: Move to R9. Slam: NAT1 vs Cale.
    Rerisen Dead 7: Slam: 20 AC vs Eithal, hit, 5 damage and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead 8: Slam: 8 AC vs Fredrock, miss.
    Rerisen Dead 11: Slam(+2 CA): 11 AC vs Fredrock, miss.
    Rerisen Dead 12: Slam: 20 AC vs Fredrock, hit, 5 damage reduced to 1, push 1 reduced to 0.
    Rerisen Dead 16: Slam(+2 CA): 14 AC vs Fredrock, miss.

    Rerisen Hulk 3: Slam(+2 CA): 20 AC vs Fredrock, hit, 10 damage reduced to 6, push not possible.
    Rerisen Hulk 5: Charge to O8, Slam(+1 charge): 25 AC vs Eithal, hit, 12 damage and push 2.
    Rerisen Hulk 6: Slam(+2 CA): 19 AC vs Fredrock, hit, 10 damage reduced to 6, push not possible.

    Rerisen Beast 3: Rerise: Success, Claw(-2 prone): 6 AC vs Craftsman 5, miss.

    Rerisen Archer 2: Longbow: 18 AC vs Fredrock, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 4: Longbow: 18 AC vs Fredrock, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 5: Longbow: 26 AC vs Fredrock, hit, 4 damage reduced to 0.
    Rerisen Archer 6: Longbow(-5 total cover): 5 AC vs Craftsman 5, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 7: Longbow(-5 total cover): 16 AC vs Craftsman 5, hit, 4 damage, taken by Livia.

    Rerisen Dead 4: Q9
    Rerisen Dead 6: R9
    Rerisen Dead 7: P9
    Rerisen Dead 8: I10
    Rerisen Dead 11: I9
    Rerisen Dead 12: J10
    Rerisen Dead 16: K10
    Rerisen Dead: Minion, AC 14, Ref 12, Resist 10 Necrotic. MBA: +6 vs AC, 5 damage and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead destroyed: 11

    Rerisen Hulk 3: K9, 20 damage taken, bloodied
    Rerisen Hulk 5: O8, 35 damage taken, bloodied, Oath(Kaz)
    Rerisen Hulk 6: I8, 12 damage taken
    Rerisen Hulk: 36 max hp, AC 15, Ref 11, Will 12, Resist 10 Necrotic, Vulnerable 5 Radiant. MBA: +6 vs AC, 2d6+3 damage and push 2.
    Rerisen Hulks destroyed: 4

    Rerisen Beast 3: Q13, 27 damage taken, bloodied, dazed, prone
    Rerisen Beast: 28 max hp, AC 14, 11 Will, Resist 10 Necrotic, MBA: +6 vs AC, 1d4+2 damage.
    Rerisen Beasts Destroyed: 3

    Rerisen Archer 2
    : L14
    Rerisen Archer 4: M13
    Rerisen Archer 5: M14
    Rerisen Archer 6: M15
    Rerisen Archer 7: M16
    Rerisen Dead: Minion, AC 14, Ref 14, Resist 10 Necrotic, MBA: +6 vs AC, 3 damage.
    Rerisen Archers destroyed: 2

    Rerisen Swarms destroyed: 3

    Rerisen Lords destroyed: 1

    : S12, 11 damage taken
    Yimanyngurr: S7, 11 damage taken
    Eithal: L5, 40 damage taken, bloodied
    Kaz: P7, 7 damage taken
    Fedrock: J9, 29 damage taken, bloodied, DR4

    Craftsman 2: S11
    Craftsman 4: Fled
    Craftsman 5: R12
    Craftsman: Minion, AC 15, Fort 12, Ref 13, Will 10, speed 4. Longspear(Craftsmen 6-10 only): Reach 2, +4 vs AC, 4 damage. Crossbow(Craftsmen 1-5 only): Range 15/30, +4 vs AC, 4 damage. Shortspear(all): +4 vs AC, 3 damage.
    Craftsmen killed: 7

    Master Mason: Fled, 16 damage taken
    38 max hp, AC 15, Fort 14, Ref 12, Will 12, speed 6. Mallet: +7 vs AC, 1d8+3 damage.

