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    The dead continue to close, hurling Kaz back and battering Cale as well. The beast on the tower battlement won't stay dead, coming alive again and tearing at the spear still jutting from its chest.

    Player Actions
    Eithal is still slowed by encumbrance, so I had her move to R3 via double move + Knight's Move.

    That means she isn't adjacent to Yim. For Yim's minor action for last round, you can retroactively: A) hold onto the potion, or B) toss it to Eithal (Unarmed RBA vs AC 10 to get it to Eithal).

    Kaz can't do his shift due to difficult terrain.

    Enemy Actions
    Rerisen Dead 4: Rerise: Fail. Dead.
    Rerisen Dead 6: Rerise: Success. Slam(-2 prone): 22 AC vs Cale, hit, 5 damage and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead 7: Move to P8, Slam: 18 AC vs Kaz, hit, 5 damage and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead 8: Double move to M7.
    Rerisen Dead 11: Double move to M8.
    Rerisen Dead 12: Double move to R8.
    Rerisen Dead 16: Double move to O8.

    Rerisen Hulk 3: Rerise: Success. Stand.
    Rerisen Hulk 6: Double move to M6.

    Rerisen Beast 3: Rerise: Success. Claw(-2 prone): 7 AC vs Craftsman 5, miss.

    Rerisen Archer 2: Longbow(-5 total cover): NAT1 vs Craftsman 5.
    Rerisen Archer 4: Longbow(-5 total cover): 13 AC vs Craftstman 5, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 5: Longbow(-5 total cover): 6 AC vs Craftstman 5, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 6: Longbow(-5 total cover): 4 AC vs Craftstman 5, miss.
    Rerisen Archer 7: Longbow(-5 total cover): 11 AC vs Craftstman 5, miss.

    Rerisen Dead 6: R9, dazed, prone
    Rerisen Dead 7: P9
    Rerisen Dead 8: M7
    Rerisen Dead 11: M8
    Rerisen Dead 12: N8, -2 attacks
    Rerisen Dead 16: O8, -2 attacks
    Rerisen Dead: Minion, AC 14, Ref 12, Resist 10 Necrotic. MBA: +6 vs AC, 5 damage and push 1.
    Rerisen Dead destroyed: 12

    Rerisen Hulk 3: K9, 35 damage taken, bloodied, dazed
    Rerisen Hulk 6: M6, 12 damage taken
    Rerisen Hulk: 36 max hp, AC 15, Ref 11, Will 12, Resist 10 Necrotic, Vulnerable 5 Radiant. MBA: +6 vs AC, 2d6+3 damage and push 2.
    Rerisen Hulks destroyed: 5

    Rerisen Beast 3: Q13, 27 damage taken, bloodied, dazed, prone
    Rerisen Beast: 28 max hp, AC 14, 11 Will, Resist 10 Necrotic, MBA: +6 vs AC, 1d4+2 damage.
    Rerisen Beasts Destroyed: 3

    Rerisen Archer 2
    : L14
    Rerisen Archer 4: M13
    Rerisen Archer 5: M14
    Rerisen Archer 6: M15
    Rerisen Archer 7: M16
    Rerisen Dead: Minion, AC 14, Ref 14, Resist 10 Necrotic, MBA: +6 vs AC, 3 damage.
    Rerisen Archers destroyed: 2

    Rerisen Swarms destroyed: 3

    Rerisen Lords destroyed: 1

    : S12, 11 damage taken
    Yimanyngurr: S7, 11 damage taken
    Eithal: R3, 40 damage taken, bloodied
    Kaz: R5, 12 damage taken
    Fedrock: R3, 33 damage taken, bloodied, unconscious, dying

    Craftsman 2: S11
    Craftsman 4: Fled
    Craftsman 5: R12
    Craftsman: Minion, AC 15, Fort 12, Ref 13, Will 10, speed 4. Longspear(Craftsmen 6-10 only): Reach 2, +4 vs AC, 4 damage. Crossbow(Craftsmen 1-5 only): Range 15/30, +4 vs AC, 4 damage. Shortspear(all): +4 vs AC, 3 damage.
    Craftsmen killed: 7

    Master Mason: Fled, 16 damage taken
    38 max hp, AC 15, Fort 14, Ref 12, Will 12, speed 6. Mallet: +7 vs AC, 1d8+3 damage.

