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    Quote Originally Posted by H.M.Gimlord View Post
    OOC: Holy Cow! I completely missed the last update. I thought we were still on last turn. Did Eithal Knoght's Move next to Yim, or was that somehow illegal? I'll post moves tonight.
    GM: Since Eithal was slowed (encumbrance from carrying Fredrock), she wasn't able to make it. I moved her as far as I could.

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    OOC: And I'm waiting to see if I can do anything but make a death saving throw...

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    "Yimmy! Gayet thayat powshun tah Kazzie!"
    I guess that since Eithal never made it to a square adjacent to Yim, he can't have handed her his potion.

    If he threw it, and Eithal has it, change the move, below, to R4 instead of U3. That way Kaz can grab the potion.

    Minor: Draws her own potion
    Move: Drag Fredrock to U3 (or R4 if Eithal has Yim's potion)
    Minor: Upend the potion down Fredrock's throat.

    No heroics. I'm just playing Lifeboat here. Kaz has more hitpoints to start with, and I've got to take care of Fredrock before he dies.

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    OOC: Last turn's minor retconned above. Missed the throw badly. Sorry Eithal! But... the beast is no longer an issue so the craftsmen are freed up next round, and Yim put the hurt on one of the hulks at least.

    Still upset with himself over his failure to get Eithal the potion she needed, Yim takes his anger out on the craftsmen atop the tower. "Hoy there mate! Look alive! The bloomin beast is down, finish him off, eh?" Yim's cajolery prompts the craftsman into action, and he plunges his spearpoint into the beast's neck, severing its head from its spine.

    The half-orc then squares off his stance, takes mark at one of the large zombies and mutters, "Alright bones. You're mine. Dbbbrrrr!" The spear flies in a high arc and skewers the zombie from sternum to lower back, the point of the spear sinking into the rough ground and pinning the corpse in place.

    Yimayngurr Actions and Stats
    Minor: Craftsman 2 readies longspear

    Minor: Craftsman 2 coup de grace's the beast = hit, it's destroyed

    Standard: Hungry Longspear encounter power vs. Hulk at M6 = critical hit! for 17 + 5 = 22 damage, and the Hulk is immobilized (save ends)

    Yimayngurr Male Half-Orc Hunter Ranger 2
    PC:Yimayngurr (pacdidj) - L4W Wiki
    Initiative: +7, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13, Senses: Low-light Vision
    AC:18, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:13
    HP:21/32, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:3/6
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind: unused
    Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+5 dmg
    Throw Hungry Longspear +1: +8 vs AC 1d10+7 dmg
    Powers: Fading Strike, Marauder's Rush, Precise Assault, Furious Assault, Half-orc Resilience, Sure Shot, Begin the Hunt, Hungry Longspear

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    OOC: Where is the potion now? Perhaps Kaz should go and pick it up.

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    OOC: Yim crit missed when throwing the potion, so I'm thinking it's likely gone. But, that's up to Iron Sky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacdidj View Post
    OOC: Yim crit missed when throwing the potion, so I'm thinking it's likely gone. But, that's up to Iron Sky.
    GM: I rolled a random scatter to see where the potion landed and unfortunately it landed in P1.

    Administering a potion to someone else is a Standard action, FYI (which Eithal had, but it might be pertinent in the future so I put it out there).

    Kaz and Fredrock yet to go.

    Also, though Fredrock is up, when you go unconscious, you drop whatever you are holding, so Fredrock's hammer is where he went down (we'll say K6). Shields are strapped to your arm, so it is still there. On the plus side, I'll say since you started out being carried by Eithal, you can start standing instead of prone.
    Last edited by Iron Sky; Tuesday, 2nd November, 2010 at 10:01 PM.

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    OOC: Aaaah. You're such a sweetie

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    Ouch! that one hurt. Better get some cover..perhaps there is a spare weapon in the tower I can use Fredrock exclaims as he dashes for the tower.


    Standard action: Run to the door
    Minor: open the door
    Move: move inside tower, run if needed, to get next to some weapons if possible. upstairs if not.


    Will take damage for any NPC hurt.
    Granting CA due to running.

    Fredrock Hammersmith - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 1
    Passive Perception: +14, Passive Insight: +19 Senses: Low-Light
    Init -1, Speed:5
    AC:19, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:16
    HP 10/33, Bloodied:16, Surge Value:8, Surges left:9/13
    Action Points: 0/1, Power points 0/2
    Battlemind Demand link
    Mind Spike link
    Blurred Step link
    Bull's Strength link
    Iron Fist link
    Battle Resilience link
    Second Wind link
    Aspect of Elevated Harmony link

    MBA +3 vs AC, 1d10+6 (brutal 2)
    RBA -1 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)

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    OOC: I think Kaz's hp is messed up on your map, I have 16 HP left, but it is less than half on the map.

    Get in the tower, we will cover you! Fredrock-san, look for potions!
    Kaz shout, moving over near Yim and bracing for an attack.


    Move to S6
    Standard: Ready an action to use Overwhelming Strike (+6 vs AC, 1d20+4 damage +1d12 on crits, rerolls 1 & 2 damage) on the next enemy to enter my range. If he hits he will shift away from the enemies in the direction of the door.
    Minor:Cale uses Viper's Strike on P8 (or stand up from prone if he is prone)
    22 vs ac, hit

    stat block

    Kaz Male Elf Avenger 1
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Low Light
    AC:16, Fort:13+2, Reflex:14, Will:15
    HP: 16/28, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:4/9
    Action Points: 0
    Basic Attack Executioner's Axe +3 vs AC, 1d12+1 damage (+1d12 on crit)

    Bond of Pursuit
    Overwhelming Strike

    Angelic Alacrity
    Oath of Enmity
    Abjure Undead/Divine Guidance
    Second Wind
    Elven Accuracy

    Aspect of Might

    Non-elf allys within 5 square get +1 to perception.
    If oath target moves away willingly, +6 damage to next attack. (Censure of Pursuit)
    Will take all damage for the craftsmen.
    Can shift through diffcult terrain (wild step)

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