    Captain Cale: Q9, 28 damage taken, bloodied
    43 max hp, AC 19, Fort 16, Ref 15, Wil 15, speed 5. All allies gain +1 to hit and +3 to damage when they spend an action point while Cale is conscious.
    Cale's powers
    Viper's Strike(MBA): +10 vs AC, 19-20 crit range, 1d12+1 damage (crit 1d12+13) and the enemy provokes and OA from an ally if it shifts.
    Paint the Bulls-Eye(RBA, Longbow): +8 vs AC, range 20/40, 1d10 damage and all allies get +3 to damage rolls against the target until the end of Cale's next turn.
    Vengeance is Mine: immediate reaction, when hit by an enemy melee attack, +10 vs AC, 1d12+8 damage and an ally can move their speed and make a melee basic attack against the target.
    Knight's Move: Move action, an ally within 10 may move their speed as a free action.
    No Gambit is Wasted: immediate reaction, when an ally misses all targets with an encounter or daily attack, attack one adjacent targeted enemy, +10 vs AC, 2d12+4 damage and the ally's power is not wasted.
    Inspiring Word(x2): Minor action, one ally in close burst 5 heals surge+1d6.

    Special rules for this fight
    As a minor action, you may let one of the Craftsmen, the Master Mason, or Captain Cale take a standard action. They may take move and minor actions as well each round if you convert additional minor actions to "fuel" them.

    As before, if an adjacent craftsman is hit, you may take the damage instead as a free action. Alternatively, if you are hit, you may make an adjacent craftsman take the hit instead.

    *Any terrain with rocks is difficult terrain. You can ignore it by making DC 15 Acrobatics checks to keep your balance as you run across the rocks. Fail the Acrobatics check and you are knocked prone. You can, of course, use Athletics to jump over difficult terrain as always.

    *The palisades fill all the squares they are in and will make attacks against anything that tries to climb over them.
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    Better, but I'm not down yet. Fredrock says, but not so confidently as before. He takes a mighty swing at a Hulk, missing badly. He then tries to retreat towards the tower, but the undead are able to bring him down before he can get away.


    Standard action: Aspect of Elevated Harmony at Hulk 3: Effect: spend a Healing surge (8) and assume aspect of Elevate Harmony (which, without any PP, is not so useful)

    Minor: Craftsman 2 Reloads
    Move: Run to M6 (taking OA's..still have DR4 till the end of the turn.) (will resist pushes that don't send me closer to the tower)
    OA's: RRD at I9 hits for 5-4 = 1. Hulk in K9 crits for 15-4 = 11. ...so.. 29 down + 8 healed = 21 down -12 = 33hp...fred is down at 0!...

    I9 pushes to K8 (only open spot), then I9 pushes to K6..so I end up in K6 (I think)...

    OOC: guess I shouldn't have run, but it was looking like I wouldn't make it another round anyway...but then Livia's hit on the hulk might mean I could have..oh well..


    33 damage taken..unconscious at 0 hp. 1 step closer to death..(boy, my rolls were not good this round)

    Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 1
    Passive Perception: +14, Passive Insight: +19 Senses: Low-Light
    Init -1, Speed:5
    AC:19, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16
    HP:0/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:9/13
    Action Points: 0/1, Power points 0/2
    Battlemind Demand link
    Mind Spike link
    Blurred Step link
    Bull's Strength link
    Iron Fist link
    Battle Resilience link
    Second Wind link
    Aspect of Elevated Harmony link

    MBA +3 vs AC, 1d10+6 (brutal 2)
    RBA -1 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)
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    "Get your spear out, or we'll never keep the thing down," Livia says, and the beast is promptly skewered. Livia starts shooting at the crowd around Fredrock, cursing as her arrow doesn't strike as well as she would like.

