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    The Rerisen Tower(DM: Iron Sky, Judge: ScorpiusRisk)

    The Rerisen Tower

    DM: Iron Sky
    Judge: ScorpiusRisk

    Corvus(Cleverusername), Human Warlord 1
    Eithal(H.M.Gimlord), Goliath Warden 1
    Fedrock(Xeterog), Dwarf Battlemind 1
    Gurk(Son of Meepo), Half-orc Monk 1
    Yimayngurr(pacdidj), Half-orc Ranger 2
    Himura(Luinnar), Elf Avenger 1(2nd PC)
    Livia(Mewness), Human Seeker 3 (2nd PC)

    Presumably everyone knows the basic rules. I use Mal's ubiquitous combat rules, prefer mechanical/ooc things to be in [ sblock ][ /sblock ]s, etc. If I do skill challenges, they're usually Stalker0's Obsidian style. There's probably more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

    Character's and portraits
    Sometime in the first couple posts, I'd like a link to your character sheet and a portrait that you'd like me to use for you. If you have a character builder file or summary, that would be great too, since if you don't I'll just be entering your character into CB from your sheet anyway - makes it easier for me to run your character should you go AWOL for some reason.


    After being led through the streets of Daunton, you find yourselves at one of the city's many gates. Waiting there is a wagon full of boxes and tools pulled by two plain gray horses, a mix of humans, dwarves, and halflings loafing about, and a large, broad shouldered woman who looks human at first, but then the spots of skin that look rigid and cracked become visible - she's obviously an earth genesai - garbed in heavy canvas pants, a thick buckskin shirt with a v-neck, and a heavy toolbelt full of measuring implements and small tools.

    As you approach, you smell the oil of the animal's harness, the dust and wood of the wagon and the equipment in it, and a faint, pleasant earthy smell coming from the woman.

    "These are them, motley, rough-looking, and plenty of men," the officer says, winking at the last bit. "I'll leave you to them."

    The earth genesai smiles and nods, sizing up the party, her glance lingering longer on the men. "Welcome, my name is Master Mason Michelle Maystone Mason. You can call me Mason, or Master, if you prefer. As you probably know, we're heading out to repair a tower, Southpoint Tower if you're curious. I hope none of you are too excited for action, 'cause this is most likely going to be a nice ride through the country. Of course, if you must have action..." Her eyes linger on Gurk for a second and she smiles.

    "Anyway, if anyone has any questions before we head out, we have a bit of time while that last of our supplies are delivered..."
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