Welcome to my Thieves World thread. Thieves World is a series of books, short stories actually, written in the 80's. THe following site is very informative on all things Thieves World:


I'm going to be slowly, very slowly, working on converting some old notes and new ideas into a d20 Thieves World game. I'm going to be posting them here and people can comment, critique, and critize.

First, I will be starting the campaign a few weeks or months before the first book starts. So, Sanctuary will be roled by the Pirates and othe none good doers, and the PCs will experience the taking over by the Rankan Prince. Another thing, I doubt this will be as dark as the books. No one in the books has a happy ending, well almost no body. So, while it's important to establish the random acts of violence and hav a few dead bodies show up and have a few living ones missing, that won't be the norm for the players. Sure, they may be attacked and be the cause for the dead bodies, but I really don't want them to be the dead bodies.

So, this is the start. More to follow at some point. I'm be mostly talking about character creation as that's probably the most important thing to begin with. No characters, no game.