    Edit: Looks like Xeterog and I posted almost simultaneously.

    Minor: craftsman 5 pulls out his spear

    Minor: craftsman 5 attacks beast 1d20+4+2=23 hit. Beast "dead" again.

    Standard: biting swarm vs Hulk 3 (in K9) 1d20+9=25 1d12+7=12 hit for 12, target and all adjacent take a -2 to attacks.

    Livia Female Human Seeker 3
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:16, Will:17
    HP: 24/35, Bloodied:17, Surge Value:8, Surges left: 4/8
    Action Points: 0
    Biting Swarm
    Elemental Spirits
    Grappling Spirits
    Agile Recovery

    Inevitable Shot
    Encaging Spirits
    Possessing Spirits
    Escaping Shot
    Second Wind
    Rebounding Greatbow

    Swarming Bats

    Basic ranged attacks: Biting Swarm +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target and adjacent enemies take -2 penalty to attack until start of my next turn; Grappling Spirits +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target is slowed and can't shift until the end of its next turn.

    Conditions: none

    Full sheet: Livia
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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    "Layet's gayet owttah heyah, Freddie." Eithal lifts Fredrock over her shoulder and moves as quickly as she can toward the tower, "Mayan yowah hayvih, Freddie."
    Minor: Pick up Fredrock
    Move: Double move (3 squares, slowed due to encumbrance [319lbs by my calculation] and DT on top of that) to O2

    Sorry, folks. Fred and Eithal are dead in the water unless someone's got two healing potions. As it is, Eithal is going to drag Fredrock into the Tower. She can carry him at half speed wherever he needs to go from there.

    Eithal Lemindt Arehei Female Goliath Warden Level 1
    Initiative: +1
    Speed 3 (encumbered)
    Passive Perception: 16; Passive Insight: 11; Senses: Normal
    Powerful Athlete: Roll twice for Jump/Climb Athletics checks
    AC: 19; Fort: 17; Reflex: 11; Will: 13
    HP: 2/42 Bloodied

    Surge Value: 10; Surges left: 4/12
    Action Points: 0
    Strength of Stone link
    Thorn Strike link
    Warden's Fury link
    Warden's Grasp link

    Grasping Winds link
    Stone's Endurance link
    Relentless Panther Attack
    Warden's Tempest link
    Form of the Relentless Panther link
    Sudden Roots: Whenever Eithal hits an enemy with an Opportunity Attack, that enemy is slowed until the end of its next turn.

    Crushing Earthstrength: When Eithal uses her second wind, she gains a +4 bonus to her weapon damage rolls until the end of her next turn.

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    Captain Cale, inspired by the group's heroism shouts out as he battles the dead before him, "get back to the tower, I'll hold them as long as I can. You've done what you can here, get back to the tower you crazy bastards!"

    GM: Cale is willing to put himself between the party and the dead to attempt to hold them off and will refuse to enter the tower until the rest of the party is inside. Because what Eithal is doing is so awesome and how impressed I am with you guys surviving 12 rounds of this, I'm also adding the Utility Power Knight's Move to his powers, which you can trigger as usual.
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    Block Mewness

    Yikes! If I'd only posted 2 minutes faster...

    Is the brownish strip of terrain that Eithal is in difficult as well? It looks less rocky than the stuff around the tower.

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    OOC: Does craftsman 2 has line of effect to the hulk near Kaz so he can shoot it?

    Also do you want me to have Cale use Knights move on Fred & Eithal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mewness View Post
    Yikes! If I'd only posted 2 minutes faster...

    Is the brownish strip of terrain that Eithal is in difficult as well? It looks less rocky than the stuff around the tower.
    GM: Eithal has moved to O2, so no worries. Basically, if a square is more rock than it is dirt, it's difficult terrain.

    Craftsman 2 has line of sight/effect to all of the Hulks.

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    Block Mewness

    Knight's move on Eithal definitely (although it looks like she'll still end up being attacked in melee at least once, and possibly shot by the archers as well)

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