    Captain Cale: Q7, 33 damage taken, bloodied
    43 max hp, AC 19, Fort 16, Ref 15, Wil 15, speed 5. All allies gain +1 to hit and +3 to damage when they spend an action point while Cale is conscious.
    Cale's powers
    Viper's Strike(MBA): +10 vs AC, 19-20 crit range, 1d12+1 damage (crit 1d12+13) and the enemy provokes and OA from an ally if it shifts.
    Paint the Bulls-Eye(RBA, Longbow): +8 vs AC, range 20/40, 1d10 damage and all allies get +3 to damage rolls against the target until the end of Cale's next turn.
    Vengeance is Mine: immediate reaction, when hit by an enemy melee attack, +10 vs AC, 1d12+8 damage and an ally can move their speed and make a melee basic attack against the target.
    Knight's Move: Move action, an ally within 10 may move their speed as a free action.
    No Gambit is Wasted: immediate reaction, when an ally misses all targets with an encounter or daily attack, attack one adjacent targeted enemy, +10 vs AC, 2d12+4 damage and the ally's power is not wasted.
    Inspiring Word(x2): Minor action, one ally in close burst 5 heals surge+1d6.

    Special rules for this fight
    As a minor action, you may let one of the Craftsmen, the Master Mason, or Captain Cale take a standard action. They may take move and minor actions as well each round if you convert additional minor actions to "fuel" them.

    As before, if an adjacent craftsman is hit, you may take the damage instead as a free action. Alternatively, if you are hit, you may make an adjacent craftsman take the hit instead.

    *Any terrain with rocks is difficult terrain. You can ignore it by making DC 15 Acrobatics checks to keep your balance as you run across the rocks. Fail the Acrobatics check and you are knocked prone. You can, of course, use Athletics to jump over difficult terrain as always.

    *The palisades fill all the squares they are in and will make attacks against anything that tries to climb over them.
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    OOC: If Eithal has two potions, she'll spend her next turn doctoring Fred, and then herself, unless there are any objections.

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    OOC: Kaz can shift over difficult terrain because of Wild Step (Elf racial ability). No need to retcon the post however.

    Kaz is low on HP, I would love to help cover Fred And Eithal. Not sure what the best place to move is... Maybe I should move him next to them and we can enter the tower together?

    Also, looks like Cale won't survive

    Any chance we can get Master Mason to scrounge around to see if there are any more potions while she is in the tower?

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    Hulk 3 "died" last round. Fred's daily does half damage on a miss, so it took a total of 17.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mewness View Post
    Hulk 3 "died" last round. Fred's daily does half damage on a miss, so it took a total of 17.
    GM: I missed that. I'll update the stablocks above. The map will be inaccurate, but everything else should be kosher.

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    OOC: oops, I missed that as well...guess I should read my powers closer

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    Charles twists the spear in the beast's body and it becomes still, for the moment at least. Livia shouts, "Cale, take care of yourself!" and shoots again at one of the larger zombies.

    Minor: craftsman 5 attacks beast with spear 1d20+4+2=14 hits, barely. Beast "dead" again.

    Standard: biting swarm vs hulk 6 1d20+9=19 1d12+7=8 hit for 8, hulk and adjacent get -2 attacks

    Minor: Cale takes second wind (assuming he can)

    Livia Female Human Seeker 3
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:16, Fort:13, Reflex:16, Will:17
    HP: 24/35, Bloodied:17, Surge Value:8, Surges left: 4/8
    Action Points: 0
    Biting Swarm
    Elemental Spirits
    Grappling Spirits
    Agile Recovery

    Inevitable Shot
    Encaging Spirits
    Possessing Spirits
    Escaping Shot
    Second Wind
    Rebounding Greatbow

    Swarming Bats

    Basic ranged attacks: Biting Swarm +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target and adjacent enemies take -2 penalty to attack until start of my next turn; Grappling Spirits +9 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, target is slowed and can't shift until the end of its next turn.

    Conditions: none

    Full sheet: Livia

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    GM: Anyone still here? Only Livia has gone so far...

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    OOC: Holy Cow! I completely missed the last update. I thought we were still on last turn. Did Eithal Knoght's Move next to Yim, or was that somehow illegal? I'll post moves tonight.

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    OOC: I'm here, just waiting to see what Fred and Eithal do before I make my